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candlerJuly 5, 2013

Howdy. Win7. Last year I went from XP to Win7. For one reason or the other I use to look at all of my files, sub files, sub-sub-sub files, etc . Now I can't seem to find it how to get to that very lengthy list. Can anyone tell me how to get back to the list that shows everything on my system? Thanks, Gene

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type into the run line, or the browser address bar;

Or Double click the computer icon on your desktop.

You might want to visit Control Panel / Folder Options / View tab, if you want to see hidden and system files.

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Thanks Mikie. I have Dell560 Desktop/IE10/ Win7. I can't find what you suggested. Sorry I'm so computer dumb. The only "Computer" is on the left above the "Start" icon on my desktop. Clicking it will tell me how much space is used on "C" and that I have a "D" drive installed. I'm unsure where the run line might be. The only browser address bar I know of is either on the Internet or my email site. I don't have a Folder Options in my Control Panel icons and, therefore, no View Tab. Back on XP Windows Explorer would give me everything. Now it's just icons saying Libraries, Documents, Etc. Thanks, Gene

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Back again, and thanks. I double clicked on Computer and then clicked on the bar showing how much space I had on C. Wow! A panel came up showing what was on my computer with the ability to continue a step down process and moved to more detailed files.

I'm still looking for a page I copied off the Net using Faststone Capture (that started my questions). I didn't give it a file name but gave it a title. Anyway, now I can start digging a little deeper.

By the way, I use to search IE by using a date if all else failed. Now it seems unless one has a file name, or part of it, they're out of luck. Any thoughts. Thanks again. Gene

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You can also get to Windows Explorer by right clicking the start button then click Explore.

To sort by date is easy. Look at this site and you'll see the first image. If yours looks like that simply click on the 'Date modified' header, click again if you prefer reverse order.

If you view shows icons instead click the small icon to the right of 'New folder' and in the drop down menu click to show details - or which ever you prefer, play a little to see the options there.

You might glance down through the page linked above, there are some nice tips there.

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