Help....Mail on Two Computers!

marciascJuly 28, 2011

I have a laptop with Windows Mail on it. I have a new desktop with Windows Live Mail.

When I got mail on my old computer with XP, it would come into the mailbox. Then when I turned on the laptop and checked my mail I would only get new mail, not all the same mail that had already been sent to my desktop.

Now with Windows Live Mail on the desktop, when I turn on the laptop, I get all the mail that has already been sent to the desktop. I hadn't been on the laptop for a few weeks and I had over 700 email coming in!!

How can I change this so that my laptop doesn't pick up all the mail.......just the new mail like it did before.

I had a hard time trying to explain this.....hope you can understand what I mean. THANKS!!

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It is because you have your settings set to leave mail on the server.

If you are using outlook express, the directions are the bottom post on this topic.

Windows mail etc, are somewhat similar. Good Luck

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Another option is to rethink your paradigm and start using a web mail service like Yahoo or Gmail. Then, you have only one place to check you mail and it doesn't matter if you use you laptop, desktop, tablet, someone elses Ipod touch, or a MAC at the library.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I agree I only use web based email programs now it is just so much easier and being able to access it from any pc anywhere is priceless.

All email programs have settings for if you want to keep all the mail on the server or not it would depend on your particular client for how to go about it.

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I have WLM on my PC and I can view my mail on the net when I need to. It is on my server, but I don't email much so it doesn't build up to much. I think there is a setting on there where I can have it hold so much, then dump it.

I like my computer email. No ads and a large area to work in. Both of my emails come through the PC.

I have searched to see if I can route my gmail to it, but haven't found a way.

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Cat....THANK YOU 700 times!!!! I tried what you said on the laptop, Vista, but when I got to the last thing....."uncheck" in the delivery wasn't there.

Then I went to the desktop, Win 7, and it worked! I had to go into it a different way but I found it. I sent an email and it came into the desktop and not the laptop.

Thanks everyone else for your comments! I do have Yahoo email that I only use for special things. I also have gmail but that too is used for something. I have had this email address for over 15 years so I would have to send notices to a lot of people so I have stayed with it for years.

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You are very welcome 700 times. :-)))Cat

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

well you can just have one of your other web based email fetch the email from that account for you and just view it all in one place that way no reason to eliminate it and it would be easily seen and accesses from your web email.
Most of the web mail clients will fetch mail for you from other sources. It can be set to still show the same email address to those receiving mail from you, it is still actually using the original email client but just sending it over to the webmail email also, makes it much easier to just go to one place to see all of your email.

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Raven, I "think" the new Windows Live Mail from Win. 7 does that too. I didn't want to try it because Windows Live was the only mail I had trouble with in the different mail programs I have had. I didn't want to fuss with it.

That's a good idea but I use Yahoo only for emergencies and Gmail for graphic sites to send things. I don't want those in my regular mail.

I want to thank everyone. When I got my first computer years and years ago, I came here and learned so much just by reading questions and answers. Now I don't come as often but I do pop in now and then.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I was just today reading a good article on some of the new options for hotmail and live. I really like they now allow the use of alias addresses.

Hotmail delivers aliases to help you manage and secure your email account

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