Miele Crystal DW install next week? Q? Need help please

thedorkSeptember 14, 2013

My Miele Crystal DW with built-in softener will be installed next week and I need some help understanding what should I'll be looking for when the Miele people are home installing it.

1) I have hard water - how to adjust the machine for that?
2) To be hooked to hot or cold water?
3) Do I still need to use Miele salt and what quantity if there is a built-in softener already?
3) Any other suggestions for the install - what I need to watch for?

Thank you!

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1) You don't. The machine test the water and adjust.

2) a)Hooking up to hot makes the machine slightly more energy efficient and reduces cycle times a bit.
b) Hooking up to cold allows you to take full advantage of the gentle cycles like China and Crystal. I think most people go for this option.

3) Drop in the entire salt box in salt dispenser and fill container with water. Machine will tell you when you need more salt. Keep extra box in pantry.

4)Make sure they hookup to cold/hot option you want. Have them setup the language(American English not British English) and time. It will save you some frustration :)

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What does the salt do? Is it only for the Miele or applicable to other brands (Bosch in particular)?

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Sorry, post doubled.


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Hmm, is there a Canadian English option as well ;) ?

It too have a Miele Crystal install coming up - I have purchased the DW but have to book the install tomorrow (Monday) as I just bought in on Friday (the 13th!! Is that a bad omen?? LOL)

I would like to know if I need to hire an electrician to put in an under-sink outlet for the DW to plug into....I think our old Kenmore (whirlpool made machine) was hard-wired. will the Miele tech do it, or do I hire someone and get it done prior to install?

If I do need an outlet, is it one of the bigger appliance outlets, or is it just a regular plug one?

Also: we have soft water here in BC (Canada, West Coast) - I don't know how many grains, but should I still have a box of the Miele salt, or do I get them to disable salt option?

I know I can likely ask Miele some of these questions, but I'd rather trust them to all you experienced Miele users (if you are willing!) as your lived experience with the machine is invaluable to me.

Thanks so much!


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Before adding salt, test the water to see the hardness level. I've had 2 machines now which never used a grain of salt. Depends on the water.

If softener isn't required, call them and they talk you through disabling the softener so there's no message.

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Thank you all!

Rococogurl: How can I check how hard the water is?
Is the Miele installer will adjust the built-in softener or the machine does that automatically?

Thank you!

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Hardness test -- easy to use -- from the hardware store. No idea if test stuff currently comes with machines -- the dealer may know. Alternately, the water company may be able to provide hardness information. But I know from our hard water it's important to adjust/not for that.

There is info on other threads about optimum water hardness. Not sure off hand.

Once you establish whether or not you need to use the salt, follow the directions or call Miele if you have questions.

I've not ever used the salt -- never needed it. So the issue was disabling the salt notification so the machine didn't think it was necessary. That was done over the phone by a Miele tech. Found it best to call in the morning so you get Princeton.

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