Kitchenaid Ovens - Problems when cleaning??

bella_4September 5, 2006

I'd like to know if anyone out there has had any problems with their oven regarding the cleaning cycle. Everytime I've ran the self-cleaning feature, the oven blows some sort of fuse and no longer heats up. I've had the repair guy out 5 times now, and KA still won't replace it...says it's a 'fixable' issue. It's nuts, but I wanted to know if anyone else had a similar problem.


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I've had the same problem. The second time I cleaned it, it blew the thermal fuse. It may be fixable, but it cost me $256.

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Which model? Mine is the Architect Series convection. It's happened 5 times and it's only a year old. How old is yours?

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If your oven has been repaired five times and still isn't right, you need to be on the phone with the chairman of the board, or at least the person in charge of oven manufacturing. The company should have sent their own representative to you by now both to solve the problem and to protect their reputation. Your situation is totally unreasonable, and you're way too patient.

I think you have a lemon, a very sour lemon. Many states have excellent lemon laws, and although some apply only to cars, contacting your state's Attorney General office could get you some assistance and/or information on how to proceed. Kick it up a notch!

I'm considering purchasing the same unit, so I will follow your progress with great interest. Thanks for posting your question.

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My sister owns a Kitchenaid Architect series wall oven that was installed in 2001. She's had this problem since day one. Kitchenaid replaced the fuse twice but afterwards the company refused to pay. Then about two years ago Kitchenaid wrote and assured my sister that they had reconfigured to fuse to be more thermal tolerant or something like that. She paid to have the fuse installed (Kitchenaid graciously provided the fuse at no charge). She started the self cleaning mode w/ the appliance guy there . . . he returned that afternoon after the cycle had run. The oven didn't work! Kitchenaid replaced that fuse (didn't pay the labor but the appliance guy didn't charge her that go round). Now my sister refuses to use the self cleaning mode . . . instead she uses Easy Off.

I have the architect gas convection range which was just installed 1.5 months ago. I've not used the self cleaning mode yet. To tell you the truth I'm a little afraid to.

I bought Kitchenaid b/c of all the brands KA was touted by everyone else that I knew (that were owners of KA) plus the appliance guy. The appliance store where I purchased my appliances has a great reputation. I may be a sucker but I bought Kitchenaid anyway.

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I have the stainless Architect series wall oven with convection. The part is relatively cheap. In fact it seems like a pretty simple repair. The problem is the repairman has a big cart for pulling out the wall oven and supporting it while he replaced the part. The part cost me $41.70.

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I haven't tried cleaning this thing yet, but am very unimpressed with our Kitchenaid Architect series electric range/oven.

First, the metal plate that frames the contol panel does not fit properly. The repair guy came out and brought another one, which fit worse than the original. His comment was "none of them fit right." During the same visit, he replaced the control panel because of an intermittant problem with one of the burners not coming on when the knob was turned. When fixing dinner last night, I discovered this problem is back.

In addition to the above frustrations, the broiler does not work. When turned on, it glows for no more than a minute, then dies out ... no heat, no browning, no nothing. Unfortunately, we are out of warranty. I discovered the broiler issue after it expired because I almost never broil.

My advice to anyone who buys this stove is test EVERYTHING as soon as you get it ... every oven function, stove function, cleaning. Kitchenaid used to be a really good brand, one of the best, but now I'm not so sure. Overall, this oven/range has been one big, expensive disappointment.

By the way, has anyone else had the broiler problem? Seeing as so many have had the cleaning/blown fuse issue, I thought maybe others have had a bum broiler too.

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Thank you everyone! FYI, I've contacted both KA and Consumer Affairs because I think this is unacceptable. This darn oven cost me $1800. I purchased a self-cleanining oven to SELF Easy Off isn't an option. I will say that I have not had to pay--yet--the cost of those 5 repairs. But the inconvenience of not having a workalbe/usable oven is driving me nuts. I have refused to pay a dime for the repairs, and so far, KA has paid--but they will not replace the oven, which is what I think is necessary. I agree with the post that said this is a lemon....but I also think there are a lot of these out there. Same issue.

I'll keep you all posted. Thank you for the feedback.

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KA has refused to replace my sister's wall oven, too.

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This problem started after a couple of years. Symptom is a blown over temperature sensor. It's a $40 part ($20 if you look) but it's a pain to take the oven out all the time.
What is happening is that the oven is simply getting to hot and this sensor cuts out as a safety measure, so that you do not end up with a fire.
I've replaced this five times now and clearly the problem is not the sensor, it's either a weak fan or a bad thermostat.
Sounds like a pattern failure. I will dig into the issue and let everybody know if I find the real issue.

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feb 13 2007: add me to the frustrating and frustrated parade. i have a 18 month old KA free standing gas range and oven-- model KGRA806PSS. the thermal fuse just blew after my wife used the oven clean cycle for the 3d/4th time. luckily we have appliance repair insurance through our gas utility. the repair tech said to use the self clean only occasionally and as little as possible. evidentally this is a widespread problem and not just with kitchen me at

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kingly69 -- It is interesting that the tech says this problem is not just with KitchenAid. And it seems to be in electric and gas ovens. Do you know which ovens do NOT have this problem? How can I avoid this trap when picking an electric convection wall oven?

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Until I saw this forum, I thought we were alone with this problem. The KitchenAid Service gal even said she had no report of problems like this from the repair contractors.

We have a model KEBC177KSS03 Superba purchased 2 years ago. The thermostat (part number 4452223) has failed every time we put the oven on self cleaning cycle.

KitchenAid has offered to pay for the part (big deal) but not the labor, so we are out $180. Georgia lemon law covers only vehicles, so we will have to decide if we want to go to small claims court.

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I'm on my third service call for trying to utilize the self clean. Circuit board / memory board have blown twice now due to heating temperature getting to high. I really don't know what to do. It appears from these posts that Kitchen Aid will barely stick by the warrany let alone replace something that is faulty or better yet unsafe.

I have the KGSA906PSS and this stove started out having a problem with only the off button (had to set timer to shut off) but then it went completely out when I attempted a self clean.

My repair man stated it would work after fixing but he added no extra insulation to avoid the circuitry from becoming to hot which I have read is the problem. Maybe it's considered a modification and would void a warrany if he did something like that.

KitchenAid should do a complete recall of these models. It appears that lemon laws do not protect most of us and for the price of this unit it's not easy to replace at our cost.

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I replaced my Whirlpool oven with the Stainless Steel Architect series Kitchenaid oven because the Whirlpool oven had thermostat problems after cleaning. It would not heat. Now I am having the same problems with my Kitchenaid. Every time I clean it I need a new thermostat. I thought I was jinxed, but I see many of you are in the same boat. The Kitchenaid people tell me they've never heard of this problem. Hmmm. The oven is a year and a half old and is on it's 4th thermostat. Since Whirlpool makes Kitchenaid, I believe it is a flaw common to both. I don't know what to do. The inconvenience of not having a working oven (esp. when I paid so much for this one) is no laughing matter.

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KitchenAid has a message board on their site. Try telling all your stories over there, and make a reference to the discussion here, maybe that'll get their attention.

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I posted a message in the laundry forum about looking for a new dryer. I stated that I looked at a Whirlpool to replace my current Whirlpool but that I no longer trusted them.

THIS IS AN EXAMPLE WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT when I said I no longer trust Whirlpool.

They make so many brands and have now lost the intent to take care of their customer base.

They make so many brands that all they are doing is sticking a different name plate of them but underneath you are getting the same design from their same knowledge captial.

If you purchase a KitchenhAid you purchase a Whilrpool. If you purchase a Maytag you purchase a Whilrpool... you will get the same parts and the same type of service.. that's all there is to it.

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Oh the shock of reading these posts. We have struggled with a Kitchen Aid built in oven (KEBC147) for 2-1/2 years with at least 9 thermo-fuses replaced---only the first one at our cost. When a problem was foreseen we purchased a 3 yr warranty through Sears from whom we purchased the SELF-CLEANING oven. We began to clean the oven to fit the parameters of the California Lemon Law, 3 (or later 4) repairs for the same issue within 1 year. They repaired it. We cleaned it. They repaired it, we cleaned it, etc.etc.etc. Sears finally replaced our oven, for "customer satisfaction", not because it was a lemon. Hmmmmm.

May 14th we received our new oven: stupid us. Same oven. In previous homes we had had wonderful experiences with Kitchen Aid ovens and saw no reason not to purchase (with replacement dollars mind you) another since (1) the one we'd just stuggled with was a 'lemon' and (2) the fault would surely have been redesigned 2.5 years later and that faulty machine would no longer be manufactured! Well, we cleaned it on the 21st, it went o-u-t; we called Sears for another repair but this time on the new and, hopefully, improved oven. They came out, ordered the part, and came back today (31st) to install it. The tech suggested that, unless we wanted to see more of him, we just not use the self-cleaning option. What's wrong with this picture? New oven, problem (now wasn't ours a 'lemon'?) still exists. And per this website it's not only our oven. How very sad.

This forum has shown me the error of our thoughts. I think our next step will be to not clean the oven any more, to use the canned cleaning product, AND to take the issue to our local small claims court. This is so wrong and arrogant. We've been dealing with Sears, where we purchased the oven, but obviously the problem is deeper than them. Sad sad sad. It seems to lie with Kitchen Aid. Or Whirlpool. Brand loyalty is no longer of any concern to these large companies it seems.

Good luck to us all. I'll come back with reports of our progress.

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It would be interesting to find out how widespread the problem is. 10%? 50%?

What is different about a stove that never fails compared to one that always fails? There must be some sort of balancing act going on regarding assembly quality and design. The thermal fuses are likely installed to protect something, perhaps some much more critical or expensive but poorly chosen component that might otherwise be destroyed during an over temperature condition produced during self cleaning.

Something that might result in a big, expensive, warranty sinkhole or maybe a profit killer if recalls needed. Maybe some day when it's time to junk one of these "fuse eaters" somebody could set it up in a safe place, cheat all the thermal fuses, run the self clean and see just what happens.

Somebody..................... called "Myth Busters" perhaps?

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I think this is a good example of what happens when a company looks at the profit margin of a product at the time of sale, with no regards to the price five years down the road for repairs, damage to reputation, etc.

Sadly KA is one of those brand names that seems to be trading on past reputation with no thought to future reputation.

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Does the problem everyone's having occur DURING the cleaning cycle, or does the oven fail to work AFTER the cleaning cycle has completed as mine did this weekend (argh). I have the KitchenAid Proline dual fuel.

Does anyone here know how to replace a thermal fuse? Can DH do it himself? He's pretty handy and he's replaced the hinges himself.

Thanks for any advice you can offer.

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Ran across this internet site which provides some info. Seems that there are several different problems that can bring on fuse failure.

Here is a link that might be useful: Blown Thermal Fuse

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Yadax3: Our problem has occured DURING the cleaning cycle when the oven blows the thermal fuse and shuts off and then AFTER the cleaning cycle when the only thing that works on the oven is the clock and timer. No heat. No oven. We're looking at purchasing another brand oven (after some heavy duty investigation) at our expense and never purchasing KA again. They've burned their bridges with this (retired and not affluent) family. And Yes, DH can easily replace the thermal fuse. DW (Darling Wife) can as well. But WHY should anyone have to do this?

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Oven is 8 months old. I cleaned it the first week--no problem. I cleaned it a couple of days ago, blown fuse!!
The repair guy just left. He was very helpful. He said it was a design flaw that weakens a metal part over time. 10 days for the part to be replaced. I have to blow the fuse 3 more times to invoke the lemon law. I'm on summer break--I think I can do it! The repair guy said he is having calls on the newer model as well, even though they moved the fuse by the fan in hopes of cooling it down. I'm really annoyed and hope that I can persuade Sears that it is not cost effective to come out to my house every 10 days(I'll buy the extended warranty)!Any talk of a class action suit? Thanks!!!!

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Sorry everyone is having so many problems. I just thought I'd report that I've had KA double ovens for about a year and a half, used ths self-clean on both ovens several times, and so far have had no problems. I've been very please with my ovens so far. I hope it stays this way. I just thought I'd post so folks could see that not every KA oven has this problem.

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I would be interested in hearing from others who do not have problems. Sears has been great so far. It is only my first repair, but I told them I was very aware of the problem with the oven. They have given me an extended warranty(no charge) for a year in hopes that KA will resolve the problem soon. They have also said they would replace my oven if that same repair has to be done an additional 3 times by next June. The repair guy did mention they moved the fuse on the new model, but there are still problems. If I get the new oven, I would love to know if there is something in common among those of you who don't have problems so we can address it at installation. Maybe its the luck of the draw, but the repair guy said it was a serious design flaw.

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KA/WHIRLPOOL has had the blown thermister fuse problem for a long long time as well as an associated problem where the oven will not reach the correct temp when the bell goes off which is supposed to tell you the oven is at the preset temp.It reads way low and takes forever to reach 350 0r 375.It would appear that the thermal sensor which is located physically close to the thermal fuse also gets fried along with the fuse when you use the self clean mode.
I contacted KA several times and they continue to deny that there is a problem and won't even pay for the parts. I completely remodeled my kitchen in 1999 and put in all KA appliances because I wanted reliability.We had owned many sets of Whirlpool washers and dryer both in our home and in several rental propereties we owned.The Whirlpool and KA products are all the same except for the name on the front
for which you pay a higher price. I have repaired a lot of appliances over the years and I can tell you if I had paid for service on this oven I could have bought a new one.I have replaced the thermal fuse at least three times at 40 bucks a pop and I don't have to tell you what labor and service calls cost. KA does not seem to care about the consumer anymore and their quality is getting worse and worse and they rob you for the parts. They charge you more if you buy direct than if you buy from local distributors.
Furthermore most of the service people are poorly trained
and can't fix the problems. If anybody out there has found a fix for the oven problems I would appreciate knowing as I am tired of pulling this dam oven out of the wall to make repairs. I am about to buy a generic thermal sensor to solve the erratic temp problem. KA wants almost 60 bucks for a 9 dollars part and I was hoping for some new info from someone out there. Does anybody know if Whirlpool is still building Sears (Kenmore)ovens. George

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I have the same problem as many others. My 18 month old Kitchenaid Range KGSA906-PSS blew a thermal fuse the 2nd time I used the self clean cycle. Haven't been able to use the oven for 2 weeks, now waiting for part and rescheduled repair service. Unit is out of warranty (over 12 months). Estmated repair cost $287.76. From other postings, it appears to be a chronic problem. I do not have the patience to go without an oven for the required lemon law time period. Sign me up for a class action law suit!

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Since DH didn't have a clue where to find the thermal fuse, we went ahead and paid a repairman $210 to fix ours today. At least he'll know how to fix it next time.

My kitchen is full of KA appliances too - floor to countertop. I try to do my research before I buy but this time it appears I missed the mark. I wonder if Consumer Reports has caught onto this problem.

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I have the KA free-standing (looks like drop-in) dual fuel with self-clean, installed in 2001 (model KGST307H). I've only tried using the self-clean twice, but stopped it both times since I was leaving the house and didn't want to leave it on, and frankly forgot about it later.

A year or so ago, the stove started making periodic random triple beeps for no apparent reason at all. On another post/forum, someone said to throw the circuit breaker and leave it off for a while, then turn it back on. That seemed to do the trick for a while, but now the beeping is back. (And turning breaker off/on this time didn't do much).

Service is supposed to call me Monday to schedule a visit re: beeps, but after reading everything above, I think I'll run the clean cycle tomorrow!

Good thing is that I bought the extended warranty, which I then extended again, and I have the renewal notice due Aug. 10! I think I'll put this baby through the paces tomorrow!

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I have a 7 year old KA Superba electric convection range. I have never had a problem with self cleaning. However, about 4 times a year (I actually keep a log) the oven will completely shut down (no time display or anything) while baking. Then about 5 minutes later it will beep and come back on again. Turning the circuit breaker on and off has no effect. I also had a problem for a while where the oven demanded I enter the oven probe temperature -- the only problem was I wasn't using the probe and it wasn't even plugged in the oven.

KA told me their is probably a short somewhere and the entire ciruit board will eventually have to be replaced. I am just waiting for the day it dies. I do wonder though if it that thermal whatever you are talking about.

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Well, I ran the clean cycle and now the door won't open -- "too hot" although the range has been room temperature to the touch for 5 hours after its cycle. At least I have more data for the technician!

I think I'll renew that warranty after all...

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What bothers me is that most people won't know they have a self-clean issue until after the warranty has expired.
Our repair man said that the thermostat doesn't usually blow until after the first cleaning. Couple that with the manual that says cleaning may cause discoloration and etching(who wants to have that happen to their new oven), an unsuspecting owner would have no idea what may be awaiting them when they go to clean their oven right before Thanksgiving!!! I love the performance of my oven, I am grateful that Sears has comped me the extended warranty, but the idea that I have to deal with the inconvenience of my oven going out when I clean it really bugs me!!!

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My cleaning lady ran the self clean the day before we closed on our house. Now the new owners cannot open the door and the digital display is blank.


I have to pay for the repairs even though it is no longer my oven. I am shocked that KitchenAid is not recalling the ovens . Do we pay extra for self-cleaning when what we really bought is self-breaking?????

Here is a link that might be useful: KitchenAid Forum

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So...are the self-clean problems with ALL KA ovens or just the Superbas? We are considering a 27" Architect II Series built-in oven with convection. Maybe we should go with the Bosch...

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I have the KA Superba self-cleaning oven (model# KGST307HBT6) which I bought in 2002. I started having problems with the self-clean. After using it one time, it never worked again. Now the oven beeps all the time and shuts off and on.

Have the repair person coming out. KitchenAid claims that the circuit panel is covered through 2002 (I pay for labor). We should really start a class action lawsuit since it seems to be a common problem!

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I have a KA stainless convection oven/convection microwave combo. Used the self-cleaning cycle the other day and the microwave door glass shattered! Of course, it's out of warranty due to building problems so it was installed for a long time before we moved in, plus I haven't cooked much that overflowed so I'd never used the self clean before. Just simply cracked into tiny pieces which then started falling out on the floor when the door was opened or closed. Fortunately, both still work and the door glass part is replaceable. But yikes.

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I am so thankful to have found all your comments. I was just about to purchase the new steam assist Kitchen Aid oven. You have all changed my mind. Even if I don't end up with a lemon, I don't want to support a company with such bad customer care.

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I too am SO glad i found this information. We have to have a 24" oven to keep construction costs down and KitchenAid and Whirlpool are the only two (i believe) that have 24" ovens. We were going to purchase the KEBC147 that blossoms has, but now I have to rethink this decision. Thanks guys!

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HELP - I found this message posting page this morning when I self cleaned my kitchen aid architect series gas stove. Like so many I have read in about the 3 rd hour of the 4 hour cycle my oven shut down. My door is locked shut and I can't open it. It of course is not under warranty. Should I look into the thermal fuse or the circuit board or what? I have to have answers when hubby gets home. What about the locked door? Can these parts be replaced with the door locked shut? Will it unlock when cooled completely? Any/ALL suggestions - advice needed THANKS

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busymom, hope your oven will unlock when it cools completely. We just got the new microwave door to replace the one that shattered during the self-clean cycle in the oven below it...had to pay $140 for it but supposedly it's guaranteed for life...but now I'm afraid to ever use the cleaning cycle again after reading this thread, LOL.

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Cooled off - still locked - I unplugged it for over 2 hours and nothing - I know it is cooled off.

Anyone who has had this problem and fixed it please advise. I can't even replace the control pad if the door is locked shut! I LOVE my kitchen aid! I am broken hearted :-(


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I have a Whirlpool 27" built in. It is 21 months old. I had the thermal fuse blow on my 3rd cleaning. I cleaned it for 3 hours (before only 2 to 2 1/2 hrs.) Waiting for the parts to come in. Of course I am out of warranty now. Looks like the Whirpool brand is a problem too.

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"Looks like the Whirlpool brand is a problem too." I think Whirlpool and Kitchenaid are the same.

I had the same nightmare w/Dacor as you are all reporting w/KA. What a hunk of $$ junk! Personally, I think the problem has to do w/the combo of digitalized touch pads and high heat - imo, heat and computer chips are not a functional combination. In fact, I wish that digital equipment on ranges was not allowed.

I've had plenty of self-cleaning ovens in my life time. While it's true that the incinerating action has never been beneficial for the oven - it's never, in my experience, caused the whole thing to break down - until now - w/digital touch pads.

I wonder too if the thermal fuse breakdown situation is just another example of Nanny regulations (for our 'safety') that causes more problems than it solves? Anyone recall when cotton baby sleep-wear was abolished in favor of 'fire retardant' (but lousy) polyester? Are these fuses set to shut down a too hot oven ' for 'our own good'?

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I have a KA Superba double electric built-in oven. Ran the self-clean and the oven completely broke down 2 hours into the 3.5 hour cycle. Had this problem the first time I ran the self-clean 7 years ago. They replaced the thermal fuse and blower and it was still under warranty. This time, the control board and the thermal fuse fried. I'm still waiting to hear how much it will cost to fix, but the serviceman said it will be so expensive that I might want to replace the whole unit. I WILL NOT buy KA again. I think I'll take a few steps up and go with a professional grade (Thermador, Viking) but only after extensive research and asking many questions. It is NOT acceptable to have a self-clean feature that will self destruct. How does KA get away with this?? Don't even get me started on my KA built-in refrigerator...

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I'd suspect wall ovens are more susceptible to this problem due to issues with venting excess heat with an in-the-wall installation.

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have a KA Superba KEMC378KBL (MW/CONV combo wall unit). The Thremal fuse has failed each time we try the cleaning cycle (had the unit for 3 months now). Having a bit of fun with this..we have the warranty repair, run the clean cycl a day later, and have them out again to replace the fuse. Let's see who crys uncle first...KA won't admit a problem. Might be cheaper fo the repairman to clean the oven!

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I have the same problem, right after I finish my thanksgiving turkey. I am in Canada, how difficult to start a class action lawsuit to kitchenaid? this is a total unfair practice on their product quality control.

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is there any way to find the instruction on how to fix the thermal fuse for this door lock problem after self clean?

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I have had this same problem with KA wall oven, my oven is one year old. It has been repaired 3 times after each self clean process. KA refused to admitt there's a problem, I purchased an extended warranty, and that company is now replacing the oven, but they will replace it with another KA oven, and I'm scared to death of ending up with the same problem.

Anyone here in Canada, please email me, I am making it my mission to bring these people down, they can't treat customers like this, KA HAS to be forced to recall their ovens and FIX the problem once and for all, or not sell ovens. I am gong to initiate an investigation with the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, and if I can get enough people in tow with me I plan to initiate a Class Action Law Suit against them. I can be reached at maxinecooper at rogers dot com.

Please if you are fed up with KA, contact me, lets bring them down to their knees. We as consumers have a right to stand up and fight when we are being bullied by a corporate giant.

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My wife just ran the self-cleaning cycle on our Kitchenaid Superba oven for the first time and put it into cardiac arrest. Got the lights and clock, but the heating element no longer works. Exactly as everyone has described. I called KA and got a woman on the line who told me she had heard about ONE case of this happening. And, of course, there is no recall on the appliance. The unit is 3+ years old so I get the part but not labor. Before I spend $250 for a house call, does anybody have any more recent info? Any recourse? It is REALLY irritating that this company can act like nothing is wrong when it has sold us an appliance with a feature that turns the appliance to mush the first time the feature is used.

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I have a 4 mo old Supurba double oven. I have been watching this thread with mounting concern. However, several days ago I cleaned it as a test (it didn't need it). At least this time, it came through fine. I agree that a multi failure oven should be replaced. Perhaps an attorney on this site could give a perspective.
The problem with relying on this thread is that it will be found by those with problems but not nearly as often by those who would report acceptable opperation.

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Just because it survives the first cleaning doesn't mean it will continue to survive subsequent cleanings. Mine gave out on the 2nd cleaning. The repairman said that it usually takes two cleanings for the fuse to be weakened and blow. Sears gave me the extended warranty for no charge. They seem to be aware of the problem, but won't directly admit it. I had hoped to blow the fuse 4 more times to met the lemon law requirements, but hate to be without the oven. I'm cleaning it right now. I'll let you know what happens.

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This is the e-mail and response from the Kitchenaid Customer Service Team. I e-mailed the parent Whirlpool Appliance Company and have not received any response from them at all. If I had to do it all over again I wouldn't have chosen this product simply because of the terrible customer service. Oh, and just try to find any information on the administrators of the company! Really dissapointed. JS

Dear Ms Cidalia Culhane;
I am dumb founded by your empty response to my request. I read many platitudes and apologies but you are not willing to take responsibility for the oven you produce regardless of where your parts come from.
My family has always been loyal to the Kitchenaid name, knowing that we could always depend on your good name and excellent customer service. I guess those days are gone.
My wife and I carefully chose the new products we placed in our newly remodeled kitchen. One of which was the convection oven we were excited about getting as we have always had a cheaper electric conventional oven. We hadn't the need to use the self-cleaning cycle since we bought the oven until a couple of weeks ago. The oven has received very light use, as we are empty nesters.
I could understand your response if the oven were a few years old and it was well used but its not. This oven is new and only out of warranty since September.
By your poor response to a $50 reimbursement, this will cost your company any future purchases of any kind by myself, my family, my friends and their families and friends. You are practicing a silly policy. I will be forwarding this e-mail to the administrators of your company.
Joseph Soulagnet

Date: 2007/11/02 Fri PM 03:14:23 CDT
Subject: Re: RE: Contact Form Submission

Date: 2007/11/02 Fri PM 03:14:23 CDT
Subject: RE: Contact Form Submission

Dear Mr. Soulagnet:

Thank you for visiting the KitchenAid web site. We appreciate hearing from you.

We're sorry to hear of the problem you experienced with your KitchenAid oven. When one of our appliances fails to meet a customer's expectations it concerns us, as we take pride in the quality of our products. We know how disappointing it is whenever any manufactured item requires servicing.

Since we are also consumers, we certainly understand your frustration. Although we try to use only the best materials on the market today, we cannot guarantee there will be no repairs or part replacements needed during the appliance's lifetime. Components do deteriorate or fail on occasion due to factors over which we have no control. We cannot explain what factors have contributed to your concern since no recalls or known issues are present with this model or with the component that has malfunctioned. Experience shows defects in manufacturing or poor workmanship are usually reported well within the first several months from purchase, and KitchenAid goes beyond this in providing a warranty against this type of problem for one full year.

Unfortunately, we do not reimburse for out of warranty parts. We apologize for any inconvenience this concern may have caused.

We invite you to contact KitchenAid again either by calling (800) 422-1230 between 8:00am to 8:00pm EST weekdays or by emailing whenever the need arises. When calling please press the available option or stay on the line to reach a representative.


Cidalia Culhane
KitchenAid Customer Loyalty Team
KitchenAid Customer eXperience Center

*If replying, please use Forward verses Reply or New as that will leave this message intact and will help us to respond faster.


-----Original Message-----

Sent: 11/1/2007 08:47:16 PM
Subject: Contact Form Submission

class: Prebuy
form: KitchenAid
subject: KitchenAid Corporate
first_name: Joseph
last_name: Soulagnet
country: United States
model: KEBC107KBL
serial: XT2011005
contact_method: Email
product: Oven
body: To Whom It May Concern;
I own a KEBC107KBL Oven. I have had this in very light service in my home since 9/23/06. I used the self cleaning cycle for the first time last week. The cleaning cycle worked but did not come back on. I did the trouble shooting and found that the oven shutdown thermal fuse was not functioning. I bought a thermal fuse through Appliance Refrigeration Hospital, one of your Kitchen Aid Reps for $46.46 including shipping. I would like to be reimbursed for the part as you can understand that I might be a bit irritated about the whole situation. I understand that my warranty is up but I think it would be in your best interest to make me happy.
Joseph Soulagnet

regarding: KitchenAid Corporate
phone_type: Evening
response: Y
opt_in: N

You don't choose your family. They are God's gift to you, as you are to them. ~Desmond Tutu

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We have had our KA self cleaning oven for 2 months and experienced a non heating oven following our first cleaning. The service tech can not get here till Monday which is understandable, but reading this thread gives me little hope that this is an isolated incident. I would be interested to know what our recourse is. Minscore if you are pursuing a cause, count me in.

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Whirlpool 2006 Annual Report should contain snail mail addresses for some of the folks who make the big bucks deciding how little quality is required.

Here is a link that might be useful: Annual Reports

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Unfortunately I found this site AFTER I experienced the same problem with my oven. I had no idea that the self-clean cycle would cause the oven to self-destruct. Of course it happened ONE MONTH after the warranty was up. I contacted Kitchen Aid after reading the posts here, and I explained that several others have had the same issues. After my e-mail, this was their response:

Thank you for visiting the KitchenAid web site. We appreciate hearing from you. We are very sorry to learn that after you self cleaned your double oven, KEBC207KSS05, XT0810208, now the upperoven won't heat. We apologize for your inconvenience. Unfortunately, we are not technicians and are unable to diagnose your oven from our location. We do not see a "fuse" onthe parts list, and doubt that every single repair situation takes the exact same parts. There are is no recall or rework on your model. Any authorized servicer should be able to properly diagnose your unit andrepair it so you can use your self clean feature. Before you call for service, we suggest you turn off the circuit breaker to the ovens for 5-15 minutes to see if the unit willreset itself. Thank you for allowing us to assist you today.

Ummm, excuse me? There is no "FUSE" on the parts list? I must have looked at the wrong parts list! Because it's the same thermal fuse that fails on all of these ovens. Of course they won't stand behind the problem, and since I can no longer count on Kitchen Aid to be a quality product, I will never again purchase anything from the Kitchen Aid brand.

I was pretty surprised that they couldn't care less about customer satisfaction.

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They are just low level peons who have no authority to spend funds for goodwill adjustments. Escalate your complaint using regular mail to the highest level you can reach.

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Same issue for me! This is the second time mine has quit working after a self-clean cycle, so I started searching the web and found this thread.

Has anyone had a successful resolution from Whirlpool?

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Same here. My Kitchenaid KEBC101KSS05 built-in electric oven is 18 months old. The second time we used the self-cleaning feature, which was two days ago, the oven stopped heating. Right before Christmas! The fact that Kitchenaid is not admitting a design flaw is outrageous.

Does anyone know if there is a solution (i.e. workaround, repair kit, etc.)?

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We have the KA KGSS907 Architect Series II slide-in gas convection oven. Unfortunately, like others, I read these testimonials AFTER our oven blinked out. I ran the self-clean just before Thanksgiving, but it didn't stop working until yesterday. (I walked into the kitchen and the display was black.) We bought the oven right about this time last year, so I'm hoping it's still under warranty. Even if it isn't, I at least know to the tell the repair person to focus on the thermal fuse.

Wish me luck. Ugh!

Ps.: I'm interested in pursuing this with the company, too. I'll keep you posted. This is an outrage that KA/Whirlpool would keep selling these ovens with a clear track record of failures.

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How does Kitchenaid not realize that people do read this forum and do form opinions about which appliances to buy based on customer service issues? I have looked repeatedly at the new KA series II ovens and keep having second thoughts because of the service issues outlined in this and other threads. A FP is just a little out of my budget, but will probably be the one I purchase as I do not want to face what you all have faced. It seems as if this is at the least a design issue. As such it seems as if it should be taken care of out of warranty. A recall would not be done as these are usually only done when there are safety issues involved. A blown fuse isn't considered a safety issue.
If this were me, I would attempt to persue this up the ladder and not have a CS rep be the final authority on my repair. Good luck. No KA appliances for me. (There goes my FD fridge and new slide-in range too!)

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I too have this problem with my oven. Twice I have attempted the self-cleaning and twice it has failed. First time I got Kitchen Aid to fix it under my warranty but the second time they pretended that they didn't know there was a problem with this stove. My repairman found that there was a kit to fix it so that proves that they know about the issue. I am NOT going to try to use the self-cleaning feature again but am displeased that my new oven doesn't work as promised.

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WOW - I was hoping this would change with the ArchitectII model. The KA will look great in my kitche, but I'm purchasing it to look goo!! I'm sorry to hear this.

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Had to comment on this blog;

I am not 100% sure but my old oven was also a KitchenAid. When we were buying the house a friend told me not to use the clean cycle or it would fry the oven....she had the same oven and this had already happened to her twice.

So i never used it for fear of this happening. After the third time that it happened to her they got rid of it; it just wasn't worth investing any more repairs in it.

The interesting thing here is that these ovens were easily ten years old and probably more.
So this is a problem that has been around for a looooong time. Her repairman told her it was an issue with them.

Good luck to all of you

And i will be testing the clean mode on my new oven even though it is not a Kitchen Aid. Want to be sure there are no issues with it before that warranty expires.

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I just want to suggest that everyone save their receipts for repair costs. In the event that these costs are reimbursable following a class action lawsuit about the Kitchen-Aid oven problems, having those receipts would be helpful.

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UNBELIEVABLE... I have had not one, but TWO Kitchenaid ranges since October 2005. I (thankfully) purchased an extended warranty through the store we bought the range from, we had over ten visits from service technicians. I had the circuit board replaced three times, the grates replaced twice and the oven door replaced once. When it locked and would not open after I attempted to clean it, the warranty company refused to do any more work on the stove, as it was costing them more than we had paid for the extended warranty. It took threats of lawsuits and a fight with a Western Regional Manager to get a new stove, even though the warranty company recommended replacement. When I called to request documentation of all the repairs to my stove, only HALF of the service calls were on record. November 6, 2007 our new stove was delivered, (a full THREE MONTHS after the door locked and would not open)same model as the last one, (KGSS907PBL)just a bit newer design. I went to turn on the self clean tonight... brave soul I am! THE BUTTON WILL NOT WORK! I am wondering if they have disconnected this somehow on the cicuit board so I cannot use it? Everything else has worked well to date, other than some mysterious error codes (same as the last one) on the third day after we plugged it in. They have not reappeared. I am calling Kitchenaid in the morning, because, as we all know none of us have anything better to do with our time than sit on hold for hours on end, and then entertain a technician who is condescending and belligerent for at least three visits... the diagnosis, the first attempt at repair with the wrong parts... and then the final repair... that will last as until my next clean!!!

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As a follow up, actually this is my THIRD range, as the first one was delivered damaged and had to be replaced... forgot that until now. They all have had circuit board issues. The first one would not stay on, kept trying to turn on by itself, and beeped incessantly. I had to unplug it before I went to bed each night, or it would turn on in the middle of the night! Tried to post at the kitchenaid website forums, but it wont allow me to create an account??? I am so tired, so very tired of fighting corporations...

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I have the KGSA906PSS. On the 3rd or 4th self-clean cycle the oven died. Control panel is completely dead, door is locked. The top burners still work. The self-clean has 5 levels. Previously I only used 3 and it worked. 4 appears to have been too much for it.

Does anyone know if replacing the fuse(s) will fix this? Others have reported that the control panel lights up but that the oven won't heat. In my case the control panel is completely dead. I would hate to replace the fuses only to find that the control panel is dead.

thanks for any info

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On a previous thread someone mentioned that these particular "fuses" are specially designed to blow when exposed to cumulative excess heat. An ordinary fuse usually opens when there is sudden excess electrical current. So every cleaning cycle degrades the thermal fuses somewhat until they finally fail. So replacing them is a given.

What these fuses are "protecting" and why the protection is necessary is apparently a deep, dark, secret. Just like how widespread the problem really is.

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Our KSGA906 blew its fuse last night after self-cleaning. No panel, locked door. Will report back after service call on Wed. Thanks to all who identified the problem. Add our problem to the list so a case can be made for class action.

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I bought the Kitchen Aid Superba KEBC177KSS03 (Microwave over oven in wall set in Stainless Steal)in '04 and it has been used lightly. Thought it would be a good idea to run the self-cleaning feature (probably only the second time ever) a couple o nights ago and now the thing won't heat. Everything lights up and the door is not locked but no heating! The microwave has caused problems from the start, the hinge springs were replaced in warranty and since then the thing will just start beeping away on its own whenever it wants and will continue to do so until we shut off the breaker for at least a few hours and other times days before it will reset and work correctly again.
The hinge springs on the dishwasher have both been replaced as well. I would not buy KA if I had it to do over again. Count me in for a Class Action Lawsuit! I'm going to send the link to this site to Consumer Reports, perhaps they will have some ideas for us.

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oops, I posted before I was logged in and it didn't post. Sorry if it shows up twice later.

I used this site extensively during my remodel almost 3 years ago...THANK YOU! Love it!

In any case, I got the KitchenAid stove KGSA906pbl Slide in stove, but only use the oven portion occasionally. Therefore, I hadn't needed to try the self clean feature in all that time. I decided to give it a whirl last night. I set it for the "quick" clean and it all seemed to be working. The panel told me the start/end time and that the door was locked. When we woke up we found the whole control panel completely dead.

Being Sunday, I decided to do a quick Google search and it brought be back to this gardenweb old favorite hang out, but unfortunately to this horrible news!!!

Is there a class action suit or an official recall yet? I guess my fight will begin bright and early tomorrow morning! Boy and I fuming though.....what a crock of crap that they don't seem to be taking responsibility for such a wide spread defect/issue!! I can't even open the door to the oven as it's still locked out!

If anyone has any new info or tips on my getting something done, please please please let me know! Thanks!

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Hum... I guess I should have read this before using the self-cleaning... I thought there was something I forgot to do and spent hours trying to get my oven to cook again last night. I also tried turning the breakers on/off...

I have a KEBC107KSS05 which I bought in Sept 2006, was installed Jan 2007. And for the first time, I used the auto-cleaning program for 2h30m (it wasn't very dirty).

Obviously, this is a manufacturing defect. A well designed oven should not blow anything when use within its specification limits.

If you're not already familiar with it, you should read about the Magnusson-Moss warranty act which gives gives a lot of information about implied warranties. Here's an excerpt:

"Implied warranties are unspoken, unwritten promises, created by state law, that go from you, as a seller or merchant, to your customers. Implied warranties are based upon the common law principle of "fair value for money spent" ...
... Generally, there is no specified duration for implied warranties under state laws. However, the state statutes of limitations for breach of either an express or an implied warranty are generally four years from date of purchase. This means that buyers have four years in which to discover and seek a remedy for problems that were present in the product at the time it was sold."

Here is a link that might be useful: Magnusson-Moss warranty act

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all of this is scaring me. I purchased a Kitchenaid wall over today model number KEBS107SSS from the Architect Series and OTR Micr/convection model number KHHC2090SSS. These items have not been delivered yet.

Should I reconsider? I wonder how much the extended warranty would cost? Still you have the headaches of calling a repair guy after cleaning.

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Haven't read all the comments from people on this linked thread yet but this short item I picked out sheds a lot of light on the problem:

"Jerry of Huntsville TX (02/07/08)
After reading all the complaints about KitchenAid oven failures during or after clean cycle, and all the multiple failures of the same type, and customers being charged over and over for the same fix , I must say something. Yes, there has been an ongoing problem with these ovens for around seven years. I should know because I have repaired many. The failure on the first models required a modification kit called a blower kit. During the high temperatures of the clean cycle, hot air escaping out of the oven cavity through the door seal is sucked up by the fan that is supposed to cool the outer cabinet. This hotter than normal air causes the thermal safety to open. This model did not have a fuse at the control board . It did have a thermal fuse on the back of the oven, left of center. If this model failed, the controls still worked but would not bake.

The fix is to replace the rear thermal fuse, replace the blower motor with a larger blower, replace the door seal, which is usually hardened, disassemble the door and add another piece of glass, and install a shim kit on the door hinges. When you need an appliance fixed, call around to some local businesses like real estate agents [for referral], plumbers electricians. Don't just pick some one out of the yellow pages. Most of the multiple repairs are because they were not repaired right the first time. Don't pay for anything until the job is done. And don't call Sears."

Writing letters to the head honcho at Whirlpool seems the way to go. Not only about product quality but also the apparent stonewalling/minimal fixes policy in place to defend and deflect away from it.

Here is a link that might be useful: More victims with stories

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"The fix is to replace the rear thermal fuse, replace the blower motor with a larger blower, replace the door seal, which is usually hardened, disassemble the door and add another piece of glass, and install a shim kit on the door hinges. When you need an appliance fixed, call around to some local businesses like real estate agents [for referral], plumbers electricians. Don't just pick some one out of the yellow pages. Most of the multiple repairs are because they were not repaired right the first time. Don't pay for anything until the job is done. And don't call Sears." "

This is the FIX? and who is going to pay for this? It sounds like you need an entire new unit that has been redesigned from the bottom up.

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There have to be lawyers out there looking for class action suits. Any one know how to get their attention?

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Has this problem been fixed by Kitchenaid yet? I absolutely do NOT want this oven delivered to my home IF NOT.

anyone know?

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We bought a Kitchenaid double wall oven for our newly remodeled kitchen; it was installed in July 2007. Used maybe twice, but after Thanksgiving, I cleaned it and didn't use it again until Easter, 2008. You guessed it - clean, but dead! The repairman told me this happens frequently and here I sit, waiting for him to come back "sometime today" after waiting a week for the fuse to arrive. We are in the process of building a new home and since I originally liked this appliance so much, I bought it again. After reading comments on consumer and these postings, I will cancel that order today, along with the Kitchenaid refrigerator and dishwasher I ordered.

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had the same problem happened yesterday 2 and half hours in to the self clean. went through the run around.only help by phone was pull the plug and let sit for 45 min and it should reset. that didn't work so read about the thermal fuse part number 8300832 took the back off the range and there it was size of a quater with a wire in and one out
called a parts place they had one 50 bucks. took five minutes to change. next time i self clean though i will pull the unit away from the wall so it will have air to keep the fuse a little cooler. if you want the door open right away you can take the wires off connect them and plug it in the panel will come up and the door will unlock.
would not run the oven without the fuse however. also if you really need your oven have one of those fuses on hand it may take a while if you have to order one hope this helps.

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Let us know if pulling the oven away from the wall works when self-cleaning. That would be a workaround I could deal with once in a while.

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Another workaround would be to send the receipt to Whirlpool demanding reimbursement and then sue them in small claims if they don't cough up the dough! (Sorry, my bad.)

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$50 everytime you clean the oven? I guess thats better than a service charge.

Kitchenaid is wrong! I had a wall oven ordered and CANCELLED it, after reading this thread and other reviews online.

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I just bought a new home with the upgraded stainless appliances KitchenAid oven.
I have a long story of the run around and rip-off so just to the point


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j0hn, do you have the newer kitchenaid oven, I think it's called the Architect II? I have the older one which blows the fuse, but I am curious if the newer one does it too.

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I want to boy the 30" gaz top /electric oven slide-in range model YKDSS907SS (Architect II). Before I make a mistake and buy a lemon, can you tell me if this newer model still has the self-clean problem ?

This is NOT a gaz oven, this is the electric oven.

Thanks a lot !

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It has been very stressful for me to decide on appliances (all) for our new build. The cabinet maker wants the specs last week and I tend to over-analize everything. Had FINALLY decided on a KA 2ble oven. Not now. But one quick question: apart from the self-cleaning debacle, do you love your ovens?


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I have a kitchenaid range, and I don't love it. Aside from the self-cleaning problem: the grates are too high from the burners and only the power-burner gets hot enough to boil water in under 1/2 hour; The grates are a matte, rough porcelain enamel which is impossible to clean; The power burner grate is uneven and pans rock back and forth over it making it impossible to get a level surface (oil runs to one side of the pan); The timer randomly refuses to chime about in about 1 in 20 uses, a few ruined meals before we learned not to trust the timer.

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Thanks, Foo1024.

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My 3 year old Kitchenaid also locked after self clean. Today after the 3rd visit the technician finally found the problem which is a burned out relay on the control board on the right side of the range. The failure of the lock mechanism to lock and unlock caused the relay to fail damaging the board. He found the Kitchenaid support staff pretty useless. This time my service contract really paid off since the bill would have been over $400.

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Yes. Same problem. We purchased a kitchen full of KithchenAid appliances. The thermostat on our Architect Series range has been replaced at least six times. I have never been able to use the self clean option without it burning up. I now have been given the option to exchange the range with Best Buy BUT if I do so... I will be forced to settle for a range of FAR less quality. All I want is for the range that we bought to actually work!!!

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I have the Architect Series KEMS308G SS. I have used the clean cycle twice and both times it melts the latch mechanism so the door won't open. I am now replacing the plastic mechanism again and it's expensive. I'll have him check the thermostat but the oven works fine except for the clean cycle melt down.

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Wish I had read this forum before I purchased a KitchenAid wall oven - or at least before I attempted to clean it. I used the self-clean feature right before a visit by my inlaws. Of course, I found out the oven was dead as I was preparing dinner for them. The oven was broken during the entire week they visited, which meant a lot of time at the grill. Luckily it wasn't winter. The repair cost is more than $250. I think a lawsuit is a good idea.

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I've got a Kitchenaid Superba Model KEBC107, just used the self clean for the second time and guess what - the oven will not heat up. Talked with KA customer service, they have no record of this being a problem, nor do they have a technical department I could talk to to discuss the probability of this happening again after I spend $250+ to repair. Just to reinforce what quality products they produce the lower drawer of my KA dishwasher has packed up - I guess they'll be a forum on this also.

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I would suggest that you write a letter to the president of Whirlpool detailing your problem with your range. I would also mention in it that those in charge of the paid liars at the call center are handling the problem in a way that will eventually severely damage the company.

Good luck!

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The KitchenAid forum suggests that the Customer Service representatives will try to help out. I guess it can't hurt to try for those of you with one of the problem units.

Hmmm, the url doesn't seem to get to the right place, but it does get to the forums.

In ascii format:
All Forums
-> Cooking Products (ovens, cooktops, etc)
--> Ranges
---> Thermal fuse- Concerns


Here is a link that might be useful: KitchenAid forum

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Ditto to what laat2 said. Whirlpool has an executive level customer service unit that can green-light any repair and authorize unit replacements and refunds. You've got to get the attention of an executive to be referred to it. Once you are in that unit's hands, you never deal with KA customer service again. Not only that, they follow up service visits by calling *you.* They also have email.

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We own a Kitchenaid Superba built in double convection oven. (KEBC208 series- a little over 3 years old.) I just got off the phone with Barry who is in the Executive Management team with Kitchenaid/Whirlpool. He denies any existence of a recurring problem with the self cleaning/thermal shutdown problem that Kitchenaid/Whirlpool have had for the last SEVEN years!. Way to go Barry-----you are a good company man! Don't admit to anything.
Our oven has malfunctioned every time we try to self clean. The service calls and part are now over $200. per visit. We are on our third service call OUT of warranty. After reading all the complaints at,applianceblog, and many others I am absolutely convinced there is a major problem with the self cleaning/thermal fuse system in these ovens. My service technician has honestly admitted that he is aware in his circles that this is a common complaint among Kitchenaid/Whirlpool ovens. I contacted four of my own customers (I am a homebuilder) they have had similar issues with Kithenaid ranges. One of my own customers was so irate that I will end up buying her a new range. Buyer--you have been warned! Kitchenaid at even top levels will make no official acknowledgment of this issue---bottom line- this will affect their BOTTOM LINE and they can't afford to acknowledge it. It's sad, but I used to sell the Kitchenaid brand as the step up models in my homes. I can no longer do that.

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Well what can I say? KA Superbra Model: KEBC107KSS04 Ser: XS1205636

Paid: $1466.00 on 12-27-04 from ABT appliance in the Chicago area (a very large retailer). Did not buy warranty, and I'm OK with that!

2nd cleaning, no heat... But WOW is that oven clean! I'm thinking about cremating my pets in that oven when I replace the fuse! Got anything that needs incinerating? I'll only charge you $40.00. Just so ya know size is limited and I only got one shot at it!!!

DW (Darling wife) reported to have uneven baking issues while in convection! I'm pissed, I remember those batches. To think what I could've had! DW you still over came the Whirlpool/KA Corporate Machine and made a damn fine cookie!

So now I go to Joe Klett (Director of sales) at ABT appliance and get the CEO's name and address of said company, and send this and other posts in one FAT letter. I will also let Joe know of these complaints and ask him about class action lawsuits. Maybe think about steering his sales people away from said company. Can you say VOLUME!

Shame on me for being tied to the kitchen remodling business and buying such a (pardon me, I'm venting) shitty service and product!


PS: Over 60 complaints from 9/06 to 10/08. Hmmmmmmm....

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Sorry there is an "e" in remodeling, I'm under duress!

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We bought our Kitchen Aid Convection Oven KEBS 207 about 2 months ago -- my wife today put it on self clean option and THE GLASS EXPLODED after approximately 1 hour on the short cycle. Unbelievable!! -- luckily no one was next to the oven.

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Please don't tell me that! My new KA micro/oven combo unit is being delivered in 3 hours. Unfortunately, due to the cabinet dimensions my only two options were KA or GE. I will definitely not test the self cleaning feature until AFTER the holidays.

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Bought oven 8/06. Cleaned once and thermostat failed. Bought extended warranty for 8/07-7/07, but didn't clean oven. In Aug. 08 I realized company hadn't sent warranty renewal. Bought warranty in 8/08 but rules stated I couldn't use it until Nov. 08. I need to clean oven but posts above sound ominous. Plan to print out all posts to hand over to technician if oven fails and he tries to tell me that thermostat blow-out is fluke. Bad time of year to be without a working oven so I'm afraid to clean it.

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At least I know what the problem is now. My KitchenAid double-oven (KEBS series; sorry, can't tell you the exact model because the door is locked for self-cleaning!) died Friday morning during the self-clean cycle. Luckily I don't need it for Thanskgiving, but my grandson WILL be looking for cookies. :-(
I'm a real estate agent and have told my clients in the past how much I like KA products; guess I'll have to amend that statement.
And I just got off the phone with KA and they say: "sorry you're not happy; there is nothing we can do."
Happy Holidays everyone.

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The day before Thanksgiving and no oven! We have Kitchen Aide oven KEBC147KSS04 purchased 03/05; awaiting repair part - the third since purchase, all a result of self-cleaning procedure. I find this is a problem with all ovens - Sears, Maytag, Whirlpool and more due to common manufacturer. They are aware of the problem but will not acknowledge due to huge liability. The person who informed me said he would lose his job if he was identified - but shared this is a very frequent problem which companies and sales outlets will not admit. I believe this is a crime. What is the solution? Consumer Reports, Class Action Suit or John Stossel. We need some good legal advice. Thanks to MarieCallender we will have four pies tomorrow. Please speak up.

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OK, we all have a KA oven that breaks during the self cleaning process, how do we get Whirlpool to remedy the situation? Has anyone thought about getting the media involved. In Portland, OR KATU has reporters that investigate problems like ours. They will call the manufacturer to find out what they're doing to resolve the complaints. Let's turn this into a national epidemic. KA/Whirlpool cannot afford the negative publicity especially during a recession. Let's stop talking and do something about our common problem.

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I live in Portland, Oregon and I did send our concern and this web-site to KATU TV problem solvers but have received no response - I also need to talk with Standard TV & Appliance where we purchased all our appliances. Let's all keep on this. Tom

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Kitchenaid Convection Oven/Microwave KEMC378KSS01. Wish I had known about this little problem before I ran the cleaning cycle on my oven yesterday. That's right - after the cleaning cycle finished the oven would no longer heat up. This was not the first time that we used the self clean function but I am sure it will be the last time. Hopefully it can be repaired before my 14 guests arrive...

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Add our name to the list. We cleaned it the 1st time in May and it locked up part way through the cycle. Replaced the temperature sensor and it fixed it. Now I made the mistake of cleaning before Christmas. No oven until the 2nd of January is the result. Exactly the same problem.

This is on top of the fact that I replaced the grates because the coating bubbled and then fell off. Plus the coating on the top itself cracked and chipped off. All on a range that was 2 years old.

The dealer suggested a call to KA. That was a waste of time. The explaination was that there is no way to predict how long parts will last and they can fail. When I stated that I will never buy another KA appliance and will tell everyone I know about our issues the response from KA rep was "thank you have a good evening"

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I read this whole thread with my jaw hitting the keyboard. I am sorry for these horrible experiences and am pi$$ed off just reading about them. This is unbelievable and totally unacceptable.

I was considering KitchenAid appliances. There is NO WAY I would purchase KA after reading this thread. I am so thankful for everyone sharing this information.

What a monumental disappointment in what I thought was such a fine company!

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This worked for us when dealing with this problem.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kitchenaid self clean oven

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Well add us to the list. We installed an Architect Series II in November of 2008. We put the oven last night into regular self cleaning cycle to only have the control panel go blank after about two hours into the cycle. Then after the oven cooled the door continued to stay locked. We turned to power off to the unit overnight and in the morning the oven is still in the same mode (dead). The stove top burners work but the oven panel is dark and the door is locked. Urgh!

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Hi there

We just bought the KA slide in electric range. Does this cleaning issue affect only built ins or free standing and slide in ranges also?

As this been corrected yet by KA?

I am really considering switching to GE Profile instead of KA.

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The service bulletin you mentioned does not call out the KEMS378 series... are those not afflicted with the dreaded "self-clean then self-destruct" problem?

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Within an hour of replacing our KitchenAid dishwasher, I turned on the self-cleaning option on my "high-end" double oven, and experienced complete failure.

We have a kitchen full of the KitchenAid Superba appliances...and so far we have replaced our dishwasher, the double-oven has blown and the ice-maker on the fridge has shot water all over my floor twice (not to mention that my food freezes on the warm setting).

We just moved in November 24th, 2008.

I wish I would have never pushed that crazy clean button!!! Oh well, at least we got through the holidays. Any suggestions for a replacement?

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I am thinking of buying the KitchenAid 36" Single Oven Model #KEBC167VSS. Is this one of the ovens that is affected by this cleaning problem?

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I posted earlier on 12/18/08 and 11/26/08, but have somethings to share. First I contacted the store manager where my oven was purchased and asked him to check out the multiple problems listed on this website. His reply 0n 12/19/08: "I have checked the website and you have a very legitimate concern. I will contact my Whirlpool rep and have them research the issue". On 1/12/09 I inquired if he had a response - his reply: "they welcomed the feedback"...."they have taken your concern seriously"...."they have researched the problem"..."under their criteria this is not an overwhelminlemg problem"...."when this issue exceeds their threshold, I am confident they will address this at that time". Nice!!!
Our last repair was on Dec 16th for $197.35 and was told the repair had a 90 day warranty. We cleaned our oven on the 85th day and guess what our oven no longer works.
I called the repair folks and scheduled an appointment for today. We received a call that the part was not available and there would be a 10 day delay, but no cost. Needless to say we will continue to clean our oven every 85 days in the future whether it needs it or not. I plan to test their threshold. Advice - don't buy Kitchen-aid or Whirlpool ovens!

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I just purchased a KA model #KESS907SSS electric slide-in Architect Series II. Has anyone experienced any problems with this model?

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Add me to the list of homeowners who were going to buy KitchenAid appliances for our new home. Now that I have read this message string, I have decided not to!

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Boy this is scarey. So far we have only heard the problem with Whirlpool made ovens-----Has anybody else had a problem with a non-whirlpool made oven.
I think we have self-cleaned our oven maybe 2 times since we got it (Nov of 2006) but now it is out of warranty, so I'm a bit hesitent about self-cleaning it anymore.



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OK, I'm thinking about an KEBS107SSS. Any recent experience with this oven. I'm wondering if the Service Notice dated Dec. 2008 that listed a fan with more air flow has fixed the problem?

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It seems like a widespred problem with Kitchen Aid Ovens. Some history, I had the thermal fuse blow twice, once fuse purchased and replaced by myself and once replaced by a repairman. The repairmen, who had much experience with these ovens installed a new thermal fuse with an insulating pad made from a thin piece of cardboard (paper match book cover) between the thermal fuse body and the oven back surface. At this time he also installed the "fan kit" which was supposed to fix the fuse blowing problem.
He said the problem is aggrevated by lack of air around the oven being blocked by cabinets.Fuse blew again a few cleaning cycles later. I was able to "fix" a blown fuse by drilling a small hole in back of the fuse housing (thermal fuse removed from oven)and pressing on the bimetalic disc inside the housing thereby resetting the fuse.
My long term solution is to remove the oven from under the counter and running the cleaning cycle while the oven is on 2 X 4's on the kitchen floor. Not easy but I could not find a replacement oven that fit in the undercounter space!

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Interesting, how much trouble is it to remove the oven. Does removing it from the cabinet really help?

It's hard to believe that the problem is because there are too many cabinets around. It's designed just for that. Looking at the oven, it looks like the fan pulls air in the bottom and exits it out the top. And with enough air flow it should dispate the heat out of the oven. Now if the fan fails the heat builds up the fuse opens, preventing a fire. I have an older (80s) KA double wall oven now and it has never had this problem. I only clean the oven in the winter.

I wonder if the thermal fuse has been correctly specified. Does anyone have the manufacture part # for this fuse? It would be interesting to see what the temperature of the exit air is compared to the thermal fuse trip point temperature during the clean cycle. Another possibility is that the thermal fuses are faulty. How much did the thermal fuse cost?

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After reading rawcar2long (Apr.9/09) above several times, I have a question: Is the body of the fuse located on the outside rear of the oven? If it is, then I can see how when mounted in a base cabinet under a cooktop the air around it would build up heat that could not escape the cabinet and put extra stress on the fuse causing it to trip.

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KitchenAid service parts at []

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I have the same problem. I called KA and they said DO NOT use any cleaning solution (for gas) because it could get dried or stuck in the holes so when the gas turns on it could have a reaction and start a fire. Also the problem was mine. I am asking would you please write to: COSUMER AFFAIR ATTN: LYNN HOLGREM 553 BENSON RD-BENTON HARBOR, MI 49022
Thank you.

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The bimetalic thermal fuse is mounted externally on the back of the oven. The fuse, when tripped, interupts the 220VAC Mains voltage. I don't recomend it but I have bypassed the fuse and the problem of the oven dying in a cleaning cycle goes away. I've done this while waiting for a replacement thermal fuse.
I've tried placing an auxiliary fan at the base of the oven to blow more air around the oven while in the clean cycle. It didn't help, maybe need more air.
As I said originally, my "FIX" is to remove the oven from the cabinet, place on 2 x 4's on floor and run the clean cycle. not as hard as it sounds, side verticle trim strips removed, four screws hold the oven in, now slide out on to 2 X 4's. Assembly is the reversal of this process. BTW you need to do this just to get at the thermal fuse on the rear skin of the oven.

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I have been reading these problems since I've considered buying a KA double oven. These are all 1 year old - I guess it would be foolish for me to purchase this unless someone can tell me that the newest ovens don't have this problem. Anyone have any experience with a new KA oven???

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bump...yeah, wondering if this has been fixed...

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Purchased a KitchenAid gas stove/oven in 2009 (KGSS907SBL02)from Standard Appl. Had problems from the get-go with ignitors. After 3 or 4 service calls, they finally had to replace the porcelain top. Now when I used the self clean feature 2.5 hours the display panel disappeared and door locked another service call to make. I wish I had seen this forum before..I never, ever would have made the KitchenAid purchase.

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Here is a site that gets lots.

Here is a link that might be useful: Appliance complaints

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Bought a Kitchen Aid double oven in 2007. First time I ran the clean cycle, both thermal relays blew. OK 'til 3-30-10 when the lower oven wouldn't heat after cleaning. Replaced thermostat for $179. Happened again 8-2-10 (out of repair warranty). Repairman coming 8-6-10. Problems continue!

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Add me to this long line of customers with a poorly manufactured KitchenAid oven; mine is a Superba Model #KEBC107KSS03. I will be going into my second replacement of the thermostat because, stupid me, I thought after having it replaced last year it should work. Again, stupid me, I should have stuck to using Easy-Off. Good job KA! Keep losing customers in today's economy!

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My follow-up (I'm Jose - previous post): I just called KitchenAid "Customer Interaction Center." I wasn't looking for a miracle but I asked if they are doing anything about this problem. After giving Amanda, the rep, model and serial numbers she said their system "doesn't show any issues" with this oven. What a joke! And what a lie! So I asked her to confirm the part number. She gave me part #4452223 which I HAD TO TELL HER it has been replaced with part #9759242 (info I got from forums like this), could she confirm that? She then said, "our system shows that part (#4452223) is no longer available. It has been replaced by..." Well, you all know now. So for KA model #KEBC107KSS03 the thermal fuse (thermostat fix) part number is 9759242. Repairs, including labor and part, run around $200 - I've been there before. If you're somewhat handy, it's an easy DIY fix and the part will cost you $30-$40. Nevertheless, this issue should be escalated because obviously KitchenAid/Whirlpool are in a convenient state of denial. Does anyone have any other insights on this issue? I've found customer complaints going back to 2005 and I even found a Whirlpool service bulletin from 2002 regarding this issue!

Here is a link that might be useful: More complaints - I suggest you post yours here as well.

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The glass door on the upper oven exploded! We bought this double oven in August of 2009. The first time I used the self clean feature the ovens glass door exploded sending glass into every nook and cranny in the oven, as well as into the bottom oven and onto the wood floor. Thankfully no one was standing in front of it when this happened. Hubby was home and was able to quickly shut the power off. Called KA immediately. As soon as I told them what happened, I got transferred to a different department....I believe the "safety" area. The first thing that they asked me was if anyone was hurt. At least there was some compassion shown. It was still under warranty so fortunately it didn 't cost me anything to get the repair done. It took three trips by the service people, though. What a hassle. There was a ton of glass shards imbedded in the gasket. It took them a while to get it all cleaned up. We cleaned the floor but I refused to clean the inside of the ovens. After the repair was done, I asked the tech to stay while I turned it on self clean. I wanted to make sure nothing was going to happen. It cleaned fine. The person I spoke with at KA in the "safety" department kept in contact with me the whole time until it was fixed.
A couple of days later, the convection oven fan starting making a LOT of noise. Another call to service. The fan was replaced. Not sure if it failed when the door exploded or not. I got an offer for an extended warranty and 3 days before it expired I decided to go for 3 years. Hopefully I won't have to use it.
I'm sorry I didn't come to this site before I purchased it. I'm in the market for a new range and when I came here I saw the thread about the KA and felt compelled to put in my two cents.

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The Consumer Product Safety Commission asks to file a report regarding this issue. They provided the link below. Or, you can call them directly at 1-800-638-2772 between 8am-5:30pm EST, M-F. They ask to do one or the other but not both.

Here is a link that might be useful: Click on this link OR call the number above.

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This is a widespread and common problem. Contact Steve Berman, Seattle WA USA Class-Action attorney. let's get something started!

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And you folks still want to by Kitchen Aid stuff ???

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Purchased a new Kitchen Aid stove and when it was just passed the warranty period and after a self-cleaning cycle it broke down. Authorized repair service and several hundred dollars later, the replacement part broke down. When that was replaced another part broke down and after several hundred more dollars in repairs it works. Just received a letter from Kitchen Ad offering me an extended warranty for $130 dollars which will not become operative for 6 months.

I would never buy another Kitchen Aid product.

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I also have a KitchenAid Supra oven and the thermostat blew after I tried self-cleaning. I actually have an oven, microwave/vent, and dishwasher all broken and ALL KITCHENAID. I've only had them for 5 years. I will never purchase another Kitchenaid product again. When I called the Kitchenaid service line they offered to send out someone (A/E repair) and they did a horrible job on my microwave/vent. They actually made it worse. On the oven, I did get an extended warranty letter and when I tried to purchase it they wouldn't let me until I proved to them that I had first fixed the oven. If they wouldn't insure the oven than why did they offer me extended insurance to begin with. I could go on and on about this. My uncle came over, pulled the oven out of the wall and found a replacement thermostat on the internet for less than $50. Good luck to all!

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Brian Mazzola with the Mazzola Law Firm in Beaumont, Texas is working on a class action against Whirlpool for all of the messed up kitchenaid ovens that are burning up after using the self clean option. Contact himthrough his website if you are interested In joining the class action. I spoke with mr. Mazzola and he said that he hoped to have the suit on file within the next 6weeks.

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So glad I found my way to this thread. I'm researching ovens to replace the lemon Whirlpool ovens we bought 5 years ago, both of which broke down after self-cleaning the very first time. We have an unusual configuration of 2 wall ovens mounted side-by-side into a large cabinet space. Both have been repaired at least once. When the second oven broke down again after being repaired, we just left it; it's now a very expensive clock and timer. Now we're ready to replace both ovens. So many of the comments posted are exactly what we went through trying to deal with Whirlpool and their absolute denial that they had designed a seriously flawed product. My repairman acknowledged that this was a common problem with the Whirlpool ovens but, of course,the CSR at Whirlpool acted as if she had never heard of the problem! I'm glad I found out that Kitchen Aid is a Whirlpool product as I was very close to going with KA this time. But not now! I have had GE and Frigidaire ovens in the past and didn't have any major problems with them. Can anyone comment on the reliability of those brands?

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What a shame. You have what many would consider a premium configuration for wall ovens with nothing from one being dependent on the other. Yet your good plan was ruined thanks to two inferior products and bad customer relations. You might try starting a fresh new thread here in appliances to get more recent info. Just fill in the form at the bottom of an appliance thread list page.

GE, Electrolux (which is also Frigidaire and a lot of Kenmore)are good starting points. A&E service is tied to Kenmore and most other Sears sold appliances. Y ou may want to keep that in mind.

Good luck.

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I am in the same boat as everyone else here. I have a 6 year old kitchenaid range that was broken from the first time my wife self cleaned it. Circuit board went up in smoke quit in the middle of cleaning. Replace under warranty she cleaned one other time at the low setting and now it shuts off whenever it wants.
Carefull cleaning or over cooking a pot and boil over on the cooktop surface as the burners are not sealed and the circuit board is directly below.
Great engineering!!!!!!
The brand new 500 microwave was also ruined by A and E when they came to fix it. I will give Lowes credit on that one they talked to the rep and i received a new one. I guess it shocked them that the A and E guy ordered every conceivable part for the oven so they figured it was cheaper to replace.
Will I ever buy a Kitchenaid product again NO
Should have learned my lesson with the darn Calypso washer.
Broke after 3 years and Whirlpool told me to fly a kite.
Bought a Miele washer and dryer. Dryer had a small recall. Scheduled an appt.
Service people are dead on accurate on time. Was there 30mins He noticed some other issues since mine was one of the first US models he replaced stuff i did not know I had a concern with. ie new lint filter design Then he gave us a coupon for 125 worth of Persil for OUR inconvenience.
Later the washer broke down. Out of warranty for labor called service. Turns out motor burned out. Was told by service person and tech support that these things do not happen to our motors and there will be no charge.
Guess where I am going to buy my new microwave, dishwasher, oven and cooktop from. MIELE !!!!! I do not care if i have to gut the kitchen to do it but never again will i buy Kitchenaid products. They are an embarrassment.
I hope Lowes or someone in Kitchenaid reads this so maybe it will sink in.
Will I join a Class Action lawsuit where I will get pennies on the dollar while the attorney gets rich NO Hurt them best by making this thread as public as possible and telling a few potential purchasers to stay away.
Hopefully they will wind up like Maytag.

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I have owned a KitchenAid built in double oven (Model KEB1276D) since 1999. I have also experienced the same problem with the thermafuse blowing everytime I use the self cleaning feature. The oven is built into a cabinet however, it is a corner cabinet and there is plenty of room behind the oven for air to circulate. After many repairs, I stopped using the self cleaning feature. Thankfully, I will soon be replacing my KitchenAid double oven and I can assure you, I will NEVER buy a KitchenAid/Whirpool appliance again.

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My husband and I received a Kitchen Aid Architect II oven as a wedding present less than two years ago. After using the self cleaning function for the second time, the fuse blew. To make a long story short, we have not received an acceptable response from KA. We also received a KA refrigerator and we purchased a dishwasher as well. All three appliances have required service. I am very interested in joining a class action law suit. Please let me know if anyone is interested as well.

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Dear Mr. Mercado:

Thank you for visiting the KitchenAid web site. We appreciate hearing from you.

I am sorry to learn that your oven is not working after using the self clean feature.

We called you today, as requested, but only reached voice mail; we left a message.

Checking the partial model number you submitted, we didn't find any recall or rework.

We suggest the following:

Turn the power off to the unit for 5 to 15 minutes. Then, if you have power to the control panel:

1. Press the Cancel/Off keypad. (if door locked open be holding in the door light switch)
2. Press and hold the "bake" keypad for 70 seconds (ignore error displays while holding down the pad).
3. Press Cancel/Off keypad.
4. Try putting the oven in self clean for about one (1) minute and then cancel.

You are a valued KitchenAid customer and we apologize for any inconvenience this concern may have caused.

You may schedule service directly from our website using the link provided below or by calling our Customer Experience Center.

We invite you to contact KitchenAid again either by calling (800) 334-6889 between 8:00am to 10:00pm EST weekdays or by emailing whenever the need arises. When calling please press the available option or stay on the line to reach a representative.


Doris B.
e-Solutions Specialist
KitchenAid Customer eXperience Center

*If replying, please use Forward versus Reply or New as that will leave this message intact and will help us to respond faster.


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Subject: Contact Form Submission

From: mamerc
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form: KitchenAid
subject: Countertop Appliances Warranty Support
first_name: Ma
last_name: Mer
add1: 30
city: redlands
state: CA
zip: 92374
country: United States
web_form_email: mamerc@g
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body: You have to know this is a problem, this is the second time we have tried to self clean our oven ( the first blew out before Thanksgiving dinner) and had the oven fail
What is KitchenAid doing to remedy this? I will have to call Sears to schedule an appointment for a repair tomoirrow untill then it is dead in the water. Once a quality product, now..?
regarding: Countertop Appliances Warranty Support
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Sears came out with 3 weeks left on our e/warranty. AGAIN it was the little thermostat around the back, 10 minute repair

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This is unbelievable. After over a week without the range, Kitchenaid contacts me and offers to pay for half the cost of the part. Now, looking on the internet, the price of the part from Kitchenaid is so inflated that I can already buy the part at less than half price so that is no "deal" at all. When labor is factored in - the range is likely junk.
So - the fortunate part is my new range will obviously not be from the list of products made by this conglomerate now that this company has it shoddy practice exposed.
Has anyone filed a complaint with any consumer safety boards? Any other organizations I can take this to? It is not over.
Oh, anyone having the same problem - there is a secret service pointer from the manufacturer to its technicians. Bulletin number is K4317445. Not only should the part that goes be replaced, but an upgraded blower needs to be installed as well. Do not let a repair person replace only the part that fails, make them do the blower as well.

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I have had my Kitchenaid Architect Series II for Just over a year and decided it needed a clean. Error code F5E1 came up saying door latch not operating. I have a fridge, dishwasher and microwave and am very happy. Does anyone know if there is some sort of recall on this? Seems like a all to common problem. Anyone else experience this and what is the cure?

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When we repaired our house after Katrina, we decided to purchase all Kitchenaid appliances due to their quality and reputation.Boy, did i make a big mistake! The first6 months after we moved back into our house our microwave went out right before the holidays. Needless to say, a main board had to be ordered and we did not have it repaired till after Christmas. The second time it acted up, the start button and also is the keypad lock button was acting up and would lock the keypad and flash a default code. this time, it was out of warranty and the keypad cost me 130 dollars to replace.I am a TV technican and i wa sable to repair it myself.
Now, my convection oven model #KEBC107KSS05 went out after my wife decided to do the clean cycle. The oven shutdown thermal fuse went bad and when i called to price it, no one had it in stock and found out the cost of the little jewel ranges from 54 to 40 dollars. What a ripoff for such a small part with a high failure rate!Also, after reading this forum i found out that i am not the only one with this problem. I have been in the electronics repair business for 43 years and was self-employed for 22 years and always stood behind my work unlike Kitchenaid.My customers listen to my advice and i will not be recommending ANY KITCHENAID PRODUCT unless upper management can convince me otherwise.
Signed, Pissed off in Slidell

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Its like you scan my mind You appear to know so much about this, like you wrote the book in it or something. I suppose that you could do with some pics to drive the message home to a small degree, but other than that, this is often nice blog. a great scan. ill undoubtedly be back.

Here is a link that might be useful: Asian Tv

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Sorry to be repetitive, but can you explain why when we run the self-cleaning part on the gas range, the stove no longer works? My wife put it on the quickest cleaning cycle (cycle 1 - we were previousl8y told NOT to put it on a high cycle. Of course,t hen why do they have it if it won't work). The cleaning went ok, but last night we could not heat up food as a result and were having company.
This morning , after 2 hours, the heat went up to about 248. This is about the third this has happened.
Called Customer Service and told could get a repair scheduled. I also asked why this keeps happening & why do they work for a company that is putting out poor quality items. VERY FRUSTRATING TO SAY THE LEAST! POOR WORK KitchenAid :(
KitchenAid, why should we buy from you ever again? This is ONE LONG LONG LONG list of issues with your items.

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Kitchen Aid ovens blow the thermal fuse when cleaning because there is a "vent" trim piece covering up the vent under the oven door. I can't believe I fixed the problem after three service calls from greedy techs. Shame on Kitchen Aid for having a sheet metal trim piece screwed on directly over the air vent. Look under the door! Obviously, this brand is a POS and the trim piece was not tested in the design.
Disregard the installation instructions, and leave off the trim under the door!

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This is the second time my oven will not get hot after using self cleaning with my kitchen aid oven. It also didn't even clean my oven. I can't wait to voice dissatisfaction to the kitchen aid people tomorrow. I will never use the self cleaning option again. You would think they would have some sort of recall on this problem.

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Used the self clean option for the first time today. Oven shutdown half way through and the door is locked shut. Stovetop still works. Bought the stove 3 years ago. So much for Kitchen Aid. If I copuld unlock the door I could check for the trim. Should I call Kitchen Aid?


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If there's a class action suit re: fuse blows during self-clean, please let me know. It's outrageous that KA continues to sell a defective product for years. The least they can do is drop the claim that the oven is self-cleaning.

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I too have the same problem with my KA oven and for three years it has fried the thermocoupler when cleaning. The last time the company actually paid for the repairs, but this time they refused to pay saying it is too old. I asked how long it was suppose to last and he was very evasive and said that the industry say 10 years.
My biggest complaint is that they are fraudulently claiming it is a self cleaning oven which in fact it is not. My technician told me it burns the thermocoupler up before it even gets hot enough to clean the oven. I agree with Rex they should at least stop claiming it is self cleaning.

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