Anyone in Isaac's path?

sally2_gwAugust 29, 2012

How is everyone doing? I'm thinking we have people in Louisiana.


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I was just checking in to make sure our forum friends in the path of Isaac are all okay, too.

Hope to hear very soon that everyone is safe and sound!

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RiverRat is west of the eye. Peppi was on the Alabama coast and had to evacuate two days ago. We (Tampa) were okay as we weren't in the path; it was a lot media hype because of the convention.


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Looks like Mississippi is getting hit hard.

Prayers for their safety first and property second.

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It looks like it has practically parked on the coast. So much rain! I just hope it moves out soon and brings much needed rain to the midwest.

Thanks for the report, Cathy.


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I talked to karen this afternoon and so far she has not even had rain. But the winds were picking up and she felt they may get a bot of rain later.

We were in Gulf Shores AL, arriving on Saturady but got the mandatory evac notice on monday morning. Very strong winds but still sunny when we left. Chicago is to get the rains on the weekend.

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Almost all of my family is down there. My mom, her sister, most of her nieces, hundreds of cousins, and my mother-in-law are all on the Mississippi Coast. My dad's side of the family is in NOLA, and southwest of NOLA (Marerro), and some in the Mobile area.

They are just getting pounded. It seems to be getting worse on the Mississippi Coast now. The wind and rain bands just keep coming. And the storm surge is getting higher. The police are now going door to door evacuating areas where the water is rising quickly.

I haven't talked to my cousin in Marerro in a while (she has very spotty cell service), but she was becoming concerned about the water rising, and already had some roof issues this afternoon. The wind had been blowing at 50-60mph sustained for 24hours the last time I talked to her, and showed no signs of letting up. It's just unreal.

My aunt and cousins that were stuck in NOLA for Katrina flew to Vegas on Monday, dogs and all. They were NOT going through that mess again.

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Ah, Peppi, I was wondering if you were going to have to leave, I was hoping your vacation would be a bit more peaceful! I also wanted to check in on Karen and make sure she was OK, so I'm glad to hear that she's unscathed so far.

Here's hoping everyone stays safe and sound.


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DLynn, I'll be thinking of your family today. Nothing like heading someplace high and dry to wait out the storm!

I hope Karen makes it okay.


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Dlynn, been thinking of you and your poor family as they show photos of Gulfport. It's hard to imagine going through that mess again and again. They were smart to head west and out of danger. But returning to find what damage remains is unfathomable to me. Sending good thoughts to all.

30 years ago we visited friends lived in Ocean Springs and I'm quite familiar with the coast region. So lovely, but knowing that disaster will come at some point. I can't imagine living like that.

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Dlynn, I'm so sorry your family has to face this again.

I'm glad to know our CF friends are safe and I'm keeping everyone in Isaac's path in my thoughts and hope to hear better news soon.


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dlynn? Did you hear from your family anymore? My uncle who lives in Pascagoula (sp?) said he was ok, just watching out of his window and it only looked windier than usual? But then, he never leaves. Even stayed for Katrina. He's a tough old bird! I hope it is ok for your family!

I can't believe it's only 100 or so miles south of Nashville now. We're starting to see the clouds, but should only get clouds. Should! At least we won't have the high winds, and hopefully, no one else will after tonight.

Peppi, I told my mom's coworker to wait a day or two before headingn down to Perdido Key since you'd just gotten onto a plane. She may be headed down tomorrow. It maybe be ok? I hope so!

Everyone stay safe!

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Actually, only one aunt and her daughter and family went to Vegas. All of the rest of my family stayed. My mom (in Biloxi) probably had the least of the storm (Biloxi seemed to be between bands most of the day and night), but still got a lot of storm surge on the beach and bay so they have flooding everywhere. My inlaws are in one county east of there (a little north of Pascagoula) and have gotten close to 30 inches of rain, and numerous tornadoes in the area. They have spent the last 2 days all huddled together in a tiny room while the tornado sirens blare.

You might want to check on your uncle again, Pascagoula got a few tornadoes this morning...not sure how severe the damage was.

So glad I live in Colorado!

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While I have lived all my life on either the Gulf Coast or the Atlantic Coast of Florida--we have been very fortunate when it comes to hurricanes. Too many times I have seen up close the destruction and how that destruction devastates lives so I don't hesitate to volunteer as payback for my luck.

Knocking on wood!!

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I checked with him again last night. It is all right. He is tough. I'm sorry for your family. It's scary having to do that. I'm inbetween owning homes right now, and the house I am sharing with friends-the part I live in is underground and has very few windows. I go to sleep at feeling safe from any storms that might strike at night. So much so, I'm considering building my next home underground on purpose. It brings me a lot of peace.

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Shaun hasn't checked in here but I've been in touch with her via Facebook. Her neighborhood has been underwater all week. She was without power for a while. Her house was not flooded but the now receding water has left dead rotting fish behind. It's a mess.


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I breaks my heart when I see the homes underwater up to the roof line. I try to think how I would deal with it (not well I know) and how my family would recover.

I still have vivid memories of the one time my family was forced to go to a shelter during a hurricane (the second strongest in Tampa's history). A huge oak tree crashed on our house without hurting any of us. Daddy piled us in the car (7 of us in a VW) and we literally floated down the street in the dark dodging what poles were left in order to get to the shelter. I feared for my dad who went back to the house during the storm (power lines down). I focused on the door all night and early morning I recognized his silhouette from afar as he walked in the shelter. I tear up even now remembering running down the hall to embrace him. Sorry, we were lucky so I shouldn't be a slobbering baby.

Bless those people who have lost their homes to flood waters and give them the strength as they struggle through this crisis and carry on with their lives.

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