I need a mixer!

puzzlefanSeptember 2, 2013

After reading answers on this forum, I was sure the Bosch compact would be perfect; not made in China and not too big a footprint. Since bread isn't on my menu, ( I hand knead or make no knead) I went with the compact which I was assured would beat 12-14 egg whites. It will sort of but never to the volume I need for my in demand angel food and chiffon cakes. It just doesn't beat fast enough and there isn't a higher setting than 4. So now I need to re-shop. If you have a mixer, minimum 400W and it works great, please let me know.

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my favorite mixer was a Sunbeam Mixmaster. It was not of the Kitchenaid type because it had two beaters, like an old egg beater. The good news is that you can usually snag one at any goodwill store for a few dollars and try it out. Not out that much and if it does not meet your needs you can just donate it back.

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SL-1200. There is no substitute.

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LOL!!! That is one of the funniest replies ever on GW.

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Hysterical! Love, love, love my kitchen aid mixer. I use it all the time. Sits out on my counter. That's how I roll...

I don't make bread, but I do bake (biscotti, banana bread). I also use it for making meatloaf. I would hate to clean a hand mixer with double blades at this point.

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I have made angel food cake and meringues successfully in my Bosch compact. You do have be sure that the plastic bowl is completely clean; I hand-washed mine after making bread dough once and the egg whites I tried to whip later didn't work well at all. I think I hadn't gotten all the oil out. I'm more careful washing it out now (or just put the bowl in the DW) and it's fine. They do make a metal bowl if you want to try that out, though it's expensive enough that you would be committing to the Bosch for a while longer.

I used to have a Mixmaster. I gave it away and bought the Bosch in a fit of frustration when I realized I was working harder than the mixer was, for stiff-ish things like frosting. So I understand appliance annoyance, and even though the Compact works great for me, different people prefer different tools, and I hope you find a mixer that suits you!

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Although I thought I washed it quite well, I will give it another try when I don't have a customer waiting for the real thing. My old Mixmaster did wonders until it started "throwing" egg whites all over! I didn't want to purchase another item made in China so that is why I decided to try the Bosch. Since I am stuck with it, I might as well give it a second chance.

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I snagged my KA on Craig's list for $75. I can put it away but usually leave it on the counter. It wasn't the exact model that I was ogling but it works great
Hope your next try is successful with your Bosch

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