U Tube music.

kaliningJuly 10, 2012

Just two weeks ago when playing back U tube music it will

sometime sound like a stuck or skipping C.D. and the video

will also freeze for a second. Sound is perfectly fine if i

play the computer's C.D. player. Any ideas ?

Thanks in advance.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

it may be a buffering problem try doing this put the utube on pause wait for it to finish fully loading , watch the progress bar, when it is fully loaded then hit the play button. If it plays fine that way you have a buffering issue which can be caused by a slow internet connection.

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Along RC's thought lines,

What type of Internet connection are you using?

What other computer activity, if any, are you trying to complete while listening to the music?


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this is the only computer on line at the time. I have " so called high speed internet ". Worked fine 2 weeks ago.
Might have to reinstall my drivers ? Makes no difference if
all other computers are off line. Any other ides ?
Thanks for your prompt response. I'm thinking Virus ? or the
buffering speed changed. I'm using the mother board's sound port. Maybe a different sound card ? Thanks in advance.

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Sorry to repeat myself, but are you doing any other computer tasks as you try to listen the music? Surfing on a second tab or browser? E-mail? Publishing? Banking?


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As i said before. NO. I do not multi task. Nothing is running in the back ground. Started 2 weeks ago. Worked perfect till then. No skipping, no freeze frame. Ran perfect. It may skip
or hang up 2 - 3 times in a 2:30 min. song. Very annoying.
Never had to load buffering on pause before. Buffered on it's
own with no problem but might try it and see what happens.
Thanks in advance.

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