Not done yet, a few pics . . .

rjr220October 16, 2013

Going on week 6 of the third BR reno since mid April. I am over renovations, but keep reminding myself that I have a roof over my head, jobs that allow us to do this, a hot meal daily and indoor plumbing! This is a redo of our Master Bath and Closet. Converted a hall and linen closet into our master closet, old small closets were merged with old bathroom space to just about double the bath.

We are on a slab and wanted to maximize space and minimize costs, so kept commode, one vanity and shower in same locations; and added another vanity. We are waiting on the glass for frameless shower to be installed (next week). Granite was templated yesterday (a really wild and busy kashmir gold) and it is scheduled to be installed on November 1.

Old BR: standing in the door looking into shower

Old BR: standing in shower looking towards door.

Old master closets (yes, one for me and one for him)


Looking in towards new shower:

New vanity in previous closet space

New vanity in previous old vanity space (window will have bahama shutters installed in about 6 weeks)

Another shower pic

And floor tile:

Ah, just posting these makes it seem bearable to wait two more weeks to live a little more normal life. Repeat mantra: I have a home, a job, a roof that doesn't leak or a serious illness. Life is good. : )

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Love it! I love the "rumba strips" that you have going on in the shower. I don't know if there is such a thing as "rumba strips" but I am posting a link that I found on the dance. It sort of looks like your shower :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Rumba

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You're almost there! I love the tile and those cute vanity lights. Are they Hudson Valley? I saw some on their site that look a lot like that. Love them. Nice job!

And I love the rumba video. Now I think I know where the "tweark" came from.

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great progress!

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It looks fantastic! Thanks for the inspiration. We start our master bath remodel on Monday. I tell myself the same things to get through the unpleasant parts. Just think, next year at this time, while you are enjoying your great bathroom this will all be a memory.

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