repair a cast iron tub?

melissastarOctober 8, 2013

So this weekend, I scored big time at a local builder's supply auction...nabbed a brand new Kohler's Memoirs tub, sink and pedestal sink for $1000. They were not, however, boxed. Today when they were delivered, the tub had been damaged in transit. (I know, I know, it's a risk you take...but the guys delivering had done faultless jobs for me before, bringing in refrigerator, capital range, sinks, etc. for my kitchen remodel a few years ago).

Now the tub has about a 5" black mark right across the front. It's not deep, doesn't even feel recessed. But it also isn't coming off with rubbing. Is there any way to repair the damage? I'm feeling sick.

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First try barkeeper's friend and see if that helps. It works on tile marks, as recommended by Bill V when he used to post here.

EDIT and it has to be BKF. Bon Ami is not the same thing, although people often think you can substitute it. BA has no bleaching agent in it, unlike BKF.

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I should say that was assuming that it is a black mark on the surface of the tub and not a scratch that's revealing the actual iron.

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It worked! I was really hoping it wasn't scratched, but couldn't figure out what the black could be otherwise. And it wasn't coming up with just water.

Thanks so much! And thanks for the distinction between BKF and BonAmi...I've often wondered! I take it then that it's OK to use BKF on the tub for regular cleaning too? Or only when it's really needed to remove something?

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Well, my tub dates from 1979 and I've used BKF fairly frequently and the finish is still good. I mostly use steam for regular cleaning, though, and BKF only for bleaching out stains in the bottom of the tub.

I'm glad it worked for you.

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The Kohler instruction sheet list the things that they recommend for cleaning cast iron. I wouldn't use BKF except in an emergancy, myself. I love BKF on my stainless steel though.

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