Converting bedroom to master bathroom closet plan. Suggestions?

jjlynch723October 16, 2013

I am looking at converting 1 of my 3 bedrooms on the ground level to a master bathroom.

My house currently has 3 bedrooms upstairs and 2 bedrooms downstairs. 1 bathroom up stairs and 1 bathroom downstairs.

This led me to the idea of converting one of my small 10'-10' bedrooms to a master bathroom. In the end I would have a 4 bedroom 3 bath house.

This sounds more appealing than a 5 bed 2 bath house don't you think?

I have laid out an initial plan, and could not figure out a way out to add a tub into the mix without greatly reducing my master closet space. Any ideas on how I can incorporate it in?

The reason the tub was last on my list of things to add is because I have a 6' whirlpool tub in the bathroom downstairs. So if I cant squeeze it in, no big deal.

I am looking for suggestions or tips on things to include in my plan.


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I don't see how a tub would fit too, short of putting it where the dresser is. I don't think you'd want to bathe in the closet though :-)

I would suggest not having the only shower entrance via the WC. What if you switched the shower and WC, and had them both open into the bathroom, but keep the second door by the toilet to open into the bedroom? Then you could slip in to, uh, you know, then go out the other door to access the sink, then back to bed.

Looks very nice, I bet you will love it!

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Interesting idea with 2 doors into the WC. Ill have to think that one over. I was kind of starting to think towards giving both their own door for sure though (The shower and WC). I will probably end up going that way so if one in use, the other is still useable.

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