30 inch gas range, mid price point

crl_September 24, 2012

I am in the very early stages of planning and trying to scope out lots of different options to get a good feel for budget. The range is a bit of a sticking point. We are not gourmet chefs though most meals are cooked at home, and often from scratch.

Dh is making noises about wanting a pro style range. I am making noises about the costs, especially the cost of an appropriate ventilation system to accompany it. I gather one serious consideration is providing adequate make up air?

I found the NXR on here, which would be likely be in our price range by itself--though on the high end. My concern is that an appropriate ventilation system including a method of addressing makeup air, would push the price up too high.

Anyone have suggestions for other mid-price point ranges that might make dh happy (I think he has visions of boiling water in five seconds flat and being on Iron Chef ;). But I also think he just likes the looks of the pro style ranges)? Or relatively inexpensive solutions for venting a semi-pro range?

Thanks so much!


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Look into GE cafe, has a pro look, good functions and very reasonable in price. We're about to buy one mid october

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I have the NXR 30" and only have a OTR microwave with 400CFM and it works just fine.
We bought ours for $1799 total cost the OTR microwave was $395. The NXR is the best range you will find anywhere even close to $2000. There is really no need for some insane ventilation.

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