Show me your framed mirrors!

snowyshastaOctober 22, 2008

We will have two mirrors in our master bath, one over each sink, with a cabinet to the ceiling between them. Our cabinet maker will make frames for the mirrors, but I'm not sure what they should look like. Can you show me your framed mirror to help me get some ideas?

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Not the best picture, but this is the bathroom we're in the process of remodeling. The mirror is staying, though. There is a rose motif in the corners.

I don't know whose bathroom this is, but it's an inspiration picture I found on HGTV's rate my space. I love this bathroom!

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I bought mine locally @ Zellers ( Canadian ) BUT either Wal Mart, Target, Kohl's, Home Depot.. etc etc.. will have a pre framed in just about any size & description/finish.

Have FUN shopping!!

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The first purchased at a home consignment store, the second from Restoration Hardware. From Master Bath From Master Bath

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Thanks for the ideas so far. Here's the bathroom right now, if it helps:

Note that we aren't buying the framed mirror on its own - the cabinet maker that did our cabinets will build them for us. So we can customize to some extent but not really sure what we want.

You can see where the light fixtures are currently set - we could change that if necessary but I am leaning towards leaving where they are. Then the mirror and frame would fit underneath.

Would you recommend leaving some space between the frame and the backsplash and the wall/cabinet on either side, or butt it up against them? In sjt's first picture, the frame goes to the walls but not down to the backsplash.

I'm also not sure whether we should make the frame flat, like the ones annkathryn shows, or with some depth in it. And I think it should probably be the same wood/stain as the cabinets, but I guess it doesn't have to be? I'm hoping seeing all your ideas will help me find one that speaks to me!

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I think it is all personal preference, but I feel like the framed mirrors should hang like artwork and be within a space. Meaning that it is hung having space on all sides. This isn't the best picture of the bathroom, but it is one I already had downloaded and my camera battery is dead so can't take a new one. As you can see though the mirror is above backsplash and it is also about two inches from the light fixture. I hope this helps-just my opinion. Good Luck.

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Your vanity set up is quite similar to mine. My mirrors are very simple -- wood frames with the same wood/stain as the vanity. Do yourself a favor, however, and add a makeup mirror to your setup (mine is attached to the side of the cabinet) -- it makes getting ready much easier.

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Thanks for the pictures and suggestions. I do see the idea of the frame not touching other things. I think my difficulty in visualizing partly comes from the way the bathroom used to be - there was one huge mirror that covered the entire wall (no cabinet between). So two framed "floating" mirrors will be much smaller. Which I think is probably good (although the makeup mirror is a good add!), because I hated how huge the mirror was before, but it's a big change.

Also the house we're currently renting has a framed mirror, but again it covers the entire bathroom wall, over both vanities, and the frame actually goes from backsplash to ceiling, from wall to wall. So I keep visualizing that, but I think it's probably not necessarily what I want. I just need more things to visualize with, so these pictures are very helpful!

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Everyone has, to a certain extent, captured what I try to do.

If I'm making the mirror frame(s), which I usually do, I try to have the mirror frame relate to the other trim/cabinetry in the room.


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If your walls are all ready painted then get some painter's tape & design then size you think you want. I find visuals help me with design decisions especially since you're used to a full sized mirror.

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ging9, I just have to tell you how beautiful the picture of your children is.(I'm assuming they're your children) It looks gorgeous in your bathroom which is also gorgeous!

Snowyshasta, Our mirror was hung to hide an imperfection in our wall and to accomodate DH(6'4") and me (5'). It was a custom mirror that "just" fit the width of our wall. My personal feeling though, is that the mirrors hung above the backsplash look more like a piece of art, and have more of a presence than the generic mirrors that are touching the backsplash. Good luck!

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I can't remember where I found this picture but I think this picture frame is nice.

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Mongo, when you say that you try to relate the mirror frame to the rest of the trim in the room, are you suggesting that the mirror frame "should" be the same as the window/door trim? That's what my architect told me and it seemed it might be a little too heavy (wide) so I've stalled out in the thinking process.

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Wow, Callaloo's set up really *is* so close to yours, and gives a great idea of how you could treat the area as one unit by echoing the shape and wood tone of your cabinets.

It might be nice to echo the curves of your sink by using round or oval mirrors in the same color metal as your fixtures, though. [Or wood painted in the same color as your fixtures.] If you just wanted to shift the shape, you could keep the wood tone that of your cabinets.

I don't think my set up will help you much since we don't have a double sink, but we did use an oval mirror so I'll throw it in anyway. And while we matched the vanity we contrasted with the white-painted cabinets that were going in as well.

Good luck with your project!

Ignore missing tile!

I wanted a rounded mirror to contrast with all the rectangles we were putting in

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ging9, I love your bathroom. Where did you get your mirrors? We debated for ages and finally went with a full wall mirror since we were worried that anything else wouldn't look right. Yours look great!

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ps12-thanks for the compliment. I got the mirrors from the masterbath line from Home depot. They matched the vanity. I was really pleased with how everything come out.

sjt2900-just saw your comment and yes they are my two wonderful children. It is one of my favorite pics.

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Just tossing this out there, but what about installing the mirrors WITHOUT frames, and then framing them in place with tile?

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Ooh, Bill, that does look nice. Maybe it's good you didn't post it earlier, or we would have had more decisions to make! We are finished (finally!) with our remodel and hopefully moving back into the house tomorrow. Look for our finished master bath pictures soon.

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We got this one from Home Depot for super cheap. We'll eventually replace it with a more modern mirror to match the bathroom.

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We did black framed mirrors from Bed Bath and Beyond (one over each sink). It is a nice contract to our blue granite.

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