Carbonite or other cloud backup

mrh7July 24, 2014

I'm about to decide on a cloud backup. Would like one that includes all my files plus programs in case I don't have the original program disk for programs and program updates. Carbonite was recommended by a friend who works for a computer service. Wondered what you thought of the various cloud systems and Carbonite in particular. Thanks in advance.

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I'm not a fan of online backups, I don't consider it fail-safe. If you have a small amount to back up, buy a couple of thumb drives or SD cards. If you have more, buy a couple of external drives. Make two copies, take one offsite. This hardware is cheap these days.

Also, if you have tens or hundreds of GBs to backup, it can take a long time AND could use up your monthly internet usage quota.

You normally can't back up program files, per se. If you're setting up a new PC or hard drive, programs need to be "installed", not just copied over. Doing so requires either the disks (getting to be rare these days) or a shepherding program that manages a download and installation. If you have purchased programs, a "key code" should be all you would need. Your disaster preparation should be just a list of programs and how to reinstall them. This too should be kept offsite. (One way to do that is to list them in a text file and attach to an email you send to yourself)

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Newer versions of windows have OneDrive working pretty darn well. Maybe compare OneDrive to carbonite with a little reading.

Most people want a 2nd back up too . .I don't really worry about that much .. odds of my pc and online storage dying at same time are great. And, I always have a current system image on a separate drive 20 or 30 gb takes a long time to download when you suddenly have no internet access and that is when you suddenly have a need for something .

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