Pool Survey!! 1)Pic/sketch of Pool 2) Cost 3) Location

iamskcAugust 23, 2014

We are building and including a pool. The Pool page is a little slow so I thought I'd check over here.

If you are willing to share I'd be so grateful. Trying to convince my husband we can get afford a nice pool for the family. Can we start a thread where we post a pic of the pool or sketch/rendering, reveal the final cost, and say what state you live in? I'd be pleased to hear any advice dos/don't as well.
Thanks so much!

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$90k in Tx Hill Country

Includes pool, landscaping, decking, kitchen & fire pit.

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The price for Southern Maine, not incl electric work, fencing, landscaping, permits, grading, and a propane line for the heater, was about 60k for pool and hottub and covers. Plus we chose more expensive tile and finish material.

Install (1) 20x36 custom shaped gunite swimming pool (approx: 609 sq. ft. or less) 3âÂÂ6â to 8â in depth including:
ï· All necessary labor & material to form and excavate pool
ï· Pregrading of site as discussed to accommodate removal of stumps
ï· Rough grading of site with existing fill
ï· 2â schedule 40 suction & return lines
ï· Steel reinforced gunite shell with alternates
ï· Custom grand entry stairs per plan
ï· (2) gunite surface skimmers
ï· (2) anti vortex bottom drains
ï· (1) Pentair 350 cartridge filter
ï· (1) Pentair Variable Speed self priming pump with hair & lint trap
ï· (1) off line chemical feeder
ï· (3) LED underwater white lights
ï· Frost proof tile of choice (standard selection)
ï· Extra line for future water feature
ï· Extra line for Polaris auto cleaner
ï· 20% discount on chemicals & supplies for first season
ï· White marcite interior finish
FOR A PRICE OFâ¦$37,750.00 + Maine State Tax
(If additional size is desired add $50 psf)
If 8' round shaped attached raised spa with spillway and raised bond beam is desired the following would need to be
ï· If 8' round attached spa raised 6â with bench, spill way & trench drain is desired addâ¦$5,800.00
ï· If (1) 400,000 BTU electronic ignition heater is desired addâ¦$2,780.00
ï· If (1) separate 3 Hp boost pump with (8) spa jets on loop is desired addâ¦$2,560.00
ï· If Pentair East Touch system with remote key pad and spa side remote is desired addâ¦$2,200.00
ï· If additional LED underwater light is desired addâ¦$460.00
TOTAL ABOVE SPA PACKAGEâ¦$13,800.00 + Maine State Tax
ï· If custom fit mesh safety cover with 3 x 3 mesh sections is desired add $2,930.00 with spa add $380.00 (black)
ï· If salt chlorine generator is desired add $1,950.00 + salt
ï· If upgrade to River Rock interior finish is desired add $11.50 psf (609 x 11.50 = $7.003.50) with spa add $900.00
ï· If concrete decking is desired it is available at a cost of $8.00 psf + fill (includes forming of cantilever edge)
ï· If upgrade to LED light with color changing ability add $450.00 per light
Price based on using existing fill for grading
Does not include any gas piping or venting of heater
Should excavation encounter any ledge or soil unable to accommodate pool, owner to be charged accordingly
Does not include any electrical or fence work
Owner to obtain local permits
Not responsible for...

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Magdalena... I'm blown away from the start! It's absolutely beautiful. A dream. Thank you for sharing this.

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We put a pool in this house several yrs ago after we built. We didn't want to spend a fortune. So it was either fiberglass or vinyl liner.

We wanted a simple rectangle with an automatic cover and 4 sided fence since my twin sons were very young.

I think we (can't quite recall) spent around 30k. My dh has done most of the landscaping as he enjoys yard work.

The boys are 12 now and don't use it as much and (for us) it has turned into a PIA. I don't want another pool.

I don't know where you are located but in our town if you want a conservative pool...it's fiberglass or vinyl. My neighbor had a co come from 100 mi away to build a gunite pool and spent over 100k. But it is quite beautiful.

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We are in the LA area and labor/materials are expensive here. We did the math and figured that if we skipped the pool we could cover the monthly dues at the local Country Club w/pool for about 13 years! Probably longer if we figured in the monthly pool cleaning/maintenance costs and gas heating.

The kids prefer to swim at the large CC pool with other kids and golf is included in the monthly dues calculation too. Obviously, we are a family that isn't big on swimming, but there are other options to your own backyard pool that rarely gets used. Don't go by you childhood memories ... kids today want to do other things than hang out in their own backyard. Just something to consider ...

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Five years ago, we put in a simple vinyl liner salt water "play pool" for about $28,000 including gas heater, fencing, landscaping and restoration of the walkway between my neighbour's and our house. (Toronto) Our kids, 7-13, used it for two weeks and that was that. I went in once and almost drowned, as I had forgotten how to swim in the 40 years or so since I had last been in a bathing suit.

The new owners left the pool covered for the first two years, then spent $30K+ landscaping the remaining backyard; the pool is open as a water feature. Surprised they haven't turned it into a fish pond. Ditto my former neighbour who now blames me for convincing him to build a pool. Huh!

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*sigh* I'd love to have a pool but our backyard is sloped, so it makes it difficult since my HOA requires in-ground pools only. Plus, my husband doesn't swim, so he considers pools a waste of money even though the kids and I would be out there every.single.day from April - October if we had one!

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jaynees, pools can be build on the side of a hill (lots of those here in LA) but you will probably double the cost of the pool.

I very much doubt you would be out there every single day from April - Oct. Don't your kids have school, after school activities, sports, homework, etc? July - August maybe, but then kids have summer school, camps, sports, etc. Real life is very different from that perfect life we imagine! ;-)

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$90k Texas
19'x34' saltwater pool with infloor cleaner, scupper wall with fire features, spa. Price includes decking and firepit.

Keep in mind there will be a lot of variation in price based on selections and other options (thinking of that $$ infloor cleaner), ie. finishes, size, decking, etc.

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Jack Mason

42K Florida Panhandle
All Pentair Equipment
Saltwater Pool
Gas heater
Pebble finish

Price does not include Travertine paver decking, which I am sourcing myself and then having my builder's landscaper install at the same time we do the driveway.

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This is fantastic. Thank you. Keep 'em comin'.

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MagdalenaLee- Thank you for posting that beautiful plan! I was just telling my mom that I'd love to have a pool, but couldn't find a design. That's it! :)

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Trying to convince my husband we can get afford a nice pool for the family.

Also consider the ongoing maintenance costs ... depending on how much you do versus have done if can be $50-400 a month in my area.

Consider getting a membership at a local athletic facility instead.

Do you have the time to maintain it? It's a never-ending hassle and PITA.

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I would love to have a small pool...but we're not near anything else. I could probably charge admission! LOL

Seriously, that 'lagoon' pool is beautiful. Sigh.......

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