Bathroom Vanity without Backsplash?

jc710October 13, 2009


We are remodeling our powder room and found a vanity that we love. The only problem is that is does not have a backsplash and this scares us. If we caulk behind the sink, could we get away with a sink like this? Any ideas or recommendations?

Any help, experience, or ideas are very welcomed. Also if anyone has remodeled there bathroom with a similar vanity, pictures would be very welcomed.

Thanks so much.


Here is a link that might be useful:

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Don't know if you're planning to tile, but you could tile behind the vanity right down to the countertop.

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I am living that way right now but not by choice! We are having a tile order problem and so we have been using our vanity without a backsplash for about 6 weeks. I would not recommend it. Even being careful, I can see where we have splashed water on the wall. Even though a powder room won't get as much wear and tear - I would put some tile behind it. Pretty vanity, though.

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I am planing on tiling from behind the vanity to the ceiling including the sidewall and I am going to skip the back splash. I am designing very contemporary MB and like the clean look. I got a email from costco today and they showed a really nice similar set up to what you showed and it seemed like a really good deal, check it out.

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jjaazzy, do you have the item number of the sink at costco?

Also sjblick, since you are not living that way by choice, did you paint the wall right behind the sink and caulk and and all or is everything on hold until you tile? I thought about tiling but do not want to tile the whole wall. Has anyone installed a tile backsplash? If so, do you have any pictures? I am a little nervous of how that will look.


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jc710 - we did paint and caulk and my contractor hung the mirror temporarily so we could use the vanity. I'm getting ready to post a seperate thread about my tile saga which had a happy ending just today! I am just doing one row of 4X4 glass tiles, then the mirror. I might be able to post pictures in a couple of days!

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Ok great pictures of that would be very helpful I think... Thanks sjblick.

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I tiled a backsplash in one of our bathrooms. It was a very simple project.

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jc710 Thank goodness I was able to find the add they sent me via e-mail cause I was not finding it doing any kind of search. So here ya go #423685 499.99 after 250.00 off Includes a granite top, bowl, espresso vanity and chrome drawer pull. It's very nice. Oh the sale ends the 18th!

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Our sinktop didn't come with a bs. We used the same border tile that we'd used in the shower (opted not to do the return/wall).

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I don't have a backsplash in my guest bath. It doesn't get much use--at least it didn't until I had to tear up the master bath a few months ago. The vanity top with integrated sink has a half-inch lip along the back and we used a nice semi-gloss on the wall. We've had it for nearly five years now and it is holding up fine.

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catmom, what sink is that? Love the wide sides. Very pretty altogether :)

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flyleft, thanks! The sink is from Sonia, in the 31.5" (?) size. We had the vanity built by a local guy, a slightly adapted version of a Sonia vanity. We liked the look of the sink so much, that we ordered two more of them in the 24" width (length) for our upstairs bathrooms. Sonia also makes the sink in a 39" version.

FYI, if anyone plans on ordering one, make sure you specify one with overflow holes (if that's important to you).

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Thanks, cat mom. And point noticed about overflow holes. Love that paint color too. Really a nice room.

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Thank you again! We're very happy with the way it turned out.

(The paint's BM Aura, matte finish in Pensive).

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