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LybanJuly 27, 2011

Lately many times when I go to a web page it is a bit too large for my screen, I always have to scroll to the right to see the whole page but I am sure I never used to have to do this.

Any suggestions?

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One possibility...hold the CTRL key while pressing the - (minus key) until the size is suitable to you.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

it helps when you tell us which browser you are using

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IF you are using FireFox there is a very neat add on called "No Squint". I use it and don't have any problems anymore with too big or too small pages.
When you set the page size to suit you using the - or + icon (that's on your tool bar when you download the add on), the page will stay that same size every time you go back to that page. I really like it.

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Thanks everyone for the help.
The control and plus , minus did help .

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