RIP Robin Williams

Islay_CorbelAugust 12, 2014

I've just heard of is death on the radio and had to say how sad I feel. His poor family.

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I'm so sad about this.

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Very very sad. I am also saddened by all the people judging him, his family etc... I cannot imagine what it must be like for his family and friends to deal with this in public.

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Yes, all of these armchair quarterbacks really get my knickers in a twist. That seems to be the cultural phenomenon of the new millenium, everyone seems to feel they have a right to judge anything and everyone, and quite a few get paid to blather on with it on tv or in print, but also plenty of social media opportunities for the masses who have zero investment in a situation to also weigh in! Wish modesty would come into fashion someday! Having first hand experience with a suicide in my own family, I can tell you it is the worst kind of hell, you have to deal with the death and loss, and also all of the "if only" feelings. And the person is usually relatively young, (or very young, as in my case) and not something you were prepared for at all. If you really feel sad and motivated to do something in his honor, send a note to his family if you can, expressing your solidarity. My family found the group, "Compassionate Friends" a great comfort. Folks who have lived through it are really the best helpers! As for RW, obviously he was in a lot of pain, and deserves compassion. But then compassion is what we should go through life dishing out anyway! I know, easier said than done. But hopefully we can take this moment to remember that in honor of Robin. Sounds like he was a reasonably compassionate person himself.

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I agree, L. It's very easy to judge others, if you aren't standing in their shoes. The daughter of one of my secretaries committed suicide and her mother beat herself up daily because she "should have known" her daughter was suicidal. (sigh)

I'm sorry Mr. Williams had such demons to deal with that he could not see another way, after he brought happiness and laughter to so many others.


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