OT: Grandma needs info re: Nintendo Wi

casiJuly 6, 2011

I figured that there might be some experts in electronics on this site. My "X" bought our grandson a "Wi" but wouldn't let him take it home! I would love to buy him one...lol! What do I shop for? I went to Amazon and the first thing that came up was this:

Wii by Nintendo (Video Game - Nov 19, 2006) - Nintendo Wii

Buy new: $169.99

Is that all I need to buy and then some games? My "X" is saying he paid $500 for the one. I know what he is doing....bought it to keep for all the grand kids but the cheapskate told the grandson that it was his!

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$500? Whee. Must have gotten all the bells and whistles and and designer tot bag full of games.

Rumored that the price at WalMart had dropped down considerably recently. The grandson should know more about what to buy. Talk to him and get a wish list.

In the meantime, while waiting for the grandson to respond, go to WalMart and get yourself a Wii and hook up with Netflix and watch all of those old movies you missed.

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how do I do that? I guess I don't know what a wii is!

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Maybe it included games and another controller. They are $149. at our Walmart. I have been thinking about buying one for myself.

I had 13 grand kids and could not buy anything as expensive for all of them. Buying one for all visitors makes sense though he should not have told one child it was his. If you buy him one and games will you let him take it home with him? If he takes it and the games home with him or to play at grandpa's house. You will end up loosing them. You need to keep it at your home so he will have something special to do when he is with you. It would be a good idea to let the grandson pick out the games so he won't have the same game everywhere.

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casi et. al. form Netflix [This came in the mail today. I may have a couple of typing errors.] Streaming in 3 easy steps. (1)connect Wii to the internet (video at connectmywii.com). (2) Download Netfix (From the Wii main menu, select Wii shop Channel and then select Netflix. (3) Watch instantly (Follow the on-screen instructions).

This is consistent with my experience. Probably the easiest thing I have done on the computer, ever. I should imagine most grand-kids already know how to do this.

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