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bergiesgirlOctober 30, 2013

So we abandoned the stress of finding a contractor and get to focus on the fun part of picking and buying materials. Went to the RH outlet and found matching inset mirrored cabinets for a great price. Between the weathered wood and the vinatgey looking faucets we are trying to go more contemporary with the rest of the space. We are doing a semi frameless glass shower with Hansgrohe Polished Nickel fixtures in their C line. Axor for the rain showerhead and Raindance for the handshower. The chandelier was on sale at Lowes this weekend and with an extra 10% off she was mine, take that Clarissa!

I originally wanted to go with a Calcutta porcelain tile (same one elphaba used), but the hubby prefers the clean look of this tile on my inspiration board, and he has been declared the winner, every single guest we asked picked his tile. We are going to pick-up the tile this weekend since it's been discontinued. I want to do a 4x4 tile for the shower and an accent tile. I know it looks super beige and boring now, but this floor tile threw me for a loop and not sure what to do. Please any suggestions would be appreciated.

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beautiful stuff :)

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What other colors do you like to see in your bathroom ? When I did my bathroom I went for white marble floors and counters and white porcelain ( similar to yours ,but white ) I accented it with sea foam green and slate blue glass tile , towels and sea foam green wall color .
Did you pick up counters material ? If not yet go and look at granites or marble , maybe you will fall in love with one that will help you decide which other colors you want to have in your bathroom .
Look at Houzz pictures too .

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To stand up to the drama of that chandelier and tub, you need a dramatic paint for the walls. Deep aubergine, ocean night, dark forest green, shadow gray. Leave the other elements light and bright in contrast with the darker walls. Don't do a dark shower floor unless you have soft water and never use bar soap and are OK squegeeing the floor. Dark shower floors are high maintenance.

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Lillo I think we are going to add color with paint and art, will add either grey blue or grey green. We would like to keep all the tile extra neutral. have been to granite yard, but the level 1 granites were not appealing. Now the limestone, marble and quartz were another story. I don't even want limestone or marble because of maintenance but as I was looking through the remnants that's what I kept being drawn to even though they were not budget friendly. How do you think Santa Cecelia would look?

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The photo is gone. I hope you didn't mean to remove it, BergiesGirl. If you edit a post you have to attach the pic again or it goes away in the edit, for photos you upload from your computer.

I'd love to see it.

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GreenDesign I think inadvertently you have sent me into the over budget high maintenance direction. I looked up shadow grey to see what color it was and this lovely Shadow Grey marble popped up. Unlikely I would find it in a remnant though :( Thank you for the advice about a dark shower floor, I had no idea they are high maintenance. There is no way I can get DH to squeegee the floor he will veto any tile if that's the case and that man loves his bar soap. We did fine tile that we both liked for the shower floor and I threw in the Shadow Grey counter as wishful thinking. Any idea's for a similar look granite?

writersblock not sure why you aren't seeing the pic, it's still showing up when I look at it.

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Bergiesgirl - I see your pictures, too. Have you looked at soapstone? I'm kinda in love with it!

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Yes, the photo is appearing now. Your choices are lovely.

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Marron cohiba is a dark charcoal granite - some lots have white veining, some do not. I have it in leathered in my kitchen and love it. It would work well with you choices, as would the soapstone Lotteryticket mentioned.

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Duplicate post.

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Lottery I will add soapstone to the list, I hadn't thought of soapstone, but Looking at Houzz photos they looked beautiful.

Jrueter the maron cohiba is fantastic. I called around for it and the yards here call it antique brown leather. I also like the breccia Sarda which is of course a marble but very pretty and quite a few available remnants.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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bergiesgirl-would you mind sharing where you found that hexagon tile in your photo above?

Have you finished your project?

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