Windows Vista IE 9 - Default Web Page Question

luis_prJuly 29, 2012

While upgrading software on my Mother's lightly used laptop, I noticed that the default webpage is set to but what pops up on IE9 is

I confirmed that her default setting is for just so how come this other page is popping up?

There is also an information bar of some type that sometimes appears at the bottom of the IE window, talking about blocked popups, speeding up addons, etc. I am a XP/IE8 User so I have no idea if this is normal on IE9 but I have not noticed those windows before and they are a pain in the behind, which makes me think that Microsoft did put them in IE9. But just in case, I am also asking if anyone else can confirm that they are part of IE9 or the Vista/IE9 Combo.



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I would try: Clear the IE cache>Manually type in and enter the site desired>Set the current page as the homepage.

I normally use FF with my Vista. However, when I do tinker with IE9 it will report as to blocked sites, expired certificates, and such. It's no big deal as far as I am concerned. What's one click?


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I think we can no longer clear the cache as I did not find it were I once used to see it in XP (does not mean it is really no there though).

I have changed the default to another webpage and it worked but when I reset it back to usatoday, it displayed again even though I typed only

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Try bringing up the usatoday page, then click in the address bar to get the cursor just behind the 911 and tap the backspace button 3 times. Hit Enter and the news page will appear, set it as your home page now and hopefully you will be good to go.

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