hp alignment page and ink cartridge level problems

dahlia6July 21, 2012

I am annoyed by alignment pages that print when I haven't installed new cartridges. It happens frequently with this HP Photosmart C 4580. Since using Windows 7 and not XP, I have been unable to access HP SOLUTION CENTER due to what the message says is an installation problem. I used to be able to see a picture of the ink cartridge level on there. Is there any solution to either of these problems?

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Try downloading compatible Win7 drivers at this HP site [below], Dahlia. I think this may cure your problem. Many users lost the use of older equipment when they moved to Win7. It looks like you're in luck...and all that's necessary is upgrading the HP Photosmart drivers.



Here is a link that might be useful: HP Drivers

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Just wondering...did you put non-HP cartridges in this printer? If you did, then all bets are off. I tried to use cartridges from Office Max in my Officejet 4500 and ran into all sorts of problems and ended up exchanging them for the HP brand. Generally, I like HP printers but this is one thing I don't like about them.

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I have found that this problem occurs because the carriage is in the wrong place. Use the following steps. Turn off the printer. open the door.
If the carriage holding the cartridges does not rest at the proper place Ie where you can get the cartridges out then slide the cartridges to the correct place. Now shut the door and fire up the printer. You should not be asked to align

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