Quiet & powerful range hood

auroraborelisSeptember 1, 2012

I'm looking for an option for a quiet yet powerful stainless stell range hood, can someone point me in the right direction?

I think I'm overwhelmed from decision making (we are building) and I can' t seem to get my head around this one.

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Look at Best by Broan, Modernaire, Zypher, Wolf (formerly Independent) and perhaps Kobe. There are many others too. Consider an exterior fan (adjusted in cfm's by duct length loss to your cooking machine) as well as a Fantech silencer if you can swing it with your purchase.

Here's a recent GW thread on this matter. Good luck.

Here is a link that might be useful: Will the range hood be loud?

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Sorry, I need to make a correction to the above, as it was Prizer-Painter, who produces Bluestar ranges, who bought up design rights from Independent Hoods, not Wolf. Independent did make Wolf hoods in the past, but Wolf then dropped them and manufactured their own. A little vent hood history her. GL.

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I thought I read somewhere that there are range hoods that actually have the fan/motor in the attic/crawl space, or was that something for bath fans... Hmm... Information overload!

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Thanks for the link to the other recent post, that is exactly what I needed!

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How do I calculate how many cfm's my hood should have?

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For an introduction to the subject of required flow rate, see the relevant part of the Greenheck KVS Design Guide, the last reference in "My Clippings."

Or, define what it is to be ventilated and maybe someone with a similar range and cooking style will comment on his success with system T that has U cfm being used over V model range grilling W with X BTU/hr burners using MUA approach Y in local environment Z.


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I've got a fan tucked away in the middle of the pipeworks up in the attic, thus it's removed from the kitchen, plus there's a silencer. This setup works well for us. Depends on, well, all the stuff kas mentions as to whether it might work for you. But it can be done. It's worth looking back through old postings for this sort of info; there's a ton of it archived.

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Get a variable speed external blower.

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Hi Laura,

I have to second Best by Broan. I have one above a 36" Wolf. Like Aliris, I have an inline blower-- in the middle of the pipeworks up in the attic, removed from the kitchen, but I don't have a silencer (it was very quiet without one).

Best by Broan was a great choice, looks great. The external blower (rather than the inline blower in the attic) would've had to be mounted to the roof in my case. This makes it hard to find repairmen (at least in my area).

Be sure to use rigid (not flexible) piping. This is code, but some builders use flexible piping, which is a fire hazard and contributes to noise.

Good luck!

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Forgot to mention, Laura, that the Best by Broan is extremely quiet and has excellent smoke capture.

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Absolutetly get an external, roof-mounted exhaust fan (and 8" ducting) if you possible can. The roof-mounted fan will be inaudible in your kitchen and you will get much better venting. Good luck!

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Recently I've been selling a lot of Zephyr hoods with this new technology they call DCBL. The hoods have a high-CFM internal motor but are really quiet because of this new DC motor technology.

External motors are nice but expensive to buy and install. However, for most people external motors are overkill unless you're a professional chef who needs all that power.

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