Viking D3 French Door CD Frig - my opinion thus far

Ellen1234September 10, 2013


I decided on a Viking D3 French Door Counter Depth frig for my kitchen remodel.

I've had it for just about 2 months and thought it might be helpful to point out a few things that I questioned when I bought it, particularly whether it would hold large items.

We were very happy when we tried a 12 pack of soda and it fit (now we have a beverage frig too so we don't actually keep soda in the Viking, but it was a pleasant surprise none-the-less).

We then had Giordanno's stuffed pizza one night, and were again happy to find out the box fit in the frig! I still figured a large thin-style pizza box wouldn't fit, but guess what?! We had a Costco pizza (from the food court) last night, and the darn thing fit!!

So for anyone worried about large items fitting, you may be pleasantly surprised like us.

I've actually been really happy with the amont of food that fits in the freezer as well. I had to empty out my garage freezer to defrost it, and most items fit in the Viking freezer (it was a full upright freezer so I did have to move some items into our old frig/freezer which is in the garage).

We are enjoying the ice and water dispenser (inside the unit) as well! The kids and hubby fill up their big sports water bottles all the time -- it's been great!

I can't speak to its cooling/freezing/humidity/etc. --- so far so good, but I'm no expert.

I thought this might help someone looking into CD frigs.

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Since many here are seeking 'quiet' refrigerators can you tell us how this one fares?

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Well, I have not noticed any kind of noise from it running. Now, I can hear the ice drop. And I can hear the water come on to refill the ice/water (i.e. after ice drops as well as after using a lot of water from the internal water supply).

This is not to say that there is no noise from it running, I just have never heard/noticed it (as opposed to my previous 15 year old frig which I could hear running and then shut off -- it was pretty loud).

I will try to pay attention more and see what I hear....

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