lindalpOctober 15, 2013

Has anyone purchased this vanity from ikea? I love the design of these, but can't find anything like them, that is under $1500...in a size range of 42" to 55". I am concerned about the quality and if they will hold up with daily use. ..and if in the future, I wanted to paint them, I don't believe it would be possible. If I purchased this vanity, I would want to use a different sink/vanity top than what is offered at IKEA....the "crushed Marble" sounds a bit "delicate". ..anyone have experience with ikea sinks, (and all the porcelain sinks on display were chipped). I wonder if it's even possible to put a granite counter top with sink on this vanity.
I would love to hear your thoughts and/or experience with this vanity...

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You can put a granite countertop on it, but you can't do a regular undermount sink because of the way they're designed to be plumbed, unless you're willing to totally lose the top storage drawer. So you would need to be willing to go to a vessel or at most semi-flush sink. EDIT If you look at the ikea sinks, their total depth is nearly all in the counter itself, not much protruding down below it.

If you look over at ikeafans, you'll find plenty of photos of granite on godmorgon. You would need to be sure to have good enough blocking in the wall, though, or else use the legs.

FWIW, Godmorgon has the same 25 year warranty as their kitchen cabinets. There are a lot of things I wouldn't buy at ikea, but I'd buy these.

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I bought it (last week) and returned it when I realized (confirming what writersblock said) I couldn't do my own countertop with a regular undermounted sink.

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I used Godmorgan cabs for two bathrooms, one with a Odensvik rectangular sink, another with a Duravit 2nd Floor rectangular bowl that was exactly the right size. You can use the top drawers with non-Ikea drain plumbing, but you'll likely need to chop away a bit at the sides to reshape them around the trap area. Alternatively, you can try to obtain an Ikea drain kit, included with some of their bathroom sinks and not sold separately. The sink cabinets look very elegant and high-end, and are startlingly roomy and practical.

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Do you have any pics, lee676? Isn't the 2nd Floor a semi-flush sink that mostly sits on top of the cabinet?

I should have been clearer about the plumbing in my first post. Ikea vanities are designed to have the bulk of the plumbing sideways behind the drawers, something like what you see in the diagrams for accessible plumbing. You don't have to use all the ikea plumbing (and if you have a plumber he'll probably refuse to use it), but you need to keep the general configuration or get into a big ol' hack, like elphaba's great vanity, made from ikea parts:

Here is a link that might be useful: thread with details on hack

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Godmorgon is great. We installed one earlier this year in a condo. The storage is unbelievable. The sink we picked was porcelain & quite nice. No chipping.

In fact, we moved to a new house and there is a plain jane 30" corian-top vanity in one bathroom. I plan to rip it out and install another Godmorgon. Can't beat the storage.

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DD just installed one with the IKea 2 sink/faucet top. She loves it.

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