help, can't print from wireless printer anymore - urgent

debo_2006July 7, 2013

Gotta get this fixed by tonight as I use this printer for work.

Got a new Verizon Fios router and since then my wireless laptop won't print. There doesn't appear to be an issue when I troubleshoot "the issue". Has new ink cartridges. When I try to print something, it says it's "printing" but nothing comes out. It also says "offline" but the printer IS online...I do I check that part? Printer is fine from the desktop. Both computers indicate printer as shared.

I've checked everything I can think of inside the printer section in Control Panel. Any advice?


PS: Brother MFC-490CS is the default printer.

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It's the offline thing, I think...I've had issues with this also. You might Google "Printer Offline"....what I end up doing is uninstalling and reinstalling my printer and then it works for quite a long time. It happens again when we have a power outage and then I have to do it again. I am a long way from being computer savvy, but I know this is what happens with me. Hopefully, you will get a more knowledgeable answer to your problem, though.

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PKponder TX

On the face of your printer there should be a Network menu (maybe under setup). You probably need to detect the new network from the printer itself.

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Tried looking at the network setup on the printer and don't understand WLAN, WiredLAN....don't know which one I have. Either one won't accept my WEP ID.

Spent so many hours trying to figure this out, I'm ready to throw this printer against the wall.

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PKponder TX

WLAN would be the wireless LAN (wireless local area network). You sound frustrated, maybe ask someone else to type in the key?

I looked up your printer model, it utilizes Wireless 802.11b/g (b or g). Is that the standard used by the Verizon router?

ah dang, I totally missed whether you have the printer actually plugged into an ethernet port on the router or are you using it wirelessly? How are the desktops connected to the printer? Is the laptop new? Have you plugged the printer into the laptop by USB and established the driver functions that way before attempting wireless printing? That's an often missed, but very important step with wireless printing.

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pk, yes, frustrated is an understatement. Don't like spending so much time on such things that are probably easy. Did a lot of research with no resolve.

Printer is hooked up to a desktop; DT hooked up to router. I don't "think" the printer is connected directly to router. Not sure what ethernet is. Laptop works wirelessly to the printer.

Laptop is 8 mos old. Was working perfectly fine with printer until this new router was installed the other day. I have not tried plugging the printer directly to laptop. I'll try that in the morning. Brain is fried right now so I'll continue on this quest in the morning since I need the printer for work.

Thanks for the help. Wonder if uninstalling the computer software from laptop, then reinstalling it again, will work.

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PKponder TX

Now I understand. It won't accept the wep key because it's shared by another workstation on the network, but not part of the network itself. Sorry, if I had understood that in the beginning, my answers would have been different :-)

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Perhaps whoever installed the new router did not set it up exactly as the old old was regarding passwords etc.

As it is now Monday and you need to print there are a couple of options for you untill this issue is resolved. You could either copy your work to a thumb/flash or external drive and print from your desktop computer. Or use the CAT5 cable from the printer to the laptop. Neither is ideal but if work must get done then workarounds must be found temporarily.

I think when you get a few minutes you might test the printer from the laptop using a cable, once the computer 'finds' the printer you may well be able to remove the cable. This has been the case with 3 HP printers I worked on where people could not connect via wireless.

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Finally, after several hours this morning talking to Verizon who said router is working fine (I knew that), reinstalling Printer software on laptop (probably didn't have to go that far), trying to do network stuff from the printer set up in which nothing would be accepted, and checking everything I could possibly think of, I called Brother(the printer company) and had a Internet chat. I was forwarded a link for troubleshooting, which did the trick. Had something to do with an option I was trying to use...gets complicated to explain. All's well... I can relax now.

THANK YOU all for the responses.

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Ah, nothing like the joys of computing problems to raise one's blood pressure :~)

Good to read everything is working now.

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Debi... My Brother printer has stopped printing from an old XP desktop and a not so old Win 7 laptop. Used to be no problem but now will not function wirelessly. Would you mind posting the link Brother gave you to see if it might help me???

I can still print from my new desktop, but the program I need to use only runs on XP. In the meantime I'm going to try O's suggestion with the cable. Thank you.

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The CAT5 cable didn't work. Since the laptop had been working wirelessly, I was hesitant to try using the USB cable... I figured it wouldn't hurt anything to try and was thrilled to find that it worked!!! :) Thanks, O. Your suggestion helped me.

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For wireless printing, make sure the printer's radio is turned on. It'll be in your printer's setup menu maybe in a submenu labeled 'network' or some such.

If you've had a change of routers, you'll need to set up the printer again and supply the router's IDs, usually, part of the router's name plus the encryption key.

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abreeze, sorry, I'm late in seeing your request, but it appears you got it working.

In the future, should you have issues, go to the Brother site an you can do a live Internet chat. No charge either.

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