Want to remove most of the info on old laptop without a restore

tami_ohioJuly 5, 2011

I finally have everything copied to the new (November) laptop from the old one. It's taken me this long to buy and install my new family tree program and transfer the info over. I also double checked to make sure I had everything else copied and backed up. Now I want to take most everything off the old laptop, which the backlight on the monitor died on, and give it to DD as a back up computer at their house as thiers is on it's last legs and is needed for college homework. My old one works as long as there is an external monitor so will do for them until they can afford a new one.

So, please tell me how to remove stuff without doing a restore, as I'm not sure it would survive that way.

You people are great here, so I know someone can help. It's always appreciated.

Compac WinXP



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What is it that you wish to remove?


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Most of my info that is on it. I only copy and paste to move things as I'm afraid of losing something doing a cut copy. Not worried about her having access just want to give her more space on it.

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Basically you could just empty the My Documents folder and most will be removed. However you would also need to check the genealogy program as perhaps that stores the data within the program itself.

To do either or both right click on Start and click Explore.
Now if you look on the left side you will see My Documents near the top, click on this to highlight and the contents appear on the right side of your screen.

Assuming you want to remove everything click the first item on the right side, hold down the Shift button and tap the End button to highlight everything. Right click on the highlighted stuff and click Delete in the pop up. To remove only some hold down the CTRL button while you click to highlight things you need removed then right click to delete.

For the genealogy program look down the left side for Program Files, click the plus sign beside that to open the sub folders beneath it. Look down through those for the genealogy folder, click to highlight. Then on the right side do as stated above to remove any or all of it.

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Thanks Owbist. I wasn't sure that would do enough to give her room. I will do a scan disk and defrag before she takes it, also. Appreciate the help.


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You can right click on My Documents (or any other folder) and then click Properties to see how much space will be gained.

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Thanks. Her SO's computer is in pretty bad shape. She only uses it when she has to, uses her phone mostly, and their 8 y/o son can't be on it at all, and he loves his learning programs. This one will be a back up if that one goes completely, and is one DD & DGS can use also. And, yes, they have his laptop backed up and his school work is on a flash drive also. DD is a photographer, and needs access to a computer to download and photoshop accordingly, also.


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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Remember to empty that garbage can/recycle bin on the pc because all the stuff you delete just goes there till you actually empty it so to see the actual free space that has to be done.

would be a good time to do a defrag on the system after you have cleaned all of that stuff out.

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You might check thru the control Panel>Add remove programs and see if there are any programs in there that you have installed since you got it that are not being used anymore.(if you are not sure about something dont uninstall it) that will also free up some space...might be an idea to run a scan with Malwarebytes (after its been updated) to make sure there are not nasties on there before you give it to your DD

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Thanks, everyone. The only thing I didn't do was run Malwarebytes. She can do that herself. She also has to put anti-virus on it, as the Norton that's on it is expired. I ran disc cleanup and defragged this morning while we went to breakfast and Costco. We came home, she unplugged everything and packed it in the car. Now I get my desk back again!!!!!!! She wants to run either Chrome or FireFox on it. I had her post here to see which was better. I know we will get lots of different opinions on likes and dislikes. And how to find/install it. I may also put it on here. I'm getting tired of IE giving me fits, encountering errors. Thanks again for the help.


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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

be sure if that had Norton on it that it is fully removed using either the Norton removal tool or app remove before installing any other antivirus or you can have real problems.

Using AppRemover

good free antivirus would be MSE or AVAST
for malwarebytes
Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware (Win) - Detecting and Removing Malware

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