Suggestions about reading temp on fans inside computer

marie_ndcalJuly 21, 2011

We had a computer person come to check out why my computer was shutting down after being on most of the day. Person had a thing that measures the heat from the fan etc. Now DH who built the computer has this little gadget. He loves to buy these goodies but does learn how to use them.

My question, is how does he find out what the temp should be to see if it running hot. In my case it is the video card. Computer person ordered one, am still waiting, but DH can order one without a problem. Guess I should have done that first, then then DH would not know about a new gadget.



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Video cards can exceed 100C under extreme gaming conditions. But this is not the temps on the fan as you state, this is the processor on the video card where the temps are important. You do not give any readings nor any specs on the computer.

Right now my computer temps as read off the free Speccy are as follows.
Motherboard 43C
ATI Radeon graphics card with 2 fans installed on it 53C

When trying to assess temps it is important to use the same program all the time, these are really only good guesses unless there is a probe installed.

What did the techie say about the computer shutting down unexpectedly?
What does 'on all day' mean? Is it being stressed all day by doing something like distributed computing?

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Teck person though the viedo card was overheating and DH agreed. Since I am off and on the computer during the day, I usually leave it on, but turn it off at night. I play some Big Fish games and do some research and emils. Will try the program you sugessted.

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Ask DH to identify the motherboard, CPU, RAM and video card please. Plus the make and model of the power supply in case it is under sized.

The normal stuff you do is nothing to drive temps up dramatically.

Does it always shut down later in the day or at any old time it takes a fit? Are you usually doing something similar at those times of shut down?

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