Which bathroom layout

rjwassink67October 24, 2013

We have to different layouts, they are similar but the second has more angles. What do you think?

Thank you!

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and the second one

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any thoughts anyone?

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First one... easier to navigate the 3am run to the toilet and easier to clean cuz less nooks and crannies. Recommend soundproofing the plumbing fixture wall to prevent certain noises from being audible in the next room. Good Luck!

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I like option 2; but I hate the claustrophobic feeling I get with toilet closets and closed doors...is there enough room in there with both options?

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Thank you, our last 3 houses have all had toilet closets and we really like them. For us they just give the other person a little previously with both in the bathroom.

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Neither. The bath and bedroom both occupies too much space compared to the actual living space in the home, and it's outside corner space on a house, which is where you want the most windows. The use of space is inefficient and awkward in both designs. It's especially awkward for the bedroom in the second choice, as it removes the bedroom from the corner in favor of a secondary space.

Bathrooms and closets should be interior buffer spaces between public rooms like living rooms and private rooms like bedrooms. They should NEVER occupy the choice corners of a home, as that is an opportunity for a more lived in room to have windows and natural light from two directions. Bathrooms and closets should be barely large enough to do the primary functional job that they need to do, as they are rarely occupied like a kitchen or family room is. Put the space in the space where it's used the most. They shouldn't be disproportionate to the size of the overall house in scale. The design should fit the style of the overall home.

You need to consult with a design professional for your project.

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GreenDesigns - Thank you for your opinion. That gives me lots to think about on our whole design. Although we really like the bedrooms on opposite sides of the house, the size of them is where it might change.

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