Need simple Win7 audio equalization program

haldJuly 17, 2014

Im looking for a simple pc audio equalization program. I'd like to be able to adjust the bass/midrange/treble when Im using headphones on my desktop Win7 Ultimate.

I signed up for Netflix, and have been enjoying it. In the past 2-3 months I've tried several brands and types of headphones. All of them are too bass heavy, to the point where if Im watching, say House of Cards, the bass frequencies are so strong that it's often difficult to understand what the actors are saying. I haven't found a way to adjust the bass frequencies on my system. Maybe there is an easy simple way? Or a simple program that could do the trick?
Thanks in advance...

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FWiW .. Most laptops would have a sound program in control panel with several ways to tune the sound. I can screw those setting up easy so I just keep it disabled :)

My laptop now its control panel icon is SmartAudio.

You might want to update or reinstall your sound card driver which most likely will come with some kind of ambient room types and a equalizer and some speaker style settings.

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