Will all these fantastical bathroom/closet ideas fit in my space?

redheadeddaughterOctober 3, 2013

So I bet no one has ever posted a worst drawing on the bathrooms forum. But seeing as I've been agonizing over it for 2 weeks and it's all I have, I'm going to risk it and hope someone has a miraculous solution. :)

We are building a new house and the master bathroom will be split: one section for my husband (much smaller, he is such a good sport!) and mine, which is a 15 x 16 ft space to allocate for a big closet, a good size vanity, storage, and a clawfoot tub. The fireplace is truly an extra that is fun to think about, but 1) I don't think is will fit and 2) I know it's an impractical expense.

The master bedroom is the the left and a hallway is in front leading to the chidlren's rooms. I'd really like the closet to be at least 7 x 16 to fit all my girly stuff, including the vanity and a dresser, etc. I imagine my daughter getting reading with me as she grows up in this space, as I did with my mom. Even at 7, she already does this and I so wished for more space and light. So windows in the sink area and makeup vanity area are a must. My vision has gotten so much worse with each pregnancy, and the natural light is wonderful. I don't care so much about natural light in the tub/shower area because I'm usually in there early in the morning or late at night, so it's dark anyway!

My question, after all that babbling: How can I arrange the bathroom portion in an 8 x 16 space with a vanity in the window and the rest in that long skinny space?

My attached picture is my attempt and I don't know if it will work. Any thoughts?

I'll post the designers (much cleaner) suggestion next, but it makes the closet much smaller... so I'm trying to come up with a better solution. ;)

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This is the designers version which is very nice to, but I think I want to get rid of that hallway space in front of the closet and flip the two so I don't share plumbing with my daughters wall.

And it would be great to have a sort of "wet room" were the tub/shower and toliet will be that can be closed off a bit for privacy (and steam).

Does anyone have a similar bath setup that they love?

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I don't have a similar bath setup, but I would love to! :-) Well, I imagine I would love to but in reality that is not the life I live. So, none of the following comments come from any practical experience, as opposed to daydreaming!

I think you already have a great starting point, but I am having a hard time reading some of the items on your sketch. Are you trying to fit a tub AND shower in the space, or just a tub? Is that a 51" tub? I couldn't make out the "???? station" in the closet.

Personally I would prefer the entry from the bedroom to be at the bottom where it is shown in the designer's sketch, rather than by the window wall. That way you can't see in from the bed, and I think it would make sense to have the entry close to the hallway if your daughter will be joining you.

Is it important for you to have a distinct bathroom and a separate closet/dressing room, or would you be open to a bit of blurring of the functions?

Using the designer's sketch for reference, would it work for you to put the linens and hamper in that vestibule, the clothes in a more traditional "closet" at the bottom right, have a dressing/vanity area where the closet is drawn and the toilet and tub "wet room" in the same general area now shown? If you put the tub under the window you could put the toilet by the closet where the plumbing wouldn't be on your daughter's wall. You'd still have rooms, but it would combine the dressing area with the bathroom rather than the closet.

Good luck!

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Hi Oaktown! So "my" section will have just a claw foot tub that will also function as a shower (with those hanging shower curtain rods)... the stand alone shower will be on my husband's side. I've been trying to draw out your idea... do you mean the "closet" area would be in the interior space with a hallway there, with the bath are having the window? The bath would have great light that way, which is nice. But the closet would have no window (I know it fades clothing, but, oh do I love a closet with a window.) But for resale, it might be much more appealing for someone else to have a brighter bathroom area, right?

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Yes, I was suggesting more of a traditional closet, with the dressing area combined with the vanity area rather than combined with the closet. This is partly because I've never had a closet big enough for a dressing/makeup area so I can't really envision it, and partly because I personally tend to be messy in storage areas so for me a pretty combined dressing area/closet would not be realistic!

Hopefully lavender_lass, MrsPete and others more suited to this than me can give you some ideas/feedback. Maybe cross-post on the building forum?

Here's a not-to-scale MSPaint sketch of what I had been thinking:

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Oh that looks super cute! I like it. I can totally imagine my daughter and I hanging out in there. Plus, there is a place for a nice full size mirror with space to stand back, a nice wall for jewelry and hooks. Very cool. Thanks Oaktown!

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