18 month old Acer laptop won't start, new power supply

fishymomJuly 5, 2014

Hello, first time visitor to this forum. I have an Acer Aspire V3-551-8469 Laptop that is18 months old. Earlier this week it began beeping when the charger was plugged in and would not charge. I ordered a new charger and when I plug it in, the power light and the battery light blink 5 times but the laptop will not start. I did a reset, removing the battery and power supply and holding the power button for 60 seconds, but it still will not start. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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Does it start when on elec.? my 2 laptops stay on elec. power once in awhile on battery if moved. and no probs.
Had an Acer laptop yrs. ago, battery only last maybe 15 mins. contacted Acer they sent a new one ASAP, but like I said use power cord.

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What happens with a different battery?

There are multiple components here:

1 - The charger
2 - The charging control circuit in the computer
3 - The battery
4 - (maybe) the power supply circuit feeding the computer from the battery.

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Popular is the jack is bad, or jack has loose wire where the a/c adapter plugs in. Bad or broken solder joint from jack to motherboard..
5 blinks is popular with Acer to indicate something wrong with power supply.

Does it blink 5 times with no battery in it, while on the a/c adapter ?

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Thanks for the replies, appreciate the help! It does not start with battery in place and plugged into a working electrical outlet. The new a/c adaptor is the correct one for that model and is in working order. I don't have a different battery to try in it. When I took the battery out and plugged it into the new a/c adaptor, the power button blinked once but did not turn on. The battery was working fine, charging properly and staying charged as normal prior to the intermittent beeping when the a/c adaptor was plugged in. I think it may be something to do with the jack since my husband says there is nothing wrong with the old power supply.

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