I Need Recommendations for 24" Wall Oven

WalnutCreek Zone 7b/8aSeptember 11, 2013

I hope y'all can help me. I need to replace my 24" wall oven and the microwave installed above the oven. I truly want white appliances, not stainless steel. The problem is I have been able to find only 24" wall ovens in stainless.

Do you have any recommendations to give me, please.

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I'm not sure I understand what you need - is it just the regular oven, or the microwave too? Go to ajmadison dot come, and you can search for 24" single ovens. There are several single ovens that come in white (but no combinations that I could find).

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What is the total height of the oven plus microwave?

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I was just in the Miele Dallas Showroom this week (looking at ovens myself), and I noticed they had a 24" regular oven on display along with their steam and speed ovens. So they would have a matching 24" oven with a microwave (although in stainless steel and glass). The speed oven is the microwave with the addition of convection and broiler either together or separate which would be a great second oven as well.

Miele has also recently come out with a "Brilliant White Plus" series in a limited selection of their entire line. I just looked up what sizes are available and they have a white 24" Speed Oven, 24" Steam Oven (not the newer Steam Combi one), 30" oven and coffee machine and cup warming drawer. I have a link below to that page.

I don't know what your budget and style preference are, but the 24" size requirement is difficult to come by as you know. I've been looking for 27" myself and that size is dwindling since the 30" appears to be the new preferred size. And if I do find one, it typically has less functions. The Miele is the exception. They do have a Master Chef version with more programs and features and a less expensive Chef version with a dial and not as many modes. But all of the Mieles are a full featured oven. Also, most of the 24" I've come across are single gas. You didn't specify, so not sure which you need. Miele's are all electric ovens. Personally, I'm not thrilled with the modern look, but the features seem great. I've even attended a few classes and I like how they function. I might end up with the Mieles after all, and make a custom traditional handle to fit in better with the look I'm after, since they can change out the handles, but I digress..

Maybe you could use the 24" Speed Oven with the 24" Steam Oven? Several times on oven posts, people have mentioned these two, or one or the other, as being their favorite and most used oven and rarely use their "regular" oven. If you still need a standard oven, maybe you could ask if they could custom order their white facing for their 24" oven or see if the ones for their white speed or steam oven will fit the stainless regular 24" oven. Maybe even see if they could have the white facing for the combi steam since it appears to be the exact same size. They have the ability to change out several of their oven handles. The white series has a polished chrome version of their smaller brushed stainless handle from their stainless line. I think I have seen them as the actual manufacturer of an elaborate European or Italian looking more traditional line, but can't confirm that. You might end up with the stainless steel as a last resort but at least you will have all of the functions you need.

Link below to their White line and go to the Ovens, Speed Ovens and Steam Ovens to see their entire line.

Let us know how your search goes. Hope this helps.

Here is a link that might be useful: Miele Brilliant White series

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WalnutCreek Zone 7b/8a

shhockeyfan: I need both the oven and microwave. Thanks for the info about ajmadison; I searched and found the same thing you did. I do not have a combination unit now, two separate pieces and two different brands. It sure would be nice to find a combo, but doesn't seem that I am going to do so.

deesgeaux: From the very top of the microwave to the very bottom of the oven it appears to be a bit over 46â tall.

cindallas: Thank you so much for the detailed info and the link. I will definitely plan on visiting a showroom very soon.

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How about this one with true third element European convection.

Here is a link that might be useful: Wall Oven

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And this microwave installed underneath the wall oven?

Here is a link that might be useful: Microwave.

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WalnutCreek Zone 7b/8a

Thank you so much, deeageaux. I have a question about the KitchenAid oven. It seems the KitchenAid does not have good reviews. Have you had any experience with the KitchenAid brand?

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I don't have KA.

Maybe 3 to 5 years ago KA had a problem with the self-clean feature. Every once in while some circuit board would go kaput after using self clean. The reliability lately seems to be average.

IF GE made an equivalent GE Profile, Café or Monogram oven I would recommend that but they don't, they only make the cheap GE Appliances version in white 24". Electrolux does not have a 24" version either.

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Sophie Wheeler

A 24" wall oven is like a wringer washer. The standard has passed that by. Think about future replaceability. 30" is now the new standard size, and choosing something non standard means you pay a higher price for the privilege, and that you may be left with a large paperweight in the future because nothing else will fit the cutout. If you're dealing with as a legacy from a previous homeowner, then it's time to do a complete kitchen remodel as you'll have a lot of other issues that are no longer standard. 24" hasn't been the standard since the late 50's to 60's.

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It's quite a leap from "I need a new oven" to "you need to remodel your entire kitchen" :-)

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24" (well, the fractionally smaller 60 cm) IS the standard in Europe. It is highly unlikely that European homes and therefore kitchens will get much bigger in the foreseeable future. So 60 cm/23.622" will remain the European standard. And at least a few of these ovens will make it across the Pond.

I put in a 60cm/24" Gaggenau oven in my brand new kitchen and I am not the only one. A few people put in Fagor or Miele 60cm/24" units too. The only question is will they be available in white? Or just SS and black?

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I love love my 24in gagg combi oven. The size is perfect for heating the oven quickly and bake something. I bought it for the steam feature but also love the convection feature.

One comment on the combo units. I had it in my previous house and after a few years the microwave faled. We spent money to replace the magnetron etc. a couple of times but after a few months it failed again. The repair guy said that as microwaves are the most used appliance in any house, it often fails first and with combo units, you have to replace the entire thing. We ended up replacing with a separate oven and micowave.

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Yeah it's wierd how so many 24" ovens are available only in stainless steel. White ones seem to be mainly the Whirlpool/Kitchenaid/Maytag, a low-end Frigidaire, or Miele (I'm assuming you don't want a gas oven, where 24" is the most common width). For the microwave, the Ikea built-in units (which share their basic design with Whirlpool/Kitchenaid/Jenn-Air built-in microwaves) are quite nice - stainless interior, large glass turntable, fairly quiet. They're sold with 3" wide side panels on the left and right to allow it to fit into a 30"w cabinet, but one or both panels can be removed to make the oven fit 24" or 27" cabinets.

Disagree about 30"w being "the new standard"; 27"w is still very common and readily available in all colors, and is plenty wide for most of us. 24" has never been very popular in the US, but the wide use of 24" (or 60cm) ovens elsewhere in the world means they'll likely remain readily available. In the US though, 24" ovens are usually either low-end units for small apartments or high-end European imports, but there are some in-betweeners like the KitchenAid. And 24" is by far the most common width for gas ovens, although gas ovens in general aren't very popular.

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