Commercial Size Fridge

dreambuilderSeptember 4, 2012

Has anyone bought a commercial size fridge from a restaurant supply company for their home? I'm tempted since I hate my current side-by-side which barely holds anything. I've even looked on ebay but I'm a little hesitant to buy something that big off the internet. I realize I would have to have a stand alone freezer as well and I'm fine with that. Any thoughts?

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My DH works for a restaurant supply company. For years he kept trying to talk me into a commercial fridge. I almost gave in one day until I heard one running in a silent warehouse. I think it was a True. The thing was like a jet engine. No way would I want that in my house. The noise from a normal residential fridge drives me bonkers enough when running. The other issue to be aware of is that a commercial fridge is a big cold box. No door shelves. No crisper drawers or deli tray. You need to store produce in containers with lids and be very organized with everything else.

Have you thought about a residential all-fridge unit instead? Much quieter and has all those organizational frills that a commercial unit does not. Or maybe a secondary fridge/freezer in a garage, basement, or pantry? I have a built-in fridge that holds the right amount of food for small shopping trips, but I need the fridge in the garage for all the summer produce and other overflow. I've always had a second fridge though, even before my new kitchen. Good luck!

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I was looking into commercial refrigeration too. But all those things that breezy pointed out are what made me hesitant. I ended up with the Frigidaire Professional "twins." I have the 32" units side-by-side. I also added the trim kit. I think they look pretty good. They've been in almost a year and they've been functioning just fine. They are counter depth, so the space isn't too deep. But the width is great. I've been able to chill a full-sized baking sheet of cookies. Whirlpool also makes a version too, but they might be little smaller.

Here is a link that might be useful: Frigidaire Professional All Refrigerator/Freezer

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Very helpful, thank you! I guess I didn't know if I could get a commercial version cheaper but if they are so loud that is probably why they are cheaper....if anyone knows of a quick, economical, commercial fridge let me know:) I don't mind so much not having the drawers/etc...easier to keep clean and I can also put my own plastic bins in and have it organized more efficiently for how my family lives.....thanks again!

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