Printer stopped printing

blueheronJuly 3, 2012

I have a HP deskjet 5400 printer with Linux operating system. It was working and than all of a sudden it refused to print anything and the resume light keeps blinking. There's nothing in the manual that explains it.

I pulled the power cord for 30 seconds but it didn't help.

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I looked on the HP tech help site and it listed about 6 reasons why the resume light would be on.

I tried the one that said it might need new ink cartridges and low and behold! I replaced the cartridges and it worked.

Unfortunately, I have the Linux OS and it doesn't tell me when I'm getting low on ink which is why I didn't know it. The printing wasn't faint so I had no idea.

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check the paper tray

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This may be the only post I have ever seen on this forum in which a Linux user didn't mention which distro he/she was using. Some work better with HP than others, I would think. Might be helpful to know.

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Just curious here.

Was a generic driver from Linux used to install the printer or was the HP installation disk used? I ask as in Windows use if the disk isn't used some of the printer features may not be present; such as the Toolbox which I believe includes the ink management.


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Good luck blueheron. Sounds like you did the best search you could to figure it out. I think damcoy just taught me something too. I'm glad you asked the question.

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