How/can I install towel bars on Corian?

pinktoesOctober 4, 2007

The countertops will be Corian and the backsplash will be also. In a couple of places I'm thinking about taking it up really high and mounting hand towel bars on it. Don't know if you use the same thickness as the countertops or their thinner product. Will have to find out. Either way, can I mount metal towel bars on one of the Corian products?

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Your best bet would be to drill clear through the corian and screw the mounting hardware into the wall studs behind the wall finishing treatments.

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brewbeer: I can have that done with no damage to the Corian?

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Check with the corian manufacturer first, but I think you can drill right through it.

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We have corian on the bath/shower walls pinktoes. The installers drilled right thru the corian to the studs to anchor the door. No issues with the corian whatsoever. I don't believe it's sturdy enough though to want to hang something from it.

I will say that our walls are thinner than the countertop and tub deck. We were told that the corian is a very heavy material and somewhat flexible so they use a thinner material to maintain stability and help keep it from flexing. Ends up being a little cheaper with the thinner material as well. Depending on how high up the wall you go with your material you may not really need a thinner material though.

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toomuchstuph: Thanks a lot! You answered my question and an additional one. So, we can drill thru the Corian but need to anchor into a stud. Will do; I just want towel rods there for hand towels. I also want to go up really high on those walls around the sinks, switching from the thicker to the thinner Corian at the usual backsplash height. Thinner to hold the price down--ouch! The other option would be to switch to rectified porcelain tiles there and by the time you switch materials, and pay the labor, it might work out so it's within reach to just stick with my Corian scheme.

Many thanks!

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When you drill through the Corian be sure to use a large enough drill bit that no part of the anchor screw will be touching the Corian and you will be fine. In other words leave some "breathing" room in between the Corian and the metal screw. About 1/16" - 1/8" should be plenty to allow for expansion and contraction. Also don't tighten the towel bar mounting brackets overly tight to the material. Just enough to get the job done.

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counterman: thanks for that important detail.

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RE: How can I install metal towel bar on Corian bathroom wall? The wall is not in the shower. Thank you.

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