Viking cooktop - can an oven be placed under?

seosmpSeptember 14, 2012


I'm looking at the "Viking Professional Series VGSU1646BSS" - 36" 6 burner cooktop.

I would like to place an oven under the cooktop. I'm currently looking at an LG model, but then just recently saw good reviews for an Electrolux model on this forum, so am considering that as well. :)

Does anyone know whether this is possible with this cooktop?

I'd asked on some appliance Q/A and the answer I received was no. But I'm hoping this is incorrect.


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You need to check with the manufacturer of both the oven and cooktop - some can and some can't - generally a manufacturer won't certify that different brands can be mixed. I know some people prefer to do it this way, but if you're going to put the oven under the cooktop, why not just get a range?

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[I thought I replied Friday, but it must not have worked.]

I really like the look of the cooktop w/ oven underneath, and it seems less bulky. I plan to have another matching oven under a microwave on another wall.

BTW, I had asked Viking, and they indicated a Viking electric oven could be placed under. I might follow up asking about other brands, but I suspect they won't certify that as you suggest above.


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All you need to worry about are the physical clearances, and it should be easy to download installation manuals for both appliances that will give you that. For the cooktop you want to note where the gas pipe connects and be sure there is clearance for that.

Electric wall ovens are *made* to go into walls, into cabinets. It's a separate appliance, so there's no issue about "mixing." I really don't understand this bit about "certifying": I don't ask my sink manufacturer to "certify" the dishwasher that's next to it.

A range makes sense (a) if you want an oven directly below your cooktop (b) if the characteristics of the oven and cooktop that are bundled together as a "range" happen to be as good as the characteristics of the oven and cooktop you could buy separately, taking budget into account.

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The issue of certification has to do with clearances to prevent overheating and warranty coverage. For example, if you put a Brand X induction cooktop over a Brand Y electric oven and the heat from the oven fried the electronics on the cooktop, the cooktop manufacturer could invalidate the warranty.

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