Where to place Rain Shower?

elk2000October 26, 2012

Hi, we're designing and getting estimates for small 5'x8' bathroom (8' ceiling) that now has a 30" alcove tub.

The tub is going to be converted to 36"x60" shower. We'll also, most likely, be using Kohler Salient 36"x60" cast iron pan. We want to have hand held shower and rain shower. The guy who gave us estimate highly suggested putting rain shower on the ceiling (makes sense), by doing that we'll have to get doors tall enough to line up with shower head. Due to room design we will be putting frameless sliding doors, like Dreamline Enigma which is 79" high.

Is this height sufficient for ceiling rain shower?

What should be the length of the shower arm for comfortable showering (the tallest person is 5'7")?

Also, I guess we may put rain shower on the middle of the 60" wall with 15" arm. Are there any disadvantages to this method?

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The disadvantage I see to putting it in the middle of the wall is that it really becomes a 1 person shower. Did you intend to have it be a 2 person shower?

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No, this is my son's bathroom, so I hope he will be showering alone for at least few more years, he is 16 :-)
What about the plumbing and insulation? Is it easier to do it if shower head is on the ceiling or on the wall?

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