Deck or wall mounted bathroom faucet

JanetSBOctober 3, 2013

I have Kohler Ladera sinks so they're undermounted. My current faucets are deck mounted and extended about 5-1/2 inches into the sink so when the water is on the deck by the faucet is always wet. I am considering remodeling using the same sinks but putting a wall mounted faucet. Is there any down side to wall mounted faucets such as future replacements problems or just general problems with getting to the faucet for repair since all the piping is in the wall as opposed to under the sink?

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If you put pipes in the wall it will need to be an interior room; no outside walls.

I have a wall mount faucet and I love it. I could access the plumbing from the next room's closet if I need to. I figured since showers are mounted within the wall, a sink faucet couldn't be any more risky. I suppose it will depend on the quality of the faucet. I have an Axor brand (Hansgrohe) that I really like and I thought the system for the rough-in was good. My particular faucet also has an adjustable spout so it could be somewhat customized to the length that was needed for the sink.

Because I love my faucet and sink, I love to show it off. Here it is.

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enduring -- WOW. Is that soapstone?

(sorry JanetSB, can't offer any info but if enduring's plumbing knowledge is as good as his/her design sense, you must be in good hands!)

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Stormy night woke me up.

I didn't mean to say "interior room". I meant to say interior walls. If pipes are in exterior walls they could freeze.

I am not sure why your counter would be wet when the faucet is on. Does it splash onto the counter when running? Is it your wet hands that drip water on the counter, when turning off the handles, causing the wetness? Have you thought about using a faucet that has a lever at the top of the faucet instead of side handles mounted onto the deck? The lever would be on top of the spout and the drips would go into the sink, right? What I like about my wall mounted faucet, shown above, is that there is no counter to catch the drips for wet hands. In my next remodel there isn't an option for wall mounting so I am hoping my single handle faucet will keep drips over the sink as I turn it on and off. My old kitchen faucet had one handle over the top of the spout, and there was never a wet counter.

Yes Oaktown it is soapstone. I actually pieced the backsplash, sink, and counter together out of narrow remnants last winter. the whole room has an old timey feel. I don't have much plumbing knowledge, I use a plumber - but I help :)

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Thanks enduring for your thoughts. I don't have to worry about freezing as the house is on the coast in California but the faucet would be on a second story outside wall so that's something I hadn't even thought about. Deck it is.

Love your soapstone setup, you did a great job and should be proud it came together so well.

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Well I do really like not having to worry about the deck with my soapstone sink. Have you asked a local plumber or GC what is doable in your climate? There are built out backsplashes that I have seen that allow the plumbing to be installed in front of the wall instead of inside the wall. Then the area is tiled or what ever. Something like that might work for you.

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Carl is right. We did a wall-mounted faucet in one of our new bathrooms. It came out great but I did stress about getting the plumbing location settled while the walls were still open.

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