BIB vs. Cellulose Insulation

owallerAugust 16, 2008

We are trying to decide between using BIB (blown in fiberglass) vs. blown in cellulose. Which do you suggest? We will be building in Northwest Houston.

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It's totally dependent on the quality of the installers. Like anything else; the best system can be totally screwed up, given enough work. I used BIBS exclusively in the UP of Michigan on the cabins I did, but generally use wet-blow cellulose in the lower penninsula. It's all about the install; nothing more.

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I agree, the install is the key.
BIBs can cause problems if the wall cavities are overfilled
causing sheetrock to screw pop and buldge.
Cellulose wet blown install can not be installed to achieve
the 'quoted' R-value. Once dry the cellulose should be firm to the touch...if your hand sinks in with just a little pressure then R-value is anywhere from R-8 to
There is actually a gauge that can be placed on these cavities to calculate true R-value.

I've never had a problem with well installed a well sealed (interior side and exterior side) wall.
But that is just me. My job demands that I determine the
quality of install, true R-values and tightness of home.

Use ADA (air tight drywall aproach) when installing
sheetrock. Simply put..wall to ceiling sheetrock should be
sealed..taped and floated. Doesn't have to be pretty unless
you are not installing ceiling moldings.
I usually tell my clients to tell sheetrockers that no moldings are being used. most of them..bless their hearts!)
wouldn't know what ADA is, although it is important to their trade.

In northern climates ADA entails gaskets and much more attention to detail to keep winter temps out of conditioned space. In our hot humid climates keeping attic air from entering conditioned space is a huge savings and well worth the effort.

A lot of home owners get all hung up on insulation types.
I can understand as there are many insulation companies
pushing their insulation as better than others.
My findings show that the insulation type is a non issue once the air barrier between the insulation and the living space is continous.

Independent testing..unbiased info. Not sales hype.
Look for an energy rater in Houston..for the recommendations and testing it will be the best $$ you can
get. Info on windows, insulation and hvac. Testing of house for air tightness ( tight houses are efficient )
and testing of ductwork for duct leakage.

best of luck to you!

(hot over there??...we are having a 'cool' spell..rain
due to storm in gulf..hope it doesn't cause you too much delay!)

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