can i get rid of windows media software

paulsmth2July 5, 2013

I have no need of all the whistles etc that they bring up. Every now and then I need to burn or rip to a cd. I do not need the playlists and all the other cute little options they force me to use.

Can I just delete their software and still do some basic things with a music cd. I started to delete it but they seemed to say they would just roll back to an earlier version.


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No mention of which version of Windows is being used. No one is forcing you to do anything. If you don't like Media Player, don't use it. Find another program which allows you to burn/rip and use that. They aren't hard to find and some of them are free.

My advice is don't try to delete it unless you're very sure you know what to do. IMHO, Windows tends to get cranky when you try to remove certain parts of the OS that came installed with it.

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Yes, I would agree. If you attempt to uninstall via control panel, it will just roll back to the prior version. So leave Windows installed player alone, and, if you wish, download another program that will do what you want it to.

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Most programs have idiosyncrasies. The features you hate are the ones others love and vice-versa. Sometimes the choice is a compromise or the pick of the lesser of evils.

I agree with the others, there are loads of free alternatives to the Windows offerings. Try 'em, you'll find one or more you'll like better. But as with any MS supplied component, leave it alone. You can associate file types with any new program(s) you prefer and you'll never see the old stuff you don't like again.

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VLC is long time free favorite media player of many, and the occasional disk burning you require can be done with Windows itself.


Here is a link that might be useful: Filehippo

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I have used VLC for a very long time now, no complaints.

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I've never liked WMP and haven't activated it on the last 2 or 3 computers. I bought an IPod and installed ITunes and I love it. Very simple to use and it remembers the way I have it set up when I buy a new PC.

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