Viking Oven Broken Again

bestefarSeptember 22, 2007

We have a 10-year old all gas Viking range we purchased during a kitchen remodel. The oven has given us continuing problems. After some searching online, there appears to be well-know issues with Viking gas ovens, primarily with the igniters. We're on our second set and something isn't working once again. I found one post where someone who purchased a Viking in '97 was on his 3rd set, so I guess I shouldn't complain. He said Viking considered igniters like "batteries" that needed replacing every 2 - 5 years. This seems like REALLY poor design to me. I have a 15-year old gas furnace that has never had the igniters replaced. I called Viking to see if I could talk with a technical person about the problem, but was informed the only people allowed to speak to them were technicians. Our local service person put a 10" scratch in our brand newly refinished hardwood floor when he was here about a month ago and denied doing it, so I really don't want to call him back. Has anyone replaced the igniters in their Viking gas overn themselves? I'd like some help and suggestions about what to do about this. Viking would probably sell me the parts because I've ordered an oven light socket from them in the past. I also saw somewhere that there was another brand of igniter that would work. Sorry for the long post, but I'm about ready to buy another stove, as I've spent about $1000 on this stove in service while the refrigerator (GE Profile) and dishwasher (Asko) we bought at the same time have never required service. Any and all suggestions welcome.

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My advice, ditch the thing for something better. Viking 's attitude towards known problems is horrible. They're fridges have a known design flaw, yet they continue to produce they thing sans modification. BTW no one else in the industry consider igniters to be "like batteries". Also co.s can spec good batteries (ones that preform and last a long time) or cheap crappy ones that fail or run down quickly. I'd expect better from Viking on their ranges since that's what they made their reputation on.

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Wish I could help..I just put deposit on 30" gas range and am concerned about some of negative reports on service and quality...should I be looking elsewhere like DCS or JennAir?

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JennAir??? At that point I'd be looking at Thermador!

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Actually, I'd pick companies based on good customer service. DCS is now owned by Fisher Paykel, and is probably going to be more responsive than the Viking and Thermador-Bosch-Siemens companies, who are, like Whirlpool and LG, pretty well known for blowing customers off. If it works out of the box, great, but if'll need your dealer or vendor to go to bat for you, and sometimes even that doesn't always help.

Realistically, the less electronics on an oven, the better. If you can live without self-clean, there's American, Bluestar, Wolf, and Capital. If not, Miele also gets high marks, as does the Gaggenau (but then you're back on Bosch-Siemens again) steam oven. Another good customer service company is the GE Monogram brand - not Profile! Monogram has its own customer service # and is much more responsive.

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Whats wrong with the range? Is the oven not working? Is it not getting up to temp? Is one side working & not the other? Most people don't know is that the bake part of the oven takes 2 ignitors to work properly. The top part/broil only has one. These parts are cheap enough for you to do on your own for probably around 125-150$ for both ignitors, and probably take you 20-30mins to do. Need anymore info drop me a message!

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not sure if this is the right thread to post this question. I too have a Viking range (VGSC30" that I bought a few months ago. It works fine but the oven keeps re-igniting every so often (5 mins.) It gets to the correct temperature and the light and burner goes off and then after a couple of mins. it clicks on again. It constantly does that...not sure if that's normal or not.

my partner says its normal because the temperature in the oven goes down so it clicks back on to get back to the correct temperature. I understand that but does it have to do it so quickly. I'm worried that the oven door seal is broken. I don't feel any substantial heat "escaping" from the door though.

Any thoughts? I'd hate to spend the money for a service call if its just me worrying but then again this is an expensive piece of appliance so I want to make sure that its working properly.

Thanks in advance!


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It's normal - it reaches the set temperature - then shuts off - when the temperature drops a certain amount, the thermostat turns it back on again - you don't want it dropping too much between cycles or you won't have a consistent temperature.

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thanks now I can continue to enjoy using the oven!

thanks weissman!

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Viking is truely junk!!! My viking oven and cooktop have caused much suffering at my house. The oven is ALWAYS broken. As soon as one thing is fixed something else breaks. The only good part of the viking is the name plate and the oven shelves - the only 2 things that are made properly.

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Our 30 inch Viking gas oven is not getting up to temp it seems, we replaced the ignitors and still the burners come on but cycle off again before the temp is correct. Everything else seems to be working correctly, anyone know what role the probe in the back of the oven plays? it goes directly to the thermostat/oven control knob.

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motoman1962, I don't know what model oven you have but usually the thermostat has a sensor in the oven cavity that looks like a piece of steel rod that is about an 1/8 ' in diameter. I could not find a wiki on it, but below is a picture of the system - the rod is attached by a strand of tubing that goes right to the control knob - and when a defined temperature is reached, it completes a circuit. The thermostat itself may have an adjustment on it, or you may need to adjust the knob or the indicator around the knob so that it reads correctly.

Here is a link that might be useful: thermostat

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I replaced my Viking oven igniters after about 5 years. You don't need genuine Viking parts for this.

If you're a little handy with wires it's easy. The oven has two igniters and I think they were about $40-$50 a piece.

When there were standing pilots, there was no need for igniters. It's a fact of life that these things fail after a while.

This link contains a video on how to replace them, and to purchase.

Here is a link that might be useful: Viking oven igniter replacement

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Anyone with an expensive gas range should have enough smarts to realize that ignitors are consumables and should be ordered some fine day and kept as rainy day spares. There is also the factor that there is not a little man back at the ignitor factory just eagerly waiting to build the one ignitor you need yesterday. Production runs have their own logic and efficiency and it is much more pleasant to be patiently awaiting the arrival of something that is only a precaution than screaming at heaven for weeks or months on end over a critical back ordered part for a crippled range.

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Is Viking made by GM????

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