Looking for 1913-appropriate, affordable faucet

theresseOctober 4, 2013

Hello -

I can't BELIEVE how expensive faucets are! And what's worse is I really want polished nickel! Or at least polished stainless which is probably just as expensive (don't want chrome nor brushed nickel). Nothing decent on Craigslist but just the cost of the sink, pedestal and plumber installation is waaaay more than I ever thought I'd spend. :(

Any place you know of that sells decent period-appropriate faucets online that is reputable/trustworthy and has decent prices?

Any faucet in particular that you like? I could always google it and might get lucky (one can dream).

Thank you!

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Try Signature Hardware. They sell faucets made by Strom Plumbing, which are typically well-regarded, solid brass innards in a lot of period styles. Though it's worth asking whether any components of the particular model you are interested in are plastic, since many previously "all brass" or "all brass and stainless" faucets now do have plastic components. Symmons and Chicago faucets are also solid and well made, but you may not find a style that works for you in them.

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We're redoing our 1916 bath, and found that that time period's a little tough because it is transitional between more Victorian and more deco looking fixtures, and most of the actual faucets from the period are pretty blah (and don't seem to be reproduced much, probably for that reason.) Of course, the upside of that transitional period is that you have a lot of flexibility in style.

We went with a Kohler Bancroft from FaucetDirect. (I won't claim it's authentic. It's not real cheap, but anyone who sees it knows you didn't pick it up at Home Depot.) Other people here have recommended FaucetDirect, and their prices and selection are very good.

We got our sink from Vintage Tub; you may want to take a look at them also. Just inquire re delivery time if you're in a hurry.

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Try looking at these brands that are listed on this link. There are comments about the manufacturer, the warranty, reliability, etc. This site has other helpful articles as well. The site I linked is part 2. If you want more general information on finishes and how a faucet works, go to the upper left of the page and click on "articles". There you will find part 1, and many other articles.

Here is a link that might be useful: An Overview of Faucets: Faucet Reviews and Ratings

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