Help with finding venting to fit my 42" copper hood shell

huangoSeptember 26, 2012

Help with finding venting to fit my 42" copper hood shell

Final attempt to salvage my 42" antique copper hood, before I give up and buy a stainless steel chimney wall hood or something: (see pix below)

- I have this 42" wide antique copper hood shell

- I am having trouble finding an insert that fits w/in this shell: mainly because the "lip" or "brim" of the hood is only 3", and most inserts need 4"+ (something about the ability to hang the baffle filters)

- New idea of using external blower, so that I am not limited to a smaller/weaker cfm internal blower.

- But does my setup allow for external blower? Hood needs to go up ~12" and 90degree turn left ~45" to go outside

- How exactly does external blower system work? Is there a complete diagram?


- Waiting for Mark from Tradewind to get back to me w/ ideas of what his engineers can customize

- Broan/Nutone technician said they don�t have anything that fits my hood

- Do I talk to a local HVAC person? What do I ask for?

- One possibility is to reuse the old Tradewind insert that I have (w/ the mesh filters) attach it to an external blower????

I am not 100% attached to this copper hood, but I do like it. I like the shape and the fact that it is an antique and not some generic hood from the manufacturing line.

But I could live w/out all the hassle/run-around.

Really appreciate any ideas/help.

As my friend Kristin (thrilledtoremodel) said, do not give up until you run it by the gardenweb. They are creative; they will come up with something!

Thank you!



- 900+ CFM (I fry, garlic/oil, fish, etc A LOT � need to remove the grease and smell). Yes, I could live w/ 600cfm (better than the 0cfm that I had).

- Baffle filters (instead of mesh)


- Ceiling height = 91"

- Option A. If I stay UNDER the ceiling, I have only 13.5" from hood top to ceiling bottom for transition piece + elbow ducting

- Option B. If I go THROUGH the ceiling joist space, I gain another 7", but then I�m limited to 7-8" ducting (to go out the house)

- Budget: cannot spend over $2000

91 height

36 base cab to countertop

29 countertop to hood bottom

12.5 height of hood

Leaves 13.5" from hood top to ceiling bottom for transition piece + elbow ducting

Old tradewind insert w/ mesh filters:

My layout: hood is label "Pots/Pans"

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will custom build a hood liner to your exact specs--size, depth, location of ductwork, type of blower (internal vs external--although the shallow height of your hood would likely be better accommodated with an external blower), lighting choice etc. You should end up with a SS liner with the preferred baffle filters, which would drop into your unit like a glove. And at a price that's surprisingly close to off the shelf units. And with superb hand craftsmanship, made in America.

I post this repetitively, I know, but I love my MA hood just as much 5 years after installation as I did when we installed it. One of the best things in my kitchen.

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We have done this with Modernaire before. The one thing they might have to do is to put the lights in the back angled forward.

If this was my hood I would send it to Modern-Aire and have them refurbish the hood and fit the insert in the factory.

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Yeah: Trevor's right on the money. Definitely the way to get the ideal result. Not sure if it will fit into your $2K budget though, but it would be a very cool hood.

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An external blower mounts on the roof or wall and is connected by an electricity cable to a fan control (like a lamp dimmer but works from high to low with cw rotation) and to the house electrical power. Turn the control on, the fan starts in high power mode. Rotate the control clockwise and the fan slows down. This aids fan startup by providing maximum torque at turn-on.

In addition, a series of duct sections connects the fan to the hood (or hood liner). Duct configurations can accommodate a lot of variation in house construction. There should be a damper at the hood, and depending on the style of the roof fan, one at the fan.


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