I hate my GE Profile Range!!!!

njcardsfanSeptember 24, 2007

Don't ever buy the one with the black porcelain top. Every time you cook it takes 15 minutes to clean. Absolutely awful. I'd like to throw the damn thing out and buy something else.

Just thought I'd share.

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Do you think the difficulty cleaning is unique to GE Profile smoothtop? Have you cooked on another brand of smoothtop? I've had a Whirlpool Gold that was fine, and will probably be getting the GE Profile range.

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What are you using to clean it? I don't have one but I did recently did buy one for a relative and was told to clean it first before using it - with Ceramabrite or similar product. If you do that before and after using it for the first few times, it should be easier. I guess the buildup provides some protection or something. The other suggestion is to use the microfiber cloths. My relative cooks a lot and hasn't had any problems using these methods. Just a suggestion - not guaranteeing for you, but maybe...,?

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I have a black top and never had an easier stove to clean.

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If it's any consolation, I hated mine too.

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Beth Parsons

I love mine. Wiping down a smoothtop whenever I cook sure beats cleaning burners and drip pans, IMHO.

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I had a GE blacktop (with white spots), and loved it! Here's the secret to loving it*: Clean it with a blue ScotchBrite scrubie and Ceramabrite. The Ceramabrite is very, very important. Anything that those don't get off can be removed with a razor blade scraper. (Don't worry, the top is significantly harder than the razor blade, so you're not going to scratch it.) And do keep it clean--my impression is that things get harder to get off if you cook them on.

I note that I am not a cleaning freak, so if I could make that cooktop work, anybody can do it! The secret is to just follow those instructions.

* Well, maybe not too secret--what I'm telling you is exactly what the manual for mine said. ;)

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Ours had a speckled surface and we loved it. Our favorite cleaner was Barkeeper's Friend. We also used those sponges with the blue, non-scratch, scrubbie stuff on one side.

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Yes, we use Ceramabrite and the little sponges. But the Cerabmabrite just smears and then it takes forever to make it look clean. When it looks clean it looks wicked clean, for sure, but the effort to get it there is ridiculous.

If you don't mind cleaning your cooktop 10 minutes after every meal, you'll like this.

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Just toss a damp paper towel on the warm (NOT hot) burner as you're letting it cool down. It's the right amount of water in the towel and heat on the burner if it's still damp when you go to wipe up the range after eating. That softens anything that might have gotten cooked on, and it's an easy wipe down and finish up with a spritz of Windex and a microfiber cloth. Easy as pie.

And, yes, you do have to clean after each time that you use it if you want it to look clean. That's pretty standard on any range, but especially any range that has a black top. It's like owning a black car. Looks great when it's first out of the carwash. A day later, the tree pollen or road dust shows up big time. You have to come to some sort of agreement with yourself that a bit of dust is going to be OK, or you'll drive yourself crazy.

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I thought that Windex was taboo?

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I hated my smoothtop as well and am so glad to never have to use it again. Whenever I cooked with lemon I would same some and squirt lemon juice along with some white vinegar on it, and wipe that around. Then sponge up with a liberal amt of water, then begin sponging off the water. It worked great, was natural, but a PITA.

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I have been using windex on mine for over a year. For me this is a lot easier than other methods and the results are equally as good.

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Why is everyone answering this as if the OP had a ceramic smoothtop?

"Don't ever buy the one with the black porcelain top."

I assumed gas.

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1. People don't read posts carefully.

2. They're assuming the OP erred in regards to the top being porcelain.

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Okay, I'm the novice. One, what's an OP? Two, I was mistaken. It's "ceramic glass." Sorry for the confusion. Now, that being said, can you use Windex on it?

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OP = original or opening poster, i.e. the person who started the thread.

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I've heard that Windex or similar product is not good, but also the opposite. I did make the "assumption" that you were speaking of the ceramic cooktop, based on your comments. I did see however, you that you stated porcelain. That being said, be sure to check the GE manual because of warranty issues. If you you an "unauthorized" product, you may have a problem with GE down the road. I do know that if you use the Ceramabrite before you start cooking, and then also after, for the few times you use it, it should be a lot easier. You won't have as much of a problem each time you cook. That microfiber cloth really does work too - wet, then dry. It should shine up pretty good too. Good luck!!

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Wish I had seen this post earlier, as yesterday I placed an order for GE Profile range with black glasstop. I feel like I have been through the wringer with ranges since last April. This will be my 4th new range from Sears. The 2nd one was a Kenmore Elite with a white glass top. The reason it went back to Sears was because the top was so difficult to clean. Even without spill overs I had to use a razor evry time I cooked. At that time friends told me that their black glasstops were very easy to clean. So here I am waiting for my new black top. So maybe you can tell me how you like the rest of the range. How does it preform? Hope something is good about it!

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bretonb, I was wondering about you. I had the Kenmore Elite with the black ceramic top that scratched. I had Sears replace it with another one since I thought the first one must surely have been defective. Well, my DH scratched the new one the first time he cooked on it. I had bought all new smooth-bottomed cookware and this one has scratches on it now too. He isn't being a madman with it, just normal cooking. We had a black-and-white speckled top by Amana for 11 years that showed wear after that amount of time, but didn't have scratches!

Well, after much deliberation, we decided to install a gas line. I bought a Kenmore Elite gas range. I'm sure that cleaning gas grates and such won't be a blast, but it sure beats (to me, at least,) a range that scratches so easily. I know that in a previous post, you stated that you would not be able to put in a gas range.

With the installation of the gas line and upgrading to a more expensive range, this is costing me an extra thousand bucks, but I am OK with that, just don't want a range that you have to handle with kid gloves!

My GF has a GE Profile, she is not super neat, she cooks a lot, and she and her DH love theirs! She said it isn't hard to clean. Do let me know how it turns out.

My Sears has been fantastic about this problem. They surely must think I'm nuts, but they didn't treat me badly or anything even though they have never had any other complaints about their glass tops. I am hoping I will love the gas range, it comes next Thursday. Will let you know.

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While I don't have a GE model range, I do have a black, smoothtop Bosch electric that we've been using for 4 months now.

Solarpowered is correct in everything she/he said. It's a MUST to clean up the range after every use to keep it looking like new.

According to the Bosch instructions, they say when the rangetop cools down, smear some Weissman creme (a bottle came w/ the range) on the top and rub with a paper towel using more pressure in the baked on areas (I've never had to use the razor yet). I use a very hot microfiber to wipe up the leftover creme, followed by a dry micro. My top is perfectly clean every time. Instructions say that after a few uses, the top will be easier to clean.

The key is to get up the mess as soon as possible after cooking when you're cleaning up the kitchen. I don't ever let anything sit and usually wipe spillovers as things are cooking as well. (No, I'm not a great housekeeper, I just don't want to deal with a baked on mess later).

Perhaps the Bosch smoothtop is a more durable, easier to clean top, I don't know.

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I can really sympathize with you. These glasstops seem to be such a big issue with anyone who has one. There are so many people out there who love them and then so many who loath them. I am like you and took extra special precautions when using my white glass top. I am convinced that there are different qualities of glass beng used.
The LG ( which has some other bad problems ) has an absolutely beautiful top. The burner areas are a mottled black and grey and the other areas are a squiggly grey and white pattern. I am using the same pots and I rarely have to use a razor, just the cream. Like you Sears have been amazing. Unfortunately the range has some other serious problems and now I am waiting for a GE Profile. It is black, so wish me luck!

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I just received my new GE profile range with black glass top. I followed the instructions for initial cleaning using the supplied Cerama Bryte. First time I cooked the white rings from the pots showed up. No spillovers no dirty pot bottoms, no sliding ect. When the glasstop was cold I used the Cerama Bryte to clean. What a mess to get off the top. I rubbed and rubbed and it was very stubborn. Finally got it all off only to see the rings were still there. Once again Cerama Bryte came out and the moistened soft scrub pad which was supplied with range. This took care of the rings, but the job of getting the stuff off had to be repeated.
The funny thing was that the whole surface was shiny, but had kind of draggy feel to it. I had another product "Cook Top" - cleaning creme for smooth top ranges. I tried it on a back element and it came off quite abit easier and left the glass slippery feeling.
Just thought others might like to try this product. I think it is supplied with Sears ranges and is made by Elco Laboratories.

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njcardsfan, I have no problem cleaning my solid black ceran top. Usually just a wipe with soapy water, rinse & dry with microfiber cloth. Cooked on stuff I found "cooktek" cleaner much/much easier to work with that cerambrite. I use the yellow scruby that came with the cerambrite with the cooktek and anything comes off. Spread a few drops and wipe papertowel. It shines. And yes I have also used windex, vinegar based. Spritz it especially if spattered grease and wipe with microfiber cloth. I never spend more than 2-3 minutes and it looks like new.

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I love my GE Profile range w/convection oven...I've had it for over 12 years and the smooth top still looks new...no scratches, pits, etc. It's black w/white speckles (really looks gray IMO)

Yes, you should clean it up after every use but, we don't! If we're in a hurry--w/school-age kids it seems we're always in a hurry--I cook, we eat, and then out the door...cleanup comes later...sometimes all that gets done at night is dish rinsing, the rest is done the next morning. My DH does the cleanup and he sometimes misses the range all week...I then clean it on the weekend. It's really no big deal, I don't even always use the cleanser--sometimes just water & detergent. The only time I use the cleanser is if there's something so cooked on that it doesn't wipe up with a quick soaking & wipe. That's when I use the razor blade--which, BTW, is the same razor that came with the range 12 years ago.

I will say, though, that when I first got the range I did use the cleanser a lot b/c I thought I had to. Eventually I discovered it wasn't really necessary to use it all the time. Perhaps my initial use created a protective coating, but I would think any coating would be stripped off w/detergent & water.

We are getting a GE Profile cooktop w/the remodel b/c we've had such a good experience w/our range. Since the range is still in excellent working condition and looks almost new, we will be donating it rather than disposing of it.

(I think I'll keep the roasting pan though since it appears GE has stopped supplying roasting pans w/their ovens!)

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Had to laugh at this title, since I just bought a white GE profile range # PB975. I have not seen the actual range.
Could someone tell me what the white cooktop looks like?
I have been told it is solid white, but I have a feeling it is speckled (which I do not like). If anyone has a similar range could you let me know.
Thanks in advance.

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Uggggh!!! I wish that I had done my research prior to buying our 36 inch GE profile cooktop!! We got it two weeks ago. We have babied it since day 1.

I love the way it looks, but wow!! Does is ever scratch so easily!! It seems like all I have to do is breathe on it and it scratches!! We cleaned it faithfully after each use with the ceramabrite.

The worst thing, is that a few days ago, it had a couple of small baked-on looking small spots, for which I used the ceramabrite cleaner with the pad that came with it. I scrubbed and scrubbed to get it off. It finally came off, but left a dull area that was a lighter color than the rest of the cooktop! What a disappointment!!! a $1,000+ cooktop that is so fragile!!!

I called GE and they sent out a repairman to look at it. He said that the top needs to be replaced, that it is not normal to get that way so soon, but that it would take about a year to get that way all over. Yuk!!! Is that what I am looking forward to???

I am lost as to what to do! Are all glass cooktops made of this same material?

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I had a GE Profile convection range with a ceramic glass top (bisque range & glass) that I used nothing but warm water, a soft nylon scrubby, or BRILLO on!!

I actually used Brillo on it most of the time and I'm not sure if the Brillo only works on a light-colored surface. I couldn't get ANYTHING else to clean up spots on it and I almost always cleaned it right after it cooled down after use- or I tried to wipe as I went.

I LOVED that range. I just sold it and bought a SS range. I chose the GE Cafe slide-in because it still had all the features of my Profile.

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I shopped around on the net to see if I might have Lowe's replace this unit with another brand...and have decided to have GE replace the glass. I looked at all the other cooktops and see that I still love the layout of the eyes and controls on this cooktop more than any other design, so I guess I will have to learn to live with its fragility.

Do I need to buy all new cookware??? I have mostly calphalon SS cookware. They have been used on our old coil cooktop and are scratched on the bottom. Does that make a difference on the glass cooktop? Does that cause scratches? Would starting with all new cookware make a difference?

Thanks all for your input! I love this forum! Such a wealth of info!

And BTW....my glass top has a "K" on it, which means that it is made by corning....supposedly not the toughest glass???

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Hey! I love this way of cleaning the glass top!! Very different approach and no elbow grease!! Very liberating to see that I don't have to be paranoid about messing up the glass top when cooking!!! I am going to try this!! : )


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I have a GE glasstop range, and loathe the thing. In our last home I had a Kitchen Aid glass top cooktop and absolutely loved it. It was the easiest thing in the world to clean. When we moved, we had to get a drop in range, due to the configuration of the countertop, so we ended up with this horrible GE thing. Using Ceramabrite, it takes at least 15 minutes to clean the thing because the glass isn't smooth like the Kitchen Aid. As soon as I can afford it, we will remodel the kitchen and send this stove to Goodwill.

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Love our GE Profile smooth top range.....will not hesitate to buy another one when we need to. We have had it for about 8 years and the top looks almost as good as new. We use the cleaner for smooth top stoves, razor blades when needed and swiped with a smooth cloth.....no problems at all. I know they do say not to boil over anything with sugar in it (candy) for it will pit the glass.

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I had a white speckled GE Profile Convection range for 12 years, and when I gave it away it still looked like new. I used Bar Keepers friend to get marks or burned stuff off. Otherwise, I would just wipe it down with a hot microcloth.

Now I have a new black speckled GE range, and like the OP, I hate it. It always looks like it has smudges or rings or something. Not cooked on stuff - just smudgey. A hot microcloth does nothing to remove it. I guess I'm going to have to clean more than once a day.


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For those who might be trying to decide...I highly recommend an induction smooth top. It totally solves all the problems. I've only used a cleanser a couple times in 3-4 years. Nothing burns or sticks on ever so I clean it every night after supper by merely wiping it with a soapy cloth. It's a GE. The downside...I hate the oven. So uneven and doesn't hold the temperature.

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Regarding cleaning of my Kenmore Ceran cooktop: My routine is let cool down to warm to touch. Spray with Windex or 409. Scrub with Scotchbrite pad. Whatever doen not come off, use a CLEAN single edge razor/ scraper for the rest. I follow with Ceramabryte and a few paper towels. Polish to a shine and looks like new after 6 years. Mine is not black, it is grey specked

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You do that every night?

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