Back to the drawing board - Feedback on House Plan

hough2012August 23, 2012

Thought we had a floor we have changed everything. Just got the architects first draft, and would appreciate any input to make it better. We have 3 children - 1 girl & 2 boys. Boys will share bedroom #2.

Some of things we are thinking:

- Moving master bath and closet to opposite wall, so it will share wall with GR. That would give us a small buffer from TV in GR

- Reconfiguring master bath.

- Adding a couple feet to kitchen lenth. 12' seems small

- Not sure I like the angle for entry to pantry. Seems like there's not enough room next to stove.

- There will be cubbies in entrance from garage. I believe that hall is 5' feet, so should be enough room.

Here are room sizes, in case pic isn't clear enough.

Kitchen - 16 x 12

Dining - 14 x 13

Great Room - 19 x 22

Master - 15 x 17

Mst Bath - 9 x 11

Mst Closet - 9 x 8

Bed #2 - 12 x 14

Bed #3 - 12 x 14

Den - 11 x 12

Laundry - 9 x 7

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Have you thought about having the bathrooms back to back (with plumbing back to back) (would it not be more efficient). Maybe enter the master closet through the bath rather then the MB.
Do you really need a separate room for the laundry? Could you merge it with the mud room?
Shove the stove to the right and enter the pantry on the left with a pocket door?
Island in the kitchen?
I see lots of doors banging into each other the way it looks currently.

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It would appear that the intention is to have guests use the hall/kids' bath?

There are stairs... to where?

I don't think I am crazy about the kitchen shape, but am at a loss at the moment for how to remedy my hesitations.

You might be better to figure out how to get the laundry over by the hall bath/bedrooms; enlarge your mudroom; and put your powder room nearer the common area for guest use (but still accessible for quick potties from the garage).

And, it doesn't appear like you have a tub. True?

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archie123 - We are going to change the master closet, so it will be accessed through mst bath. The bedroom entry will be moved - seems like I'm entering into the middle of the room. I've never liked the idea of walking through the laundry room when coming in from the garage, but it might be something to look at. Husband prefers the snack bar to an island - maybe if we remove the bay, I won't feel like I could do cartwheels in the middle of that kitchen. lol.

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kirkhall -
In regards to guests and bathrooms, I guess their location in the house will dictate which bathroom they use. I'm not sure I like the pwd where it is, and I really don't like that the garage entry door swings in front of it. Unfortunately, I can't figure out where else to put it.

The stairs in the garage go to the basement. We will have a softener, and want quick access to basement when lugging heavy bags of salt.

In regards to kitchen shape, we saw a house with both bay in kitchen and double bay in nook. Husband really liked it, but architect said there wasn't enough room and would look silly? (I can't remember exactly what he said...) So he only put a bay at kitchen window. There is going to be a covered porch off rear of nook and I'm trying to convince husband to extend nook by 2 feet and remove bay.

I like the laundry off the garage entry for when the kids come in filthy. I can have them strip in the laundry and not carry mud through rest of house.

True, we do not have a tub.

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The kitchen is a functional wrist-slasher. Post it on the Kitchens forum.

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Back door = french door in nook

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Nice plan. I see your points about the master set up, the pantry & the mudroom/powder room set up. Here are my initial thoughts:

Mudroom/Powder Room- I would move the interior to garage entry door/wall to the other side of the staircase and then slide the door all the way to the left so it swings toward the left hand wall (I would move the side entry door down into the garage area) or slide it all the way right and have it open toward the door at the base of the stairs. This would allow you more space in the mudroom area to reconfigure to your heart's content and eliminate the mudroom/powder room door issue. You could also move the powder and laundry rooms to the opposite wall and do a back hall sort of entry so you couldn't see straight through to the mudroom from the kitchen.

Pantry/Stove counter space issue-Delete the angled wall and extend the stove wall out as far as possible. Move the pantry door to the wall opposite the backside of the main staircase.

Master Suite-Flipping the bath/closet & the bedroom would indeed allow a greater buffer from the family room noise and would allow you to have more windows in the master bedroom. I like this idea.

Dining Area-It will be very difficult to get out those french doors with a table and chairs in front of them. I would make that area a wall of long windows to take advantage of plenty of natural light in the space and move the doors to the set of windows on the left in the family room.

Kitchen- Have you thought of compromising in the kitchen and maybe doing a prep island in the center and a snack bar island at the edge of the kitchen/family room area? If you straightened out the angles on the sink side of the kitchen and just made it a 2' deep square jut out, ran the countertops within the jut out and not beyond it,there should be enough space between the sink counter and the snack counter to do a nice size island. Out of curiosity, what is it about a snack bar island that your DH likes? What is it he doesn't like about a regular island with seating? I will say, we lived in a rental house with a kitchen setup like the one in your plan and those snack bar counters became clutter magnets. Just my experience.

-No tub? Even if you don't plan to ever sell the house, small grandchildren/nieces/nephews may come over and need a tub vs. a shower. Tubs are also nice for soaking sore muscles after soccer/basketball/etc. I would at least put one in the kids' bath.

Hope this helps!

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Master bed/bath has been reconfigured. At first glance, I like it.

mydreamhome -

Mudroom/Powder Room - I'm having a block & can't picture what you are suggesting. It's been one of those days. lol

Pantry entrance - getting rid of the angle entry is on my to-do list

Dining area - The thought was to do an outswing door, so as not to interfere with seating. Not a bad idea to move it to GR. I just would worry about the flooring, when coming in from outside. I'm planning on carpet in GR. Also, there will be a 15 x 17 porch when going out the nook door. I wonder about bringing porch around side and having an outswing door off side of nook??

Kitchen - DH saw a similar layout in a house we went through. Coming from a small kitchen, he thinks we need lots of room. We will need to discuss function before settling on the final layout. As is, I see room for only 2 upper cabinets. Not sure where all the dishes will go...

Tub - My MIL planted the 'no tub' bug. Something about cleaning 'em. IMO, I don't see a shower being any easier to clean. Never thought about future grandkids (my oldest is only 11), might have to bring that up to DH....

Thanks for the insight everyone!

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The other reason for a tub... Some loans (for a future buyer) will not loan to a house without a tub. Don't know why. This will limit your potential buyer pool.

But, yes, do consider grandkids. It isn't the teeny ones you need to worry about. You can bathe them in a sink, etc. But my ILs just tore out their one accessible tub and put in a shower. Now, my girls essentially bathe in their hot tub (not really, but kind-a). The 2-6 yr old age is hard to clean without a tub. And, if you choose tiled shower floors, those are harder to clean, imo, than baths.

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I think showers are much harder to clean than bath fact, one of my children's baths was drawn with just a shower, at first it seemed like a good idea as it was my son's bath, my dd's bath and the master both had tubs, so it wasn't necessary...but then I realized that 1. Tiled shower stalls were more expensive because of those crazy expensive glass doors. I could do a lovely tub shower with tiled walls and a cast tub for less because I didn't need a door and 2. I hate cleaning my big shower.

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Here are a few issues with the plan that come to mind:

I do like your new master better. But I would get rid of the double door entry to the master bedroom. Those look good on paper, but don't function well.

Put a tub somewhere.

There are alot of angled walls. I see that you plan on getting rid of them-good! I would get rid of the one in pantry, and the ones in the kitchen.

The kitchen configuration is absolutely terrible. But you have plenty of room, so that's an easy fix.

Instead of putting the back door in the dining area, I would put it in the great room (replace the window on the left).

Since 2 kids are sharing bedroom #2, why not make it 2 feet bigger and even with bedroom #3? Simpler foundation and roofline are a bonus.

The great room is functionally 15 x 18, which is plenty big to me, but you may want to sketch out your furniture plan.

No coat closet in the mudroom? At least make sure you have room to put hooks on the wall to the right for coats, backpacks, umbrellas etc.

Traditional Porch design by Toronto General Contractor HARDROCK CONSTRUCTION

Good luck with your project!

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