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gale_tJuly 29, 2012

I just downloaded what I thought was free WinZip to my new Windows 7 computer. It didn't give me a choice whether or not to download an AVG toolbar. I can't uninstall it. I keep getting a box that says do I want this program to upload stuff on this program.

Helllp, I want to get this off of my computer. I'll pay for it, but I want this one outta here!


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It appears Google had this answer. I did a basic search using the keywords "AVG WinZip" (sans quotes) and I readily found a link providing:

"Please note that the WinZip setup tries to install AVG Security Toolbar and sets AVG secure search as your browser homepage.

To avoid installing the toolbar, please choose custom installation during the setup and uncheck "Set, keep and protect AVG Secure Search as my homepage", "Set, keep and protect AVG Secure Search as my default search provider" and "Install AVG Security Toolbar" options."

Based on the above, if it were me with this concern I would remove WinZip using REVO at the advanced setting. When doing so I would give it permission to remove anything it finds relating to WinZip. I would then run CCleaner's registry tool for any orphan entries. Finally, I would reinstall WinZip following the above instructions.


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You don't need WinZip. The capability to manipulate compressed files (create them and extract files from zipped files you get) is built in to Windows 7. Check with Windows Help on your PC, it'll tell you all about it.

As far as making an unwanted toolbar go away, you can usually just go to the View, Toolbars section of a browser's menu, and Unselect the toolbar you don't wish to see. You can leave the files for a safe but unused toolbar on your PC with no adverse effect, you'll never see or know of it again so long as you keep it unselected.

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I'm glad I checked in here before download WinZip again. DA, Revo is awesome! Tks, again.

snidely, I didn't know that about Windows 7. That's great. 'Preciate info about the unwanted toolbar, too. Revo didn't get rid of that for some reason.

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Hadn't heard of Revo before, but looking at the website, I'm wondering what need it fills.

Windows does an adequate job of removing most files on an uninstall. Many programs will uninstall themselves. The few relics that are left behind are usual small and harmless. When not, and it's something recently installed, Windows Restore will always roll back to the PC's status before the install.

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Snidely Revo is a heave duty program remover. You may have had times when removing using the Add/Remove feature did not do the whole job, Revo would have done that.

May I suggest you try removing a program using Revo to experience it's capabilities, including entries in the Registry. You can the re-install the program if you need it.

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Windows does not have an uninstaller. What it does have is a pointer via the Control Panel to the application's uninstaller.

REVO firsts creates a restore point then uses the target application's uninstaller. It then searches for orphaned folders, files, registry entries, etc. An option is provided whether to remove them or not. There is no backup.

Sometimes REVO does not detect anything additional. Sometimes there are just a few. Other times there are many. These are normally deeply configured applications. I used it to remove Word once and it showed almost 2000 orphaned entries. I just used it on FoxIt Reader and it had 463.


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