36' frameless induction cooktop for flush mount

bishop8September 2, 2010

I've been looking for a frameless 36" induction cooktop to mount flush with the counter. So far, the only ones I've managed to find are:

- Wolf

- Miele

- Gaggenau

- GE Profile/Monogram

The first 3 are pricey, and the last I worry a little about QC/reliability. I think Fagor is frameless and sits ~1/4" up on the countertop, so that's close (but it cannot be flush-mounted).

Of the lot, I think I prefer the Wolf the most. It needs just over 6" clearance, so there may be some minor rejigging of the cabinetry underneath, but we found the controls very easy, and the patterning on the ceran top looked nice and (hopefully) would help hide any scratches.

Any others to consider that I might have missed?

As an aside, I have a mini-rant -- While I'm appreciative of all the information here (and I should never look a gift horse in the mouth), this forum technically has to be the worst platform I've ever used. I originally posted this in another thread dating to 2008:


But my comment doesn't bring the thread to the front, and the only way I was actually able to even find that thread was through a google search. Go figure.

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I can't speak to induction, but I wanted to add in some thoughts. We just last week installed a Wolf 36" frameless electric cooktop and just love it. We originally were planning to install it flush, but ended up installing it on top of the counter. We were told by all (appliance guy and counter guy) that if you do flushmount, you can run into more serious problems down the road when/if you have to replace the unit since the hole is cut precisely to size. If you mount on top, you have a little more wiggle room.

Even though our Wolf cooktop is not induction, I can't believe the power the electric puts off and how quickly it heats up. I imagine the induction is fantastic! I love the controls (they're very intuitive) and the patterning on the glass is great. Good luck with your decision!

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Originally I wanted to install our Bosch 36" induction cooktop flush instead on on top. My DH and GC talked me out of it and I glad they did. One is because of what Julieh mentions about the replacement issues. But after having dealing with our less than professional countertop fabricators on other quality issues, I am glad we didn't do this. I highly recommend making sure that your fabricator is okay with this because most of them don't seem to be when I have asked about quality issues with other fabricators.

Good Luck!

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Thanks for the comments all; I'll definitely keep them in mind. I still like the idea of going flush, though. I just imagine crud accumulating along the edges if it's raised.

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If its recessed, I can imagine crud getting into the seam. I think it would be easier to clean crud from the edges!

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Fair point, but I guess this is where the quality of the countertop installer comes into play. Presuming it's cut perfectly tight and some type of sealer is used to fill in the remaining gap, it should make the flush mount easier to clean.

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Just make sure to check the specs and manual on the cooktop you are interested in first. I believe all of the induction cooktops I reviewed said that you are NOT to seal/ glue the cooktop down onto the counter...whether it is flush mounted or not.

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Do yourself a favor and don't try to flush mount the induction cooktop. It would be a very fussy fit. Even if the cut is off 1/32" your eye will spot it. Putting a sealant in the gap may well void your warranty. My E'Lux icon specifically states not to put any sealant around the edge. If it is sealed down it will make it difficult to service, maybe even damaging the top to remove it. If you don't put a sealant then there will be crud building up in that gap far more than under a top mount. Our is top mounted and we have no problem at all. So if your installer cuts the opening 1/32" off, are you going to convince them to trash that slab and try again? 1/16"??? what will be the agreed to criteria be before they eat the cost, or you live with the result? Maybe the only available replacement stone doesn't match the adjacent stone? I see no upside to flush mounting and many downsides.

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I like the flush mount. Pictures and comments pro and con on the Kitchen Forum.

Here is a link that might be useful: Flush Mount Cooktops

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Thanks for the comments everyone, pro and con. I've still got some time to decide, so I'll talk with my GC's kitchen guy before the time comes to see what they think. That'll partially help frame my decision on what to buy.

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i was willing to go flushmount but talked myself out of it for the same reasons described above. I spent the money on getting a reverse bevel edge on the counters instead.

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