Pics of tiled tub surrounds?

scoutfinch72October 29, 2008

We're at the point where I really need to choose the tile for my 3 wall alcove tub surround, but I'm kind of at a loss what I want to do here. We are on a strict budget, btw. Where can I find pictures of tiled tub surrounds to look at to get some inspiration and ideas? I've tried searcing in the photo section but not having a lot of luck with just tub surrounds.

If anyone can point me in a design direction, I'd be grateful for the help! The floor tile is Tuscan White (from Lowes) which is actually a tan color with some darker tan speckling in it. The 48" vanity is white and will have a beige granite top with white undermount sink and brushed nickel faucet. The walls will have beadboard running around at 48" high and the upper part of the walls will be painted Restoration Hardware Silver Sage. The mirror is a framed in white and there will be a white cabinet over the toilet.

Any thoughts about what direction to go?

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I am not sure how you're applying the floor tile, but I thought I'd share my tub surround with you and hope it might inspire some new thoughts. I used a 12x12 tile on my tub and in my shower and then used the same travertine on the floor, but I applied it on a diagnal. My deck is done in a ceramic tile with my accent color (brown) but perhaps if your floor tile is reasonable for an idea like this, you could find a great complimentary color for the Silver Sage for your deck tile and keep the walls and floor all the same. It's a nice look, and it actually does cut costs since you can buy a less expensive tile for the walls and then splurge on the deck.

These are constructin photo's The walls have since been marbelized and the cabinets somewhat finished (the GC is VERY VERY Slow!!!) But anyhoo...just an idea to throw out :)

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igloochic - That is really beautiful!! I love the deck tiles that you chose I think that I was misleading in my post, though. It's actually a shower/tub combo that I'm tiling.

I have been thinking about finding a glass accent tile to use that complements the Silver Sage. Dh thinks that since we went with 12x12 on the floor that we should go with 6x6 tile on the walls, but Im just not sure. this is such a permanent choice, lol!

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I was just looking for the same thing last weekend. From the link below, choose The Idea Book. There are 34 pages of design ideas, most are floors but it's a good place to start. If you find a general idea, you could modify if needed. I think we're doing #103 on page 30.

Here is a link that might be useful: Crossville

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Try googling Tile Design. I think that's what I used over the weekend and got fairly good results.

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In my daughter's bath I used basic off-white tile (to match tub) 8x8 - bottom portion was put in square, above that a row of travertine mosaics then the same 8x8 set on a diagonal. The spacing for the diagonal was perfect for the tub dimension, only 1/2 and full tiles were needed. Tried something similar in my son's shower (not tub) with 6 x 6 tiles and made them pull them out since the pattern just didn't match up right in the corners. Don't have a picture to post but could take one if you wanted.

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marzhere - Thank you! That Idea Book is the kind of thing I was looking for!

jomomma517 - I think your pattern sounds great, but I would really need to make sure whatever pattern I do works because dh would flip if we had to start over!!

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marz, that Crossville Idea Book is great! Thanks for posting the link.


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