Can't access text box in Hotmail

DLM2000July 16, 2014

I searched through other posts here about Hotmail issues but didn't see this one. Sorry if this has been addressed and I missed it.

I seem to be receiving emails just fine (I use Hotmail for things other than personal correspondence) but can't get anything into the email body in new emails or when replying. I can put in a name or address, a subject line but no text in the email body. It appears to allow me to attach a document or insert a photo, but when I attempt to send that as a test, it gives me this pop-up message -
Your attachments are still uploading. Files that are uploading will not be sent.
And then it never finishes uploading.

Haven't contacted Microsoft because I've never had great response from them in the past. Hoping someone here has some ideas first, but will contact them if need be.

Thanks -

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What windows version & Browser make and its Version ? Are you using the online ?

Not very long ago, somebody sent notifications to my email account announcing they would not be supporting some of the older browser versions & gave a cut off date.. which could be about now.

You might try temporary disabling your Anti-Virus program to see if its overly protecting you.

Here is a link that might be useful: Microsoft email answer forums

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Thanks for your questions and suggestions mikie.
I have Windows 7, generally use chrome (Version 36.0.1985.125 m) although sometimes switch to IE for the occasional site that isn't optimized for Chrome. Did try to create an email using IE and it made no difference. Not sure what you're asking about online hotmail - my addy is but it's accessed through Outlook. I do use Adblock+ and have tried turning that off with no change. Also have been using Microsoft Security Essentials and Malwarebytes anti malware (the free version) for quite a while and I'm ashamed to say I don't know how to temporarily disable either one. I know how to remove the programs but can't find a way to temporarily disable - I'm having a duh moment - what am I missing?

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Malwarebytes if it has an icon in the system tray or hidden tray.. right click and exit. Iff not there maybe look in taskmanager on the processes tab for it... right click it there and end process.

Microsoft Security Essentials if you open the main window and click on the Settings tab.. there should be something that's says Real Time Protection and a check box to enable.

When you access your email account you access it by going to or , or even Which would then redirect to and redirect again to and actually shows in the webpage header as Confusing, to most when their email addy isn't

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Thanks for the tips - I'm crying uncle. Have tried everything I can in varying combinations of things turned on/off and no changes. FWIW, web address when I'm in my hotmail account reads This is the most confounding thing and a pain when I need to reply to an email. Fortunately, I reply to very little through hotmail, but still, it should work.

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Try this: Access account so the address appears. Change 178 to 179 and hit enter. If nothing try 177. If nothing try any three digit number you would like under the original.

I had a temporary problem with Hotmail some years ago. I found I could access by changing the bay numeric. About a week later everything was ok, except they had permanently changed the bay number. My guess is it was their way to diverse log-ons and activity by transferring me and others so as not to overload the system in any area.


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