My new Kitchenaid Induction cooktop is really noisy

ginny20September 9, 2011

I had read all about the noises made by some induction units, variously described as high-pitched, whining, humming, subtle, only sometimes, and depending on the cookware. Generally, though, it was not considered a big problem.

Today I was really upset to find that my cooktop make a distinct low-pitched hum or buzzing, which I can actually hear in the next room, and which gets louder on boost. That I could live with, although it was disappointing. But even worse, on the settings all the way up to 6 (out of 9, so that would be most of the typical cooking levels)it clicks, then buzzes, maybe 30-40 times a minute, as it cycles on and off, I guess. This drives me crazy! It's like dripping water. I can't imagine how I'm going to tolerate it when I make soup or stew on simmer for a couple of hours. Crank some Led Zeppelin on the stereo, maybe? The hood somewhat masks it, but not entirely, since I got a relatively quiet Kobe hood. And, after all, I'm not trying to see how noisy the kitchen can get.

KA customer service said this was how their induction cooktops normally operate. They all click.

So, a question - does anyone with Kitchenaid (ellencr, are you there?) have this same noise?

And a warning - if you are as sensitive to repetitive noises as I am, do not buy a KA induction cooktop. Or at least not without hearing it for yourself. If I had been able to see one of these in action around here, I would have known not to get it.

Other than the noise, it seems great. I made a little omelet for my DD this morning (first cooking in 5 weeks)and it was excellent.

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I have the Bosch induction and it only buzzes very slightly on boost and then it seems once the cookware is warmed up ( a few minutes) all the sounds go away. Hearing constant on and off cycles would drive me nuts.

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Uh Oh! I'm planning the 36" KA in my upcoming reno. I wonder if it might be related to the cookware? Here's a link to the induction site's pro/con list, scroll down to the section titled "noise". Is it different with any other pots/pans you have?

Here is a link that might be useful: the induction site

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I don't think it's the pans. I have Tramontina TriPly Clad - the one recommended by Cooks Illustrated. Someone on an earlier thread said she had no noise at all with these. I also have two italian non-stick skillets that are made for induction. Both brands of pots make exactly the same noise, and it's coming from the cooktop. And it's every burner. And it never stops - I just left a pot on level 4 for 15 minutes. It just kept going.

I need to hear from someone with KA to see if they get this or not. Maybe it clicks, but not as loudly as this.

Before you all think "OK, Mr. Monk," I played the cooktop for my DD and my neighbor. They both said it was very annoying.

The buzzing and clicking can both be heard from the next room. This has the advantage of reminding me I have something on the stove.

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Sounds like electrical engineering by the accounting department. The repetitive clicking would seem to be a low cost mechanical relay approach to setting a duty cycle to make the effective power lower instead of either actually lowering it, or using a solid state relay.

If water is brought to a boil and the setting is lowered to keep the boil under control, do the clicks correspond to periods of higher and lower levels of water boiling? (This is most easily tested with a older Revere deep drawn stainless steel pan that has low thermal mass.)


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Yes, kirby, you hit it on the head. The power goes off between clicks (it goes "click"-turn on, "buzz"-on, pause-off) and that's how they give you lower power. I figured this out when I was suateing zucchini on level 4 on Friday, and the sizzle went louder and softer in time with the clicks. You figured it out without even hearing it!

I had two burners going on Friday, and they clicked in syncopated time.

This was my own fault. I knew to stay away from the KA oven. I should have realized they aren't very good at electrical stuff.

I'm amazed, though, that this bothers no one else but me.

One other KA owner did respond to me, and she does not have constant clicking. It's possible that my clicking is louder than usual. I don't hear it as much with the hood going. Maybe others just don't notice it.

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I have a GE Profile induction top--silence rules!

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leel-yes, silence would have been preferable, but can you dance a salsa to the rhythm of your burners on moderate heat? And KA doesn't even charge extra for the built-in percussion section. ;)

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KIRS608BSS This is the model number for my new Kitchen Aid induction range. I am experiencing the same humming and clicking as Ginny20. Thanks to her post and kaseki's response, I now know what causes these noises. I agree with Ginny20 100%, if you are sensitive to repetitive noices and buzzing, stay away from Kitchen Aid induction.

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I'm bumping this again because people considering KA need to know about this.

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I wish I'd found this link about KitchenAid's freestanding induction range earlier. I was so excited when my new range was delivered in May, but I returned it just two weeks later because of the loud clicking and buzzing noises. The clicking was particularly annoying - it could be heard from upstairs, and when more than one element was turned on, the clicking was syncopated. If you don't think you can relax cooking with a couple of metronomes going beside you, then you had better steer clear of KitchenAid induction. I hate to say this because I'm sold on induction - just not KitchenAid's implementation of it, or their customer service response that this is 'normal'.

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KAC, I'm so sorry you had this problem, too. I tried to put comments on various sites. Maybe we can help others by warning them against this. And maybe if enough people make enough bad comments, KA will change the technology,
Wishful thinking.

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